March 21, 2013

New Dark and Gothic Links for the 21st of March


Slender: The Arrival

This horror game is "a reimagining" of last summer's "Slender." It's scheduled to be released on March 26 for the PC and Mac. I won't be able to play it here at my house because my teenager is deathly afraid of Slender Man!

Slender: The Arrival on Facebook

Slender: The Arrival review from Escapist Magazine



An electronic/industrial band from Toronto, Canada. Check out their Facebook page to hear some of their remixes. They might be coming to Seattle in July - I'd love to see them if I can sneak away that night.

DYM on Facebook

DYM on MySpace

Remain in Light

A post-punk gothic band from Greece. You can visit their Bandcamp page to hear a couple of their songs.

Remain in Light on Facebook

Remain in Light on Twitter


Dark Skies

This online shop is based in Portugal. They sell women's clothing (coats, shrugs, dresses, pants, tights, corsets) and some home decor (fairies and angels, plus candle holders). Their accessories section is quite extensive - parasols, masks, jewelry, gloves, hair accessories, fairy earwings, bags and backpacks. I've never seen Face Lace until today - intriguing!

Dark Skies on Facebook

Decadent Designs

Custom-made alternative clothing from Toronto, Canada designer Olga Lipnitski. There are dresses, bustiers, tops, skirts and pants, and something I've never heard of before - Neck corsets. Wow, these are gorgeous. The newest product here is a damask print black and silver corset. I love damask!

Decadent Designs on Facebook

Gothic Realm

This US-based shop is a family run business operating on both coasts. They sell jewelry, watches, bags and wallets, posters, creepy home decor items, journals and writing accessories, and gorgeous candlesticks. Their newest item is this Bed of Blood Roses watch.

Gothic Realm on Facebook

Madame Sher's Corsets

A Brazilian corset designer. They sell tight lacing and waist training corsets. The styles include Victorian, burlesque, and modern. They also offer some matching skirts, and some men's items as well. Many beautiful things here! My favorite is the Mermaid.

Undead Ed's Art

This Etsy shop sells Ed's creepy, bloody zombie toys and home decor. There's jewelry, art, My Demon Pony, mugs, vases and candle holders. Truly gruesome!


Club Debauchery

A deathrock club in Los Angeles. It's 18 and up - that is so awesome! It appears to be only open on weekends.

Club Debauchery on Facebook


An alternative club in Leipzig, Germany. It appears to be a pretty big club, with weekly events, 2 floors, and 2 bars.

Darkflower on Facebook


Brighton Walks

This Brighton, UK ghost walk begins at 7:30 pm in front of the Druid's Head Pub. You'll get Rob's tour of the haunted Lanes, with a bit of humor thrown in here and there. It's available almost year-round, but not in frigid January.

Haunted Hannibal Ghost tours

A guided tour of the paranormal and haunted areas of Hannibal, Missouri, "America's Hometown." I would so take my kids on this tour if we were exploring the area this summer!

Haunted Hannibal on Facebook

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Dark Side of the Net

The Darklinks Goth Social Network

Dark Side of the Net on Facebook

Dark Side of the Net on Twitter

March 19, 2013

New Cemeteries, Funerals and Death Links

Tonight I wanted to present some cemetery/funerals related links I've had sitting around in my bookmarks folder. Somehow I feel like it's disrespectful to include them in regular "New links" type posts, so I set them aside for later when they can be shown with related sites.

The Association of Graveyard Rabbits

"An association dedicated to the academic promotion of the historical importance of cemeteries, grave markers, and the family history to be learned from a study of burial customs, burying grounds, and tombstones; and the social promotion of the study of cemeteries, the preservation of cemeteries, and the transcription of genealogical/historical information written in cemeteries." The online journal provides fascinating weekly articles on the topic.

The Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe

This resource offers info on upcoming exhibitions in Europe, photos and overviews of various European cemeteries, research articles and news of interest to cemetery professionals and historians. They also offer info on the European Cemeteries Route.

