May 12, 2013

New Dark and Gothic Links for May 12, 2013


CorneredRing Art

Katrin is a photographer living in northern Germany. She photographs dark subjects, specializing in horror, zombies and the macabre.

CorneredRing on Deviantart

CorneredRing Art on Facebook

Daniel Danger

Daniel Danger is an illustrator and printmaker from New England. Here's his gallery of intriguing haunted houses, devastasted ballrooms and creepy barns.

Daniel Danger on Facebook

Natalie Shau

I so enjoy looking at the darkly surreal artwork of this Lithuanian digital artist. She creates digital illustrations and paintings, and also some beautiful photomanipulations. In 2011 she participated in a double show with artist Ray Caesar. Besides her fabulous "Dream" and "Dream II" galleries, you can check out her fashion photography projects and illustrations from 2006-2008. I suspect you're about to spend quite a bit of time wandering through her Deviantart gallery, too. And if you are intrigued by Day of the Dead style artwork, check out her commercial artwork for Lydia Courteille jewellery.

I think my favorite piece from her is "Insecta."

Natalie Shau on Behance

Natalie Shau on Deviantart

Natalie Shau on Facebook



Matt Weiner's post-wave dark music project. He's the other half of Atlanta-based band Featureless Ghost. I really like his vocals on most of his songs you can check out on Soundcloud. (I don't really care for the weird clownlike antics in "Deepest Darkest" though).

Twins, on Facebook

Twins, on Soundcloud

The Vile Spirits

This Camden, London-based band plays deathrock/post-punk. You can check out their newest song, "Electric My Angel" on Youtube.

The Vile Spirits, on Facebook

The Vile Spirits, on Soundcloud


Black Baroque Luxuries

This shop belongs to Seattle-based artists Seraph & Splendor. They sell intricately embroidered and bejewelled cushions (home decor) and intriguing satchels, such as this Queen of Hades satchel. Also check out their Lady Death looking glass. I haven't seen anything like their style at all before, and I love it!

Black Baroque Luxuries, on Facebook

Dreamed Designed

This Etsy shop sells lovely Victorian and steampunk jewelry. Besides necklaces, bracelets and earrings, there are pocketwatch pendants, goggles, and eyepatches.



This isn't actually about real haunted houses - this blog focuses on a commercial attraction, Disney's Haunted Mansion. This is an excellent three year old blog for fans of the attraction. Currently they're blogging about the eerie traveling light effect, lost graveyards and To Find a Way Out about differences between the exit courtyard as it exists now and as it was planned. There's lots of interesting photos here, blueprints to pore over, trivia and history. I spent way more time reading blog posts on this site than I'd expected to!


Zombies Everywhere

The Facebook page is really active and will keep you up on everything zombie that's going on recently. Over on the blog, they're currently posting about Washington DC's zombie-themed synthetic marijuana warning campaign; a zombie musical; and a disturbing post on zombie worms that eat with acid!

Zombies Everywhere on Facebook

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