August 8, 2019

Living Vicariously Through Halloween Shopping Videos


Auntie Coo Coo takes us on a tour of Dollar Tree's 2019 Fall and Halloween DIY craft supplies.

She also takes us on a tour of Michaels vintage-inspired Halloween decor. Black cats galore!

Here's a tour of the Montclair, California Spirit Halloween store from Maria Cisneros Toth.

Maria also takes us on a tour of JoAnn Fabrics' 2019 Halloween products.

Here's a tour of the Spirit Halloween flagship store from HTJ Halloween.

And here's Geno Haunter 2005's Spirit Halloween flagship store trip, too.

You can always count on HauntSpot for a good video, so if you aren't sick of touring Spirit Halloween yet, here's another one.

Take a look at Cracker Barrel's 2019 Halloween offerings, via Gigi Ghoul.

Gigi also takes us on a tour of Michaels 2019 Halloween offerings.

We don't have "At Home" stores here in Seattle, so I'm enjoying Gigi's tour of their Halloween 2019 offerings.

"Halloween is in the air" says Angela Benedict as she takes us Halloween shopping with her.

You can go Halloween decor hunting with Jade the Libra.

Let's take another peek at Michaels Halloween items, this time accompanying Ember Honeyraven.

Tuesday Morning is one of my favorite local home decor discount stores. Let's take a tour of some of Tuesday Morning's 2019 Halloween products, thanks to Spook You Laterz.

Next up is Spook You Laterz tour of Party City's 2019 Halloween party goods.

They also stopped by Marshalls to do some Halloween shopping.

You can take a look at Halloween stuff from Big Lots as well.

Next up, a sneak peek at Hobby Lobby's 2019 Halloween items.

I always spend way too much money at HomeGoods. Here's a sneak peek at their 2019 Halloween items from KatPaperLove.

Here's the one you've all likely been waiting for: Nightmare Before Christmas and Haunted Mansion 2019 Halloween items. Tour courtesy of Five Fires.

Take a look at giant Halloween inflatables at At Home courtesy of the Aaron's Playtime channel.

If you collect Lemax Spookytown, here's a quick peek at the 2019 collection at Michael's, thanks to Haunt Former.

Spooky Brandie takes us Halloween shopping at Michaels and Big Lots.

Here's another look at Big Lots! from Industrial Blue.

Find out what Halloween items you could find at TJ Maxx, thanks to Lip Gloss and Converse.

Happy shopping!


Dark Side of the Net

July 19, 2019

Amazon's New Dark Victorian Fantasy Show: Carnival Row

This August, Amazon Video is premiering a dark fantasy set in Victorian London. Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne star in this noir fantasy series about magical creatures immigrating to Victorian London. Cara plays "Vignette Stonemoss" and Orlando plays "Rycroft Philostrate."

It doesn't look super dark, but I'm still intrigued, and I'm always up for a good costume show. Check out the teaser trailers here:


Carnival Row on Amazon

Carnival Row on Facebook

Carnival Row on Instagram

Carnival Row on Reddit

Carnival Row on Twitter

Carnival Row Wiki

Carnival Row on Wikipedia

Carnival Row Teaser: Humans and Creatures (ComingSoon)

Carnival Row at San Diego Comic Con (YouTube)
Carnival Row (Slashfilm)

Carnival Row Teaser Makes Victorian England a Fantasy World (Nerdist)

Carnival Row premieres on August 30.


Dark Side of the Net

October 12, 2017

4 Halloween and Horror Podcasts I'm Currently Enjoying Listening To

1. The Wicked Library

This podcast offers tales of terror from upcoming, new but also bestselling authors. They're read by host Daniel and his group of voice actors. The podcast is currently on season 8. This is a great place for new horror authors to get their work promoted, too.

The Wicked Library at Blog Talk Radio

The Wicked Library on Facebook
The Wicked Library at Society 13

2. Sirens of Scream

This podcast is about horror in the geek world. They cover films, comics, games, and some Star Trek and Star Wars geek content.

Sirens of Scream

Sirens of Scream, at

Sirens of Scream, on Facebook

3. The Halloween Haunt

"Celebrating our creepiest holiday." This podcast covers Halloween history, customs and traditions. They also offer some spooky stories and poems.

The Halloween Haunt Podcast on Facebook

The Halloween Haunt Podcast, at

The Halloween Haunt Podcast on Twitter

4. Lore

"True stories from the dark corners of history." This incredible podcast is being developed into a TV show as well. I highly recommend you start listening from the beginning. A great way to get into the mood for Halloween and the darkest season!

Lore Podcast at

Lore Podcast on Twitter

Lore at Aaron

Lore TV Show on Facebook

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