May 13, 2013

May 13's Newest Gothic and Dark Links


Rue Morgue Festival of Fear 2013

This horror industry expo will take place August 22-25, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. They're expecting 80,000 guests, so I find it weird that the Facebook page has less than 2k likes! This is an important event! Featured guests include "The Walking Dead's" Norman Reedus and "From Beyond's" Jeffrey Combs.

Fan Expo Canada Horror Guests

Rue Morgue Festival of Fear, on Facebook


Ego Assassin

Ego Assassin is a Toronto-based latex fashion design company. They also create screen prints. The shop sells men's and women's fetish latex clothing, but also bags and purses, cuffs and collars, masks, belts and harnesses, and headwear pieces.

My favorite thing here is this Papillon lace mask.

Ego Assassin on Facebook

Gore Couture

This shop sells amazing made-to-measure corsets that are inspired by gore and horror themes. I've seen a lot of corsets in my web wanderings, and these are definitely unique and unusual.

I'm not a corset wearer, but if I picked a favorite, it would be "Dolly Death."

Gore Couture on Facebook

Gore Couture on Pinterest

Plastik Army

"Don't look trashy, look deadly!" This Canadian fashion shop is based in Toronto. Genres they specialize in include cyber-industrial, steampunk, gothic and clubwear. They sell men's and women's clothing and PVC gear. There are also some interesting pieces of jewelry here (scissors, gas masks, chainsaws) plus backpacks and purses. (Check out the cool spiky Centipede purse!) Brands they carry include Plastik Wrap, BitchCraft and GHST RDR.

Refuse to Be Usual

This German ebay store sells an amazing selection of punk, Lolita and gothic shoes and boots. They also sell some clothing, face masks, accessories and hair supplies. This store is huge! A great resource for gruftis.


Stuff Monsters Like

This horror blog posts sarcastic horror related humor, horror celebrity interviews, news and reviews, and various related posts and articles. A fun read.

Stuff Monsters Like, on Facebook

Not very many new links tonight, sorry - my kids are distracting me and my dogs wrestling noisily in the hall, cats meowing to go out, etc. ARGH!

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