March 21, 2013

New Dark and Gothic Links for the 21st of March


Slender: The Arrival

This horror game is "a reimagining" of last summer's "Slender." It's scheduled to be released on March 26 for the PC and Mac. I won't be able to play it here at my house because my teenager is deathly afraid of Slender Man!

Slender: The Arrival on Facebook

Slender: The Arrival review from Escapist Magazine



An electronic/industrial band from Toronto, Canada. Check out their Facebook page to hear some of their remixes. They might be coming to Seattle in July - I'd love to see them if I can sneak away that night.

DYM on Facebook

DYM on MySpace

Remain in Light

A post-punk gothic band from Greece. You can visit their Bandcamp page to hear a couple of their songs.

Remain in Light on Facebook

Remain in Light on Twitter


Dark Skies

This online shop is based in Portugal. They sell women's clothing (coats, shrugs, dresses, pants, tights, corsets) and some home decor (fairies and angels, plus candle holders). Their accessories section is quite extensive - parasols, masks, jewelry, gloves, hair accessories, fairy earwings, bags and backpacks. I've never seen Face Lace until today - intriguing!

Dark Skies on Facebook

Decadent Designs

Custom-made alternative clothing from Toronto, Canada designer Olga Lipnitski. There are dresses, bustiers, tops, skirts and pants, and something I've never heard of before - Neck corsets. Wow, these are gorgeous. The newest product here is a damask print black and silver corset. I love damask!

Decadent Designs on Facebook

Gothic Realm

This US-based shop is a family run business operating on both coasts. They sell jewelry, watches, bags and wallets, posters, creepy home decor items, journals and writing accessories, and gorgeous candlesticks. Their newest item is this Bed of Blood Roses watch.

Gothic Realm on Facebook

Madame Sher's Corsets

A Brazilian corset designer. They sell tight lacing and waist training corsets. The styles include Victorian, burlesque, and modern. They also offer some matching skirts, and some men's items as well. Many beautiful things here! My favorite is the Mermaid.

Undead Ed's Art

This Etsy shop sells Ed's creepy, bloody zombie toys and home decor. There's jewelry, art, My Demon Pony, mugs, vases and candle holders. Truly gruesome!


Club Debauchery

A deathrock club in Los Angeles. It's 18 and up - that is so awesome! It appears to be only open on weekends.

Club Debauchery on Facebook


An alternative club in Leipzig, Germany. It appears to be a pretty big club, with weekly events, 2 floors, and 2 bars.

Darkflower on Facebook


Brighton Walks

This Brighton, UK ghost walk begins at 7:30 pm in front of the Druid's Head Pub. You'll get Rob's tour of the haunted Lanes, with a bit of humor thrown in here and there. It's available almost year-round, but not in frigid January.

Haunted Hannibal Ghost tours

A guided tour of the paranormal and haunted areas of Hannibal, Missouri, "America's Hometown." I would so take my kids on this tour if we were exploring the area this summer!

Haunted Hannibal on Facebook

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Dark Side of the Net

The Darklinks Goth Social Network

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