January 1, 2011

Dark Side of the News for January 3, 2011

Dark Side of the News

I'm extremely excited about John Cusack's role as Edgar Allan Poe.

I'm curious (but also annoyed, as a fan of the original BBC show) to see SyFy's premiere of "Being Human." It airs Monday January 17.

Christian Science Monitor just published an article on Steampunk: The New Goth.

Ghost Hunters International kicks off Season Two with a visit to Hamlet's Castle.

Blastr's Image of the Day is Zombies vs. Supermodels.

Javier Bardem or Viggo Mortenson might take the lead role as Roland in "The Dark Tower," the Stephen King fantasy movie adaptation.

The Macomb Daily's review of Anne Rice's "Of Love and Evil," the second book in her "Songs of the Seraphim" series. Anne will be doing a book signing January 8 for this book, at California's historic Mission Inn hotel (my favorite place to stay when I'm visiting family in Riverside).

Clive Barker is returning to "Hellraiser" with a new comic book series.

"Insidious," a haunted house film, will be released on April Fool's Day 2011.

"Cthulhu Saves the World" premiered for the Xbox 360.

AICN's Pic of the Day is Giger on the set of "Alien."

Fangoria has a clip of the Buffy motion comic that will be released tomorrow.

"The Wolfman" made IGN's list of 2010's most disappointing movies.

Sandman Creator Neil Gaiman Recreates "Labyrinth" for Christmas." With sock puppets.

Bergdorf Goodman Brings Post Steampunk to Its Windows (Style Bistro). Wow.

I don't really enjoy comics, but I was interested to check out the preview of Stephen King's "Little Sisters of Eluria" as that's my favorite short story by him.

A Clive Barker art exhibit opens in LA on January 12.

Top 10 Best and Worst Horror Films of 2010, by Horror Yearbook.

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