April 5, 2012

New Goth Links for April 5, 2012

New links from Dark Side of the Net for April 5, 2012.



A Los Angeles store with an antique flair, selling curiodities such as skull beads, jewelry, home decor, shark vertebrae, animal x-ray photographs, animal bones, specimens in jars, plus related cards and T-shirts. An interesting store to browse online, that's for sure.


Necromance Hollywood, on Facebook

Nursery Crymes

This shop sells macabre dolls and doll sculptures by artist Eleanor Boyce in her studio in the north of England. The dolls in Gallery 3 actually frightened me to the point I yelped out loud, waking my doggies from their nap prematurely. Besides admiring the dollies lovely, bloody countenances, it's immensely entertaining to browse the descriptions here. "Hungry Harriet" and "Vomitessa," for example, have humorous writeups as explanations for their appearances.


Nursery Crymes, on Facebook

Subversion Clothing

A UK-based shop selling goth, cyber, alternative, and steampunk clothes. Some of the brands they carry include Iron Fist, Bat Attack, Lip Service, Alchemy Gothic, Kreepsville 666, Tripp NYC, and Plastik Wrap. Besides men's and women's clothing, they sell jewelry, Manic Panic hair dye, plus accessories such as gloves and belts.


Subversion UK Clothing "Goth Cloth" on Facebook

Tormented Artifacts

This shop sells insanely cool masks as well as some fascinating dark and twisted prints. Take a peek at the Artifacts section for intriguing occult ephemera.


Tormented Artifacts on Facebook


Tim Burton's World

A busy, active, well-maintained Spanish-language Tim Burton news blog. Recent posts have shared Dark Shadows character posters, info on Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and shared a Spanish Dark Shadows trailer on YouTube.



The X-Files: Believe Again

One of the last few remaining X-files fandom Livejournals. This one is, refreshingly, carefully moderated and holds its allowable posts to high standards. Fics are posted here occasionally. Currently there is news on the third X-Files movie, Fox's 25th anniversary special (which will air on April 22), and a few useful links of interest to X-files fandom. I'll be back to check out and hopefully contribute to this community once I start my "Re-Watching" X-files project next fall.



The NY Dark Side Horror Group

An active horror fan Meetup group in New York with real life meetups. Members can utilize the discussion board and share pages with the group, too. There are 15 upcoming meetups, and 163 members as of today. Membership dues are $15 (typical for Meetup).


--Carrie Carolin

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