September 29, 2012

New Goth and Dark Links for September 29, 2012


Stephen Kasner

Dark Side of the Net has linked to Stephen Kasner's art for years. I just wanted to drop an update with his Facebook link.


Obscure Hollow

"For the love of haunted film decor and more." I LOVE this blog! They're currently blogging about the decor in M from 1931, which starred Peter Lorre; showcasing The Devil Rides Out from 1968; and in color, The Comedy of Terrors from 1963. This would probably make a great Tumblr blog too!

The Obscure Hollow on Facebook

The Obscure Hollow on Twitter


Blood Fountains

Artist Stephen Kasner's musical efforts. The music style is difficult to describe other than "experimental." Take a listen and see what you think.

Blood Fountains on Facebook

Blood Fountains on MySpace


Black Unicorn Designs

This Scotland-based jewelry shop sells Gothic Victorian style jewelry. There are also some lovely steampunk items here too.

Mystere Wonderland

A Taiwanese Lolita shop. They sell goth and punk clothing as well. There are literally thousands of items listed here. They also sell a few interesting kimono.

Mystere Wonderland on Facebook


This shop sells necklaces, steampunk items, stationery, Halloween items, witchy items, and jewelry and hats.

September 28, 2012

New Goth Links for September 28, 2012


Ad Honorem

Cemetery images and gothic art by Daniela Lexi. The cemeteries photographed include ones in Austria, Switzerland, Boston, New Orleans, London and Italy.

Thomas Kuebler

"Sculptor of the Bizarre." Visit the online gallery to see his Witches and Wise Men, Monsters & Madmen, Beggars & Freaks, Relics & Remains, and Classics & Legends. These are made from silicone and are incredibly detailed. My favorite sculpture here is Madame Orba.

Who Killed Bambi?

This blog seeks out provocative contemporary arts, including visual arts, music, photography, fashion and design. I really enjoy the fascinating finds they share here, and I wish I'd linked to this sooner to help more of you discover it. Current posts include Anatomical heart millinery; paintings by Markus Akesson; a feature on some incredible American Psycho cupcakes; sculptures by Lisa Black; and a peek at a hilarious Ash Chainsaw dress. I can't wait to see what things they find next!


PDX Werewolf

Bryan Dorr's blog on werewolves, published from nearby the Portland Oregon area. The blog features several posts per week on werewolf news, werewolves in the media, upcoming movies and TV shows with werewolf themes, and werewolves in video games.


The Hellfire Club

A horror-themed restaurant and event venue in Manchester, UK. Upcoming events include live bands, a zombie pirate theme night, and of course, a Halloween party. The menu includes soup served in a small cauldron - how cool is that?


The Gatehouse

An online steampunk (and dieselpunk) blog. This is a frequently written blog by someone passionate about the topics. There are posts on video games, convention reviews, info on steampunk horror films, and well thought out articles. You also can download 22 PDF files of "Gatehouse Gazette" magazine issues. Very cool!

Beyond Victoriana

"A multicultural perspective on steampunk." "Steampunk outside of a Western-dominant, Eurocentric framework." The blog focuses on underrepresented minorities in the steampunk genre. Recent posts include a guest post on bringing Asian culture to steampunk; Pirates, Hydrarchy and the Motley Crew; and info on Oklahoma's Octopodicon.


A horror movie review blog with really in-depth posts. Currently featuring The Sect from 1991; 1985's Day of the Dead; and The Ghost from 1963.

Horror World

Nanci Kalanta's very useful site with horror literature industry news. There's a nice library with horror fiction excerpts, a newsletter, chatroom, Pod of Horror, interviews, and columns.

Monster Island Resort

An online radio show that covers horror literature, film, history, and art. Recent shows have honored Stephen King's birthday; commented on recent movie trailers; and discussed fascination with serial killers.


Gothic Romance Forum

Subforums here include gothic classics, gothic book reviews, horror gothic novels, places to discuss American and British gothic authors, and forums for writers of gothic fiction.


Neil Gaiman's The Price

An animated film made by Christopher Salmon. The website features a trailer, and behind-the-scenes looks at the movie as it's being developed.


Super Coven

I'm excited to read this new comic by TenebrousKate. I've been reading her writing on dark topics for years on the net. The first page will come out on October 1st.

Super Coven on Facebook

Super Coven on Twitter


Dem Bones

This shop is currently on vacation unfortunately while the owner attends a convention. Check back to see the gorgeous amazing sugar skulls and El Dia de Los Muertos items sold here. There's really cool stuff, it's worth a repeat visit in a couple days.

Noadi's Art

Cephalopod and science inspired jewelry. There are squid pieces, Lovecraft and Cthulhu items, nautilus jewelry, cuttlefish and specimen jars. The shop also sells some prints and sculptures.

