January 4, 2011

New Goth Links for January 4, 2011


Lisa K. Weber

This gallery features illustration, fine art, and textiles. This artist did the artwork for the Darkside Zodiac calendar. My favorite of her fine art is "The Princess and the Crow." The artist also has an interesting but infrequently updated blog.


Ken Wong

Ken Wong's illustration and design portfolio. My favorite is "Alice Vs. the Matrix," shown above. I also am intrigued by Sanctuary. Check out his character design for Red Riding Hood.



Clever art dolls made of paper. I get a kick out of Carpathian matryoshka nesting dolls. This artist's blog is in French.


Mademoiselle Ombr'elle

A French artist's gallery of sculptures (art dolls). I like the sculptures, but wish the photography was better lit.



Grim Reviews

This blog specializes in H.P. Lovecraft, weird fiction, and dark phenomena. I'm so glad I found this blog. Recent posts include a nice overview of H.P. Lovecraft biography covers, info on the Last Lovecraft movie premiering in February, and a review of the best weird horror of 2010.



An online serial vampire novel that appears to have been published in 2008. I'm impressed that the author actually finished this - I've seen so many online novels fizzle and die out after three or four well-intentioned chapters. Some nice dark reading here for a cold winter's night.




Horror movie trailers, clips, and shorts. Currently featuring lots of clips from The Walking Dead.



Cheery About Agnes Dreary

A Yahoo! group for fans of the Agnes Dreary collector dolls. Most months seem to have over 300 posts, so this is a fairly active fan group.



The Buffyverse Addict

Once upon a time, there were countless thousands of Buffy fan websites, most of them disappointing. Fortunately now we have blogs instead of Geocities websites, and casual Buffy fandom has disappeared. Now we have well-done blogs like this one, a good way to keep up with what's going on in Buffy fandom. This blogger has been writing away steadily since 2008 and posts frequently.



Blood Sprayer

A really nicely designed horror website. It features news, columns, horror art, event coverage, and reviews. Definitely worth a look if you're a horror fan.


Ghouls on Film

A spunky horror movie blog. I love the "Dear Ripley" advice column!


January 1, 2011

Dark Side of the News for January 3, 2011

Dark Side of the News

I'm extremely excited about John Cusack's role as Edgar Allan Poe.

I'm curious (but also annoyed, as a fan of the original BBC show) to see SyFy's premiere of "Being Human." It airs Monday January 17.

Christian Science Monitor just published an article on Steampunk: The New Goth.

Ghost Hunters International kicks off Season Two with a visit to Hamlet's Castle.

Blastr's Image of the Day is Zombies vs. Supermodels.

Javier Bardem or Viggo Mortenson might take the lead role as Roland in "The Dark Tower," the Stephen King fantasy movie adaptation.

The Macomb Daily's review of Anne Rice's "Of Love and Evil," the second book in her "Songs of the Seraphim" series. Anne will be doing a book signing January 8 for this book, at California's historic Mission Inn hotel (my favorite place to stay when I'm visiting family in Riverside).

Clive Barker is returning to "Hellraiser" with a new comic book series.

"Insidious," a haunted house film, will be released on April Fool's Day 2011.

"Cthulhu Saves the World" premiered for the Xbox 360.

AICN's Pic of the Day is Giger on the set of "Alien."

Fangoria has a clip of the Buffy motion comic that will be released tomorrow.

"The Wolfman" made IGN's list of 2010's most disappointing movies.

Sandman Creator Neil Gaiman Recreates "Labyrinth" for Christmas." With sock puppets.

Bergdorf Goodman Brings Post Steampunk to Its Windows (Style Bistro). Wow.

I don't really enjoy comics, but I was interested to check out the preview of Stephen King's "Little Sisters of Eluria" as that's my favorite short story by him.

A Clive Barker art exhibit opens in LA on January 12.

Top 10 Best and Worst Horror Films of 2010, by Horror Yearbook.

New Goth Links for January 3, 2011


Gretel and Hansel

This is just a cool little diverting Shockwave game. Hansel & Gretel is one of my favorite fairytales, so I enjoyed playing with this for a little while (until I got stumped and gave up!)



Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire

I would so go to this event if I lived on the East coast! It sounds fabulously fun. This year's theme is "Fairy Tales Gone Awry." It takes place the weekend of February 18-20 in Somerset, New Jersey.


Wicked Faire 2011 on Facebook

Wicked Faire, on Livejournal

The Wicked Faire Social Network


The Captured Bird

"The Captured Bird is a short film written and directed by Jovanka Vuckovic. It is inspired in part by a childhood nightmare, by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft, the fables of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen as well as the paranormal phenomenon known as The Shadow People." It's being screened at several film fests this year. Check out the beautiful concept art for this six minute film. I can't seem to find a brief trailer for the film though, and I'd like to.


The Captured Bird, on Facebook

The Captured Bird, on Twitter

Jovanka Vuckovic, on Twitter


Phantasm Archives

A fan blog for the "Phantasm" films. Not updated often, but it's a good way for casual fans of the film to keep up with new developments. The Facebook community is also a good resource.


The Phantasm Community, on Facebook



A Polish goth's blog. Like me, you probably can't read much here, but you'll probably enjoy the pictures and Youtube video links they share.



Crimson Casket

A goth eBay shop selling cool clothing and accessories. Themes include Lovecraft, goth, vampires, the film Nosferatu, Frankenstein, skulls and more.


Forbidden Boudoir

An Etsy shop selling gorgeous clothing and jewelry in the style of the Belle Epoque, Twenties, Regency, Gypsy, and dark fashion.


Hiroko's Boutique

This eBay store ships from Hong Kong, selling Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei, punk, and goth clothing and shoes. They have over 400 styles of Lolita shoes, just for starters.



Creepy Kitch

A blog run by two girls who describe themselves as "We're creepy and we're kitchy, mischievous and bitchy." They worship Vincent Price (as we all should), write about cool old horror movies, and share their creepy finds.



A blog on dark glamour, goth fashion, burlesque, travel and more interesting topics.


ShellHawk's Nest

Mistress Mayhem's blog on Halloween, home haunting and Hauntcast.


This is CorpGoth

You probably remember Trystan from alt.gothic.fashion and the much loved Gothic Martha Stewart pages. "This is CorpGoth" is her newest blog, where she features her fabulous clothing she wears to work. She also shares some of her recent shopping trips, and musings on fashion. If you enjoy fashion, you'll definitely want to check in here often.



Dollar Bin Horror

Rhonda loves to save money while indulging her love of horror movies. So she shares reviews of horror flicks she's bought in the dollar bins of her nearby stores. Her most current reviews include New Year's Evil, Don't Go in the House, and The Whorehouse of Horror. (Not sure I'll be renting that last one any time soon!) There's a hysterically funny fan art section of her blog, too.


Horror Film History

This website presents a decade-by-decade guide to the horror movie genre. Select your decade, then choose a movie to learn more about. It's a nice overview and I look forward to seeing more entries.



Queen Mary Shadows

Not a Halloween haunt site, this website focuses on the paranormal rumours surrounding the Queen Mary ship, currently docked as a hotel in Long Beach, CA. The talking ghost child video is freaky. Besides the history of the ship's hauntings and info on the spirits, there are a forum and an events list. I find this topic pretty fascinating, so I'll be sure to visit this site every month.


--Carrie Carolin

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