April 28, 2013

13 New Dark, Gothic and Steampunk Shop Links

Asylum Artwork and Oddities

Asylum sells taxidermy items, memento mori jewelry, mummified specimens, and "wet specimens" (preserved things in jars) such as this beaver fetus.

There are also a few pieces of artwork available, such as this Modern Day Crown of Thorns.


Asylum Artwork and Oddities on Facebook

Dahlia Deranged Designs

This shop sells jewelry, hair accessories, a few taxidermy type jewelry items, and these cool tentacle pearl sunglasses.

I'm getting quite weary of jewelry that looks like someone just cut out a picture of Edward Scissorhands from a magazine and glued it inside a ring case, or the insert-random-gothy-item-or-skull-on-cameo type jewelry I'm seeing everywhere, but I have to admit at least this shop has quite inventive takes on the cameo trend and a lot higher quality looking pieces. Check out this Bride of Frankenstein cameo and nicely textured 3D Edgar Allan Poe cameo necklace. This skull and crossbones mini handbag is downright adorable, too. You'll find the usual skulls, bats, and octopi here.


Dahlia Deranged Designs on Facebook

Dahlia Deranged on Tumblr

Fun for Curious Cats

This eBay store purveys unusual steampunk rings and jewelry, pentacles and Wiccan jewelry, some pirate and Alice in Wonderland themed jewelry, and a few cameo necklaces with skeletons or mermaids on them.


Gothic Rose Antiques

This Sacramento-based shop sells antiques and curiosities, such as this antique cash register, stunning antique crystal ball, and this incredible vintage little red devil table. There's jewelry, old photographs, gothic hats, apothecary bottles, home decor and other treasures waiting for your browsing pleasure. I could spend a lot of time getting "lost" in this storefront!


Gothic Rose Antiques, on Facebook

Infectious Threads

This actually shouldn't be in a "new links" type post, as it's a very well known, long-running, respected shop. I had it linked on the main Dark Side of the Net shops page for years back when I kept the archive up. This shop sells cyberpunk, goth, punk, and Halloween related items. There's a bit of a heavy metal feel here, but you can easily get around the stuff that doesn't quite fit into your particular version of our subculture. They offer the usual assortment of women's clothing, plus tutus and plus sizes. For men, they sell t-shirts (of course), pants, shirts, vests, jackets and hoodies. In the accessories section, they offer belts, hats, goggles, jewelry, and purses.

Brands they carry include Alchemy Gothic, Kreepsville 666, Folter, Too Fast, Lip Service and others.


I'm impressed, there are a lot of really cool purses here I haven't seen carried elsewhere too often.


Infectious Threads on Facebook

Infectious Threads on Twitter

La Plume Noir

Don't panic and hit the back button just yet when you see how colorful the photos in this jewelry store are. If you peer around just a little bit, you'll run into some of their lovely gothic pieces, such as this necklace and this black vintage deco ring. As much as I've been whining about cameos today, I have to admit my favorite thing here is this corpse bride cameo brooch. I bet several of you will really like these Victorian skeleton key earrings.


La Plume Noir on Facebook


This shop sells Victorian, gothic, steampunk and burlesque items. They carry lingerie (such as these peek-a-boo panties), hair accessories (such as this goth fascinator), purses, and some