Noadi's Art on Facebook

Haus of Dolls

Rach creates custom one-of-a-kind repainted dolls based on Monster High. Check out her Monster High Hellraiser Cenobite doll and her eerie Wraith doll.

Blood Flowers

"Wicked handmade jewelry for the darkly inclined." I love the jewelry here, it's so gorgeous. They sell necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, plus a few rings and gothic rosaries. Most everything here is red and black, or dark grey. My favorite thing here is the Belladonna lucite drop necklace.

Blood Flowers Jewelry on Facebook

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Dark Side of the Net

September 17, 2012

New Cemeteries, Funerals and Death Links

Casket Furniture

I love their humorous tagline: "Furniture for a lifetime... and beyond." Besides casket furniture (coffin-shaped coffee tables, entertainment centers, bookshelves and beds) they sell coffin-shaped pool tables and poker tables.

Coffin Talk

This is a message board for professionals: funeral directors, morticians and mortuary science students. They also, however, welcome those with a morbid curiosity. That said, I would treat this forum with respect and maturity and wait a long time, reading the previous posts for a few weeks to catch up, before jumping in with any comments.

There are subforums for the business of funerals, news and events, hearses, general chat, pictures, and an area for horror movies and haunted attractions. On the serious side, there's an area for memorials.

Gravely Speaking

This is a blog about graves, graveyards and gravestones. Recently blogging about communal tombs for hook-and-ladder firefighting companies; the fallen firefighter; a "Home in Heaven" epitaph for a 12 year old girl and a post on an obelisk tomb.

The Other Side of Funerals

A blogger employed in the Australian funeral industry blogs about their experiences. Currently blogging about what it's like inside a mortuary; an inside look at Rookwood Cemetery; the blogger's own grandmother's funeral experience; and Gazing Mourners - the relationship between the funeral industry and tourism. A really well thought out blog with well-written, thoughtful posts.


A serious, professional website resource on grief, funeral planning, funeral etiquette, and grief.

Be sure to check out the Digital Dying blog, which features intriguing articles on spectacular funerals of cult leaders like David Koresh and Sun Myung Moon; hells created by children; and Death In Space: From the Dog Laika to the Cosmonauts the Soviets Abandoned.

Cemetery Travel

"Adventures in graveyards around the world." Loren Rhoads' blog (she used to edit Morbid Curiosity magazine. Currently posting about St. Paul's Chapel courtyard; reviewing a book guide to the cemeteries of New York; and Woodlawn Cemetery in Michigan. Very well done blog.

LA Morgue Files

Lots and lots of Hollywood and celebrity death info from both current and past times. Celebrity gravesites, gravestones, gossip and info on celebrity deaths.

Granite in My Blood

A blog on gravestone photography and genealogy. Read about blogger Midge Frazel's many visits to cemeteries in Connecticut and other places.

Grave Addiction

"Photos from cemeteries, haunted places and historical sites." Also pictures from abandoned buildings and a helpful section on graveyard symbolism.

--Copyright 2012 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net goth and dark links

September 15, 2012

The ABCs of Gothic Fashion

A is for ... Azrael's Accomplice Designs

Azrael's Accomplice Designs on Facebook

B is for ... Black Rose

C is for ... Cruella

Cruella on Facebook

D is for ... Drac-In-a-Box

Drac-in-a-Box on Facebook

E is for ... Ergi

Ergi by Piratessan, on Facebook

F is for ... Fairy Gothmother

FairyGothMother on Facebook

G is for ... Gloomth


Gloomth on Facebook

H is for ... Heavy Red

Heavy Red

Heavy Red on Facebook

I is for ... Iron Fist

Iron Fist Clothing on Facebook

J is for ... Juliette et Justine

Juliette et Justine on Facebook

K is for ... Kambriel

Kambriel on Facebook

Kambriel on Etsy

L is for ... Lip Service

Lip Service on Facebook

M is for ... MoonMaiden

N is for ... Jeannie Nitro

O is for ... Omen Clothing

P is for ... Pennalangan Boots

Pennangalan on Facebook

Q is for ... Queen of Darkness

Queen of Darkness on Facebook

R is for ... Rose Mortem

Rose Mortem on Facebook

Rose Mortem on Etsy

S is for ... Shrine of Hollywood

Shrine of Hollywood on Facebook

T is for ... T.U.K.

T.U.K. Footwear on Facebook

U is for ... Underground Cybershop

Underground England, on Facebook

V is for ... Violent Delights

Violent Delights on Facebook

Violent Delights on eBay

W is for ... Wolf Clothing

Wolf Clothing Group on Facebook

X is for ... Xtreme Corsets

Y is for ... Yosa Silks and Velvets

Z is for ... Z-Entity

Z-Entity Clothing on Facebook

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