July 22, 2014

New Gothic and Dark Links for a Terrifying Tuesday


Crescentia Moon Photography

A German gothic fashion photographer. You'll enjoy browsing through the beautiful dark images posted here!

Crescentia Moon Photography on Facebook


Comic Monsters

Horror comic book news. Currently posting about X-Files Season 10 comics, sharing a preview of Revival #22, and previewing Deadboy Detectives #7. They also provide some coverage of horror games, horror toys and horror movies. A well designed site, very professional looking and updated often!


Comic Monsters on Facebook



"Witchy electronic music" by Jaymie Valentine, who lives in Los Angeles. Check out her "Lunar Phases" video.

Cindergarden on Facebook

Cindergarden on Tumblr

Cindergarden on Twitter

Cindergarden on Tumblr

Era Nocturna

A dark electro alternative band from Northhampton in Massachusetts. They formed back in 1999! I like their song "Come Find Me."

Era Nocturna on Facebook

Johnny Hollow

This Toronto, Canada-based band describes their music as "ambient atmospheric electronic gothic chamber rock." We've been enjoying their Sisters of Mercy "Temple of Love" cover during our listening parties at the Darklinks goth social network.

Their brand new album is "A Collection of Creatures." So far my favorite song from the album is "I Am Stretched On Your Grave.


Johnny Hollow on Facebook

Johnny Hollow on Twitter

Johnny Hollow on YouTube


Arcana XIII

Gothic occult jewelry from France. They sell pendants, bracelets, earrings, and what they call "neck romancers."

My favorite piece of theirs is this Sigil of Lilith pendant.


Arcana XIII on Etsy

Cloudberry Lady

This Finnish clothing company specializes in Japanese street fashion, especially Gothic Lolita. Check out her made-to-order bat high heels! I also really like her Regency-style Ursula bonnet.


Cloudberry Lady on Facebook

Myriam Powell Designs

Adorable, quirky goth art dolls. The artist grew up in South America, but now lives in Austin, Texas. Her Halloween section of her shop is my favorite, and I bet it will be yours too.

Myriam Powell Designs, on Etsy

Myriam Powell Designs, on Facebook


Halloween Queens

This is a Facebook community for 1000 women "who live Halloween as a lifestyle and not just a holiday." Mostly the community is quiet, with a Halloween related post every couple days or so.

Halloween Queens on Facebook

The Pumpkin Season - When Witches Fly

This Halloween Facebook community is a lot bigger than most. It has over 50,000 fans, and multiple Halloween related posts daily.

The Pumpkin Season, on Facebook


Alone With the Horrors

A Facebook group (2000 members strong) dedicated to horror fiction. Currently discussing "The Haunting of Hill House" (the book, not the movie, of course) and National Sea Monster Month.

Alone with the Horrors Group on Facebook

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Dark Side of the Net

Goth Shopaholic

Halloween Shopaholic

Dark Side University

July 21, 2014

Clan of Xymox Week: Clan of Xymox 1985

Clan of Xymox released their self-titled LP in 1985.

Track list:

1. A Day

A Day

2. No Words

No Words

3. Stumble and Fall

Stumble and Fall

4. Cry in the Wind

Cry in the Wind

5. Stranger


6. Equal Ways

Equal Ways

7. 7th Time

7th Time

8. No Human Can Drown

No Human Can Drown

Lyrics for this album are available here.

My favorite song on this album is "7th Time." What's yours?

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

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July 20, 2014

Clan of Xymox Week: Subsequent Pleasures Album

"Subsequent pleasures" was the band's self-released mini album LP, which came out in 1983. It was limited to 500 copies. It's since been re-released on vinyl and on CD.

Here is an article on the history of the formation on the band and the release of this album. You can read a review of the album from Juno Plus.

The track listing for the Subsequent Pleasures CD includes several more songs than were on the original EP:

  • 1. Going Round
  • 2. Muscoviet Musquito
  • 3. Strange 9 to 9
  • 4. Called It Weird
  • 5. Abysmal Thoughts
  • 6. A Day
  • 7. Stumble and Fall
  • 8. No Words
  • 9. Stranger
  • 10. Equal Ways
  • 11. 7th Time

Subsequent Pleasures Track Listing:

1. Going Round

Going Round

2. Muscovite Mosquito

Muscovite Mosquito

3. Strange 9 to 9

Strange 9 to 9

4. Call it Weird

Call it Weird

5. Abysmal Thoughts

Abysmal Thoughts

My favorite song on the album is "Abysmal Thoughts." What's yours?

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

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