March 10, 2013

My Absolute Favorite Gothic Radio Station

Those of you who have been following Dark Side of the Net for many years know that I hardly ever do this: feature just ONE resource in a post or call out just ONE website.

That goes to show how strongly I feel that Nightbreed Radio is a very important resource for the scene.

This online radio station runs 24 hours per day, doesn't repeat its content very often, and makes it delightfully easy to discover new goth (darkwave, industrial, electronic, etc) music or revisit old favorites. I love that they constantly tweet what they're currently playing on the air, and that it's so easy to find the current playlist on the website so you can find out what band you're enjoying listening to.

People sometimes ask me what I listen to while I'm working on Dark Side of the Net. Usually I prefer to sit working in silence (a difficult task given my number of jobs, children, and pets). But when I do feel in the mood to have inspirational music playing in the background while I'm working on my webpage, it's Nightbreed Radio that I find myself turning to.

Today they've been playing Balaam and the Angel, Catherine's Cathedral (who I've never heard of and I want to go find out more about them after this post is finished), Corpus Delicti, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Suspiria, and Shadow Dance.

If you haven't already made Nightbreed Radio one of your daily stops or bookmarked it, I present it here now for your consideration. I think you'll greatly enjoy this dark gothic radio station!


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  1. Yay, a new online darkwave/industrial station! I love listening to these. :3