May 15, 2013

5 More Foreign Goth and Dark Blogs

Insomniac's Attic

You have *got* to check out this blog about a gothic mansion that's been renovated and staged for sale. The gothic mansion is located in Calgary, Canada. Don't miss the post on when the house was tricked out for Halloween! and for the night before Christmas. The photos here are so intriguing to pore over!

Mara Macabre

Mara blogs from Germany. Her blog is thus in German, but you can still enjoy her outfit posts, cosmetics and products finds, and photos of events such as Aethercircus 2013. There are quite a few steampunk posts here.

Mindless Indulgence

This girl from Germany shares her crafting and sewing efforts, the gown she might wear to WGT, her trip to the fabric market in Munster, and her research on Haitian zombies.

Madam Noire Makeup Studio

Madam Noire is a makeup artist who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. Currently she's reviewing Illamasqua's 'Paranormal' collection, giving herself a Star Trek manicure, trying a brand of lipstick I've never heard of, Inglot, and showing off an Emerald birthstone eyeshadow look.

Ms. Misantropia

Ms. Misantropia lives in a 150 year old cottage in Skane, Sweden with her American partner. She's quite domestic, baking and making things and decorating her home darkly. Her blog is currently celebrating "May Monster Madness" so today she posted a short story she wrote, called 'Beauty and the Beast.' Recently she's posted about The Monsters of Buffy and Ten Monster Movies of 2013. She also blogs about fashion, the books she's enjoying, TV shows she's watching and other pursuits. Because I am quite nosy, I hope she posts pictures of her dark decor and the things she's baking!


  1. I'm humbled to be included in such illustrious blogger company! Thanks so much for the mention!! :o)

  2. I can vouch for the greatness of almost all of these blogs! I'm off to check out Mara Macabre and Mindless Indulgence. Thanks for sharing these links!

  3. Indeed! Quite a good list of bloggers here!