December 14, 2015

Dark Games: Revisiting Silent Hill in All Its Twisted Glory

Today's walk down dark gaming memory lane is brought to us by guest blogger KaitiKat, an avid videogamer hailing from the bleak Northwest. Her first childhood trauma came from playing Silent Hill alone at home in the dark. Today she wants to share a look at Silent Hill resources and websites on the dark side of the net.


Konami Silent Hill

This is Konami's Silent Hill Official Page.

Silent Hill Facebook Page by Konami

Silent Hill Heaven

The best resource for Silent Hill, not official by Konami but a highly regarded fansite.

Silent Hill Heaven on Facebook

Silent Hill Heaven on Twitter

Silent Hill Wikia

Normally, I wouldn't include a wikipage, but the Silent Hill Wikia is a great starting resource for the beginner or even for someone like myself.


Silent Hill Memories

One of the largest US Silent Hill communities. This site has information such as news updates, walkthroughs, and forums.

Silent Hill Memories on Facebook.

Silent Hill Memories YouTube Channel.

The Silent Hill Community Forum.

Alchemilla Hospital

Silent Hill Forum

Slightly older than the latter, but still reliable community for Silent Hill fans.

Alchemilla Hospital on Facebook

Alchemilla Hospital on Twitter

Alchemilla Hospital's YouTube Channel

Alchemilla's Hospital on Tumblr

Silent Hill Paradise

Large UK fansite with many resources to Silent Hill merchandise and news updates.

Silent Hill Paradise on Facebook

Silent Hill Paradise on Twitter

This site is a constantly used forum, great for any FAQs.

Silent Hill Historical Society

This large fan site provides the latest news and other resources.

SH Historical Society on Facebook

SH Historical Society on Twitter

SH Historical Society YouTube Channel

My Silent Hill

Large fansite full of news, art, and music.

My Silent Hill YouTube Channel

My Silent Hill on Twitter

Reddit Silent Hill

Reddit is probably one of the best places to connect with Silent Hill fans to discuss the game/movie further.

The Silent Hill Office of Tourism

Just for fun, this site is a creative fansite that has some Silent Hill resources and facts. It's a very old website.

The Silent Hill Office of Tourism Facebook Pagei


Silent Hill France

French website for SH.

Silent Hill Germany

Germany's site for SH.

Silent Hill Germany on Facebook

Dark Games Forum Germany

This is a German forum for general horror games.

Nightmarish Dream Russia

SH fansite in Russian.

Nightmarish Dream on Facebook

Nightmarish Dream on Twitter

Nightmarish Dream on YouTube

Silent Hill Italy

SH for Italy.

Silent Hill Apocalypse

Silent Hill Apocalypse or "The Italian Otherworld", is another Italian fansite.


GameFaqs-Silent Hill

Kotaku-Silent Hill

PC Gamer-Silent Hill

Games Radar - Silent Hill


Silent Hill by Sony

The most direct place to get the Silent Hill Movie and a brief description.

Silent Hill IMDb

Best informational resource for the Silent Hill movie.

Silent Hill: Revelation Official Website

This is the second Silent Hill movie's official website which has all you need as far as the gallery and story.

Silent Hill Revelation Facebook Page


Silent Hill Best Soundtracks From The Legend Akira Yamaoka

Silent Hill Media X

It's an older website, but it has lots of Silent Hill music and environmental sounds that were in the game.

Fungo's (Owner of Silent Hill Media) YouTube Channel


Silent Hill Fanfiction at FanFiction.Net

A large database with all sorts of Silent Hill Fanfiction.

Since the announcement of the "Silent Hills" game, the franchise has been revived once more, thus many sites are very much up to date. Some things I did not have specific websites for such as art, cosplay, easter eggs, etc. They all have their own niche in links I previously mentioned. Happy hunting! Don't forget to run away from Pyramid Head.


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Dark Side University

February 16, 2015

Crimson Peak Movie Links


Crimson Peak on IMDB

Crimson Peak (Official) on Facebook

Crimson Peak Official Site from Legendary Films


Crimson Peak Trailer at

Crimson Peak Teaser Trailer #1, on YouTube

Crimson Peak Trailer, at MTV


The music used in the trailer is "Red Right Hand", which is PJ Harvey's cover of the Nick Cave original:

Red Right Hand, by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Creepy Crimson Peak Trailer Song No Accident (2 Paragraphs)


Collider's July 30, 2014 Guillermo del Toro "Crimson Peak" Interview

Costume Designer Kate Hawley (Variety411)

Guillermo del Toro Says Crimson Peak is Shocking, Kinky, Gothic & Scary (Screen Rant)

Guillermo del Toro: What You Need to Know About Crimson Peak (Shock Till You Drop)

Legendary's Gothic Gallery for Crimson Peak (7/24/14)

Watch Guillermo del Toro Give a Personal Tour of His Tiny Haunted House (Io9, 7/24/14)


Trailer Screen Caps, at

Crimson Peak at Siam Costumes

Crimson Peak Set Photos (ScreenCrush)

Mia Wasikowska's Tiny Waist Accentuated by Odd Hand-Shaped Belt (Daily Mail)

Crimson Peak First Photos (The Mary Sue)


Crimson Peak Gothic Gallery Tour with Guillermo del Toro

Crimson Peak Behind the Scenes in Kingston, Ontario

Crimson Peak ComicCon 2014 Panel

Crimson Peak Script Scared Tom Hiddelston to Tears (Jessica Chastain)


Crimson Peak Envelopes

Crimson Peak Filming on Tumblr

Crimson Peak Film fan Twitter

Crimson Peak Lover Left Alive, on Tumblr Guillermo del Toro Fansite

Sharpe Manor, on Tumblr

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February 15, 2015

New Dark and Gothic Links for a Snowy February Afternoon


Dark Jane Austen Book Club

I love this idea! Sarah and Veronica post and organize a club of dark-minded people who happen to also love reading Jane Austen and related literature. In February 2015 they're reading "Sanditon" and in March they'll read "She" by H. Rider Haggard.