Cemetery Travel

Lauren Rhoads' adventures in graveyards around the world. Rhoads used to edit Morbid Curiosity. There's a Cemeteries of the Week section which comprises the bulk of the site. You'll learn a lot from this website!

Funeral Radio

This is a serious professional radio network for cemetery and funeral professionals. Recent podcast topics include perceived risks of green burials; alternative preservation methods; Holy Land ash scattering; and an interview with the founder of

Funeral Radio on Facebook

The Mortician Journal

A resource for African-American morticians and funeral professionals. Not too active, but occasionally shares useful posts for members of the industry.

The Mortician Journal on Facebook

Order of the Good Death

This website and Facebook community were founded by Los Angeles-area mortician Caitlin Doughty. "The Order of the Good Death was founded in 2011 with the goal of bringing the realistic discussion of death back into popular culture." The website offers videos, essays, and a blog; the Facebook offers several daily posts of interest on the topic. Not to be missed!

Order of the Good Death on Facebook

Order of the Good Death on Twitter

Squint Photography

Dallas-based photographer Sonja Quintero sells her surreal cemetery photos here in her Etsy shop. The images (mainly angels) are printed professionally on archival matte paper, and signed on the back by the photographer.

You might also enjoy Dainty Squid's cemetery photographs, taken with Fuji and Canon film cameras.

Washelli Cemetery Photography is a series of beautiful photographs taken by Seattle photographer Adrasteia.

And don't miss Winter Dawn at Bow Cemetery, a series of images from Spitalfields Life.

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Dark Side of the Net

March 12, 2013

New Dark Links for March 12, 2013


H. P. Lovecraft Comics by Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson's cool H.P. Lovecraft comics include The Cats of Ulthar, The Doom that Came to Sarnath, and a lot of miscellaneous Lovecraft themed sketches. Amazing that he manages to post weekly, so few web comic artists are able to do this (understandably considering the work involved!) archive

The Cats of Ulthar page 1


National Halloween Convention

The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted Attractions and Hearses convention will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from May 3-5, 2013. There will be over 100 vendors - it must be so fun to check the exhibition hall out! The show also offers classes, a costume ball, a Makeup War costume contest, and an Artist's Alley.

National Halloween Convention on Facebook

The National Halloween Convention on Twitter

NecronomiCon Providence

This H.P. Lovecraft festival takes place in Providence, Rhode Island, August 23 – 25, 2013. This year's theme is "The Rational and the Supernatural."

NecronomiCon Providence on Facebook

West Coast Haunters Convention

This convention is for all haunters, not just professionals. It will take place May 31 through June 2nd at the DoubleTree Hotel in Portland, Oregon. It's never too early to think about your Halloween preparations!


The Curio Emporium

This shop sells taxidermy items, osteology items, entomological specimens, and some jewelry along those same themes. There are some really creepy specimen jars here too.


John E. L. Tenney's Weird Lectures

This site is full of fascinating articles on subjects such as ESP, cold readings, occult sciences, haunted locations, ghost and hauntings and other paranormal topics. My favorite post here so far is Hoaxing Haunts.

John E. L. Tenney on Facebook

John E. L. Tenney on Twitter


This is a haunted house review site. They also blog about "elegant Victorian horror" and macabre entertainment. Besides haunted houses in several states, they also review off-season events and haunt conventions.

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Dark Side of the Net

Dark Side of the Net on Facebook

Dark Side of the Net on Twitter

March 10, 2013

My Absolute Favorite Gothic Radio Station

Those of you who have been following Dark Side of the Net for many years know that I hardly ever do this: feature just ONE resource in a post or call out just ONE website.

That goes to show how strongly I feel that Nightbreed Radio is a very important resource for the scene.

This online radio station runs 24 hours per day, doesn't repeat its content very often, and makes it delightfully easy to discover new goth (darkwave, industrial, electronic, etc) music or revisit old favorites. I love that they constantly tweet what they're currently playing on the air, and that it's so easy to find the current playlist on the website so you can find out what band you're enjoying listening to.

People sometimes ask me what I listen to while I'm working on Dark Side of the Net. Usually I prefer to sit working in silence (a difficult task given my number of jobs, children, and pets). But when I do feel in the mood to have inspirational music playing in the background while I'm working on my webpage, it's Nightbreed Radio that I find myself turning to.

Today they've been playing Balaam and the Angel, Catherine's Cathedral (who I've never heard of and I want to go find out more about them after this post is finished), Corpus Delicti, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Suspiria, and Shadow Dance.

If you haven't already made Nightbreed Radio one of your daily stops or bookmarked it, I present it here now for your consideration. I think you'll greatly enjoy this dark gothic radio station!


Nightbreed Radio on Facebook

Nightbreed Radio on Twitter

Nightbreed Recordings

Nightbreed Recordings on eBay

New Dark and Gothic Links for March 10, 2013


New Year's Day

Not goth, this Orange County band is described as "dark pop rock," "dark female fronted rock" or "pop punk." They come across looking like a metal band to me (and they're part of the Warped tour this year) but at least they cite Siouxsie and The Cure as a couple of their influences.

New Year's Day on Facebook

New Year's Day on MySpace

New Year's Day on Twitter

Skeleton Hands

A darkwave/coldwave band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their album is called "Gone." I'm enjoying their song Oxygen on YouTube today. Huh, his vocals on this song sound rather like David Gahan. Works for me! I'm now listening to "Ghost" and really liking it too. I think I am about to become really excited about this band, something that hasn't happened in the last couple months of me blogging about goth bands.

Skeleton Hands on Facebook

The Uprising of the Gin Rebellion

They describe their sound as "dark cabaret." They seem to be part of the steampunk scene, but if they don't describe their music as "steampunk" then I won't try to categorize it that way here! Members include H.M. on guitar and vocals; Ophelia Baptista on guitar, vocals and drum; and Renfield playing the accordion, banjo, mandolin and guitar.

The Uprising of the Gin Rebellion on Facebook

The Uprising of the Gin Rebellion on Twitter


Boom! Boom! Baby Boutique

Bespoke corsets are sold here. There's a section for horror and circus that offers a really cool Ringmaster burlesque outfit. There are sections for classic corsets and a "Hello, Sailor" area.

Damn French Desserts

This Etsy shop specializes in dark custom wedding invitations, miniature horror apothecary mini dioramas, Victorian and Halloween stickers, plus fabulous stationery and notecards featuring skeletons. I love everything here, I'm crazy about this shop!

Damn French Desserts on Facebook

Face of the Earth

This Etsy shop sells insanely cool horror terrariums. There's a miniature Halloween Graveyard terrarium, a scale model of the Beetlejuice house, a zombie apocalypse terrarium, and other adorable oddities.


Classic Horror Campaign

A blog from Brighton, England by the people who put on "Frighten Brighton." The blog covers classic horror movies from the 1960s and 1970s especially. This is a really good blog to follow if you want to keep up with what's going on in horror conventions and film festivals in the UK.

Devour the Blog

Updated about weekly, this blog features horror posters, horror reviews, spoilers, and info on upcoming horror films. This blog is affiliated with Devour the Podcast.

The Domain of Horror

This horror blog is written by Countess Carole Orlock. She's currently blogging about attending Monster Mania; reviewing a Fortean Radio podcast episode; and promoting Ms. Halloween.

The Drabblecast

This podcast features "Strange Stories, By Strange Authors, for Strange Listeners." This weekly audio fiction magazine specializes in flash fiction from varied genres. Currently featuring "The Electric Ant" by Philip K. Dick. Their horror offerings are here.

The H. P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

This podcast is currently at Episode 149. Not everything here is about Lovecraft - there's other genre authors and literature discussed here too. Some of the episodes are for subscribers only, but there's still a lot here of interest. You can also learn a lot just from checking out the links in the notes for each show!

The Unkindness

"Devious dispatches for the delightfully macabre." This really impressive horror blog is written by Belladonna Belleville, Dr. Phobias, and Madame Mercy. Besides reviewing horror movies and sharing news on the horror genre, the blog covers conventions and offers quite a bit of dark steampunk content as well.

Recent posts I've enjoyed include Why I Go to Steampunk Conventions, a review of the 2013 Wicked Faire, and Top 3 Horror Movies to Watch in a Blizzard. I'm looking forward to seeing what they post about next!

The Unkindness on Facebook


Lantern City

Bruce Boxleitner is working to produce this steampunk TV series. He promises that steampunk fans' input on this fan-inspired show will greatly affect the direction the show takes and enrich it. He claims it will be the first true steampunk TV show. There's no air date available as of yet.

Lantern City on Facebook

Lantern City on Pinterest

Lantern City on Twitter

Steampunk Canada

News, an events calendar, links list and forum for Canadians interested in steampunk. The Facebook page is a really good resource for all things steampunk, not just those relevant to Canadians.

Steampunk Canada on Facebook

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Dark Side of the Net

Dark Side of the Net on Facebook

Dark Side of the Net on Pinterest

Dark Side of the Net on Twitter

March 7, 2013

New Dark and Gothic Links for March 7, 2013


Bats in the Belfry Radio

This goth/ethereal radio show airs live Mondays 8-10pm Eastern. The DJ is Mistress Laura, and the show has been on the air since 1992 (holy shit!)

Bats in the Belfry Radio on Facebook

Listen on

Bats in the Belfry Radio on Twitter

Z Talk Radio

This is an amazing, incredible resource for people interested in the paranormal. This radio station starts playing right away in your browser when you visit the page. The paranormal shows here include Paranormal Round Table; Between Two Worlds; the Paranormal Underground; The Buzz; Paravizionz; The Skeptical Edge; Zombiepalooza; and inexplicably, a reggae jams hour. Lots of interesting things to listen to here if you are into this kind of thing.


Corpseheads Halloween Horror Shop

This Massachusetts-based Etsy shop sells absolutely horrific Halloween corpse head props. I haven't seen any this cool in my wanderings, ever. This one is a lamp, how terrifying!

The Imaginarium Apparel

Rachael Forbes' stunningly beautiful clothing from England. Her designs are inspired by insects and amphibians. She describes the clothing as "theatrical." Her shop sells custom corsets, capes, skirts, headpieces, and neckpieces.

Check out some of the incredible hybrid outfits, such as this Muscae. I've never seen anything like these, and I mean that as a compliment!

The Imaginarium Apparel, on Facebook

Spitfire Interiors

This shop sells amazing furniture (such as an Elvira vanity and a Bride of Frankenstein set of drawers). They also sell horror T-shirts, jewelry, bathroom decor, grooming products and some garage signs. Shop online, or visit their brick-and-mortar store in Whittier, CA.

Spitfire Interiors on Facebook


Walking the Walking Dead

Somehow I missed this well done fan site when I wrote 25 Most Useful Walking Dead Links. It offers a podcast ( "Radio Free Woodbury"), info on Walking Dead collectibles, the comic, the TV show interviews and a chatroom.


Black and African-American Goths

I've heard from so many black goths over my 20 years of running Dark Side of the Net about how difficult it is to feel like they fit into the scene and finding other black goths in the community. I'm yet again so grateful for Facebook (and Livejournal years ago) for helping foster communities of like minded individuals with similar interests. This community boasts over 1500 members, including goths and fans of industrial music. It's active every single day too, which is a plus!

Black and African-American Goths, on Facebook


The Liberal Dead

This zombie fansite offers a Walking Dead podcast, news, interviews, reviews, and info on zombie comics, TV and movies.

The Liberal Dead on Facebook

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