Dark Jane Austen Book Club on Facebook

Gothic Cuisine

Here's a group I'm really excited to join! Goths share their macabre kitchen creations, love of cooking, and express their creativity through entertaining. A cozy group with just around 180 members.

Gothic Cuisine, on Facebook

Gothic Parents

Another cozy little Facebook group, for people raising baby bats and kindergoths. Alternative parents are also welcomed here.

Gothic Parents, on Facebook

Victorian Post-Mortem Photography

This Facebook group devoted to the history of Victorian post-mortem photography has over 2500 members.

Victorian Post-Mortem Photography, on Facebook


Dorian's Parlor

This group is for coordination and community for the Dorian's Parlor event in Philadelphia. The group page is also a great way to find out about cool events and nightclub nights in the area.

Dorian's Parlor, on Facebook



This is a dark and gothic fantasy page, with lots of beautiful photo reposts of dark fantasy, gothic jewelry and fashion.

BlackPoison on Facebook

Gothic Revival Houses

Architecture buffs may enjoy looking through this curated list of Gothic Revival styled houses that have come up for sale. I'm not shopping for a new house any time soon, but I enjoy looking through these from time to time. I don't want to particularly live in Nebraska, either, but this house takes my breath away!

Gothic Revival at Circa Old Houses

Gothic & Victorian Clothes

Nearly 10,000 people have signed up to see this page's daily posts on gothic fashion.

Gothic & Victorian Clothes, on Facebook

In the Name of Goth

This Facebook page is a great place to find out about dark and gothic communities online. Just today they've been posting several links per hour to other Facebook pages and resources. The one thing I don't like though is how often they post unattributed dark fantasy art or goth photos and don't credit the original source or mention where one could see more art like it.

In the Name of Goth, on Facebook

Ministry of Goths

This page shares mostly links and beautiful photographs to dark photographers, gothic and alternative models, and reposts from other pages specializing in gothic alternative fashion photoshoots.

Ministry of Goths, on Facebook


The Council of Days

A one-man gothic rock band from Alabama. The debut album is "Dark Night of the Soul."

The Council of Days, on Bandcamp

The Council of Days, on Facebook

The Council of Days, on Twitter


An industrial/hard dance "hard style" band from Nevada. May be a little too "metal" for Darklinks readers, but check it out just in case the music calls to you anyway.

Darksiderz on Facebook


This is a Joy Division covers band from New Zealand. You can watch a 15 minute interview with them here.

Permanence, on Facebook

Permanence, on YouTube


An "electro noire pop" band from San Francisco, with a female vocalist. Check out their Last Scene video.

No:Carrier on Bandcamp

No:Carrier on Facebook

No:Carrier on YouTube

White Hex

This goth band from Australia describes their sound (I assume tongue in cheek?) as "Tropical goth." I love the female vocalist's voice! I'm excited to hear, via their Facebook page, that they're currently in the studio.

Check out the lovely vocals in Paradise, and the guitar work on Holiday.

White Hex on Facebook

White Hex on


The Attic Shoppe

This Etsy shop is run by artist Bethalynne Bajema's aunt. Its tagline is "A family of artists who embrace fantasy & celebrate autumn year round!" Items for sale here include the gorgeous Isidore neo-Victorian Tarot, the Sepia Stain Tarot deck, a gorgeous book on The Dark Fantasy Art of Bethalynne Bajema, plus other fabulous art prints and art books.

The Attic Shoppe on Facebook

Exquisitely Rotten

This Pennsylvania-based shop sells gorgeous hand-painted corsets. There are some Harry Potter and Dr. Who themed corsets, but Darklinks readers will most likely prefer the Hellraiser lament configuration corset, the ouija board underbust corset and the Edward Scissorhands underbust corset.

Exquisitely Rotten on Facebook

Nocturne's Armoire

Here's a nice little gothic jewelry store, based in Illinois. They could really probably use a new logo redesign (it looks like a 1990s era website) but they sell adorable rings, earrings, and other jewelry pieces. There's a few steampunk items, skulls and spiders, vampires and some Halloween themed pieces too.

My favorite item here is this filigree bat necklace.

Nocturne's Armoire on Facebook

Patched Jester Creations

This LA-based shop sells gorgeous steampunk, fantasy, and dark clothing. Some of the garments here are based on Tarot cards, such as this stunning Hermit gown. There are some delightfully unusual pieces here - I'm sure you'll enjoy browsing this store!

Poison Apple Print Shop

This shop sells occult themed prints, T-shirts, patches, cards, and stickers. I see a lot of occult stuff on the Net all the time, and I really like how unusual the stuff here is. The artist behind the designs is Adrienne from Pennsylvania.

My favorite thing for sale here is the Sea Witch T-shirt.


This steampunk accessories and jewelry shop is based in Florida. There are lockets, rings, pendants, watches, and tie tacks. Lots of fabulous things to look over.

Despite my intense dislike of spiders, I have to admit that my favorite thing here is this steampunk tarantula brooch.


Gothic Society of Ontario

A community for goth denizens of Ontario, Canada. Events and info on local happenings.

Gothic Society of Ontario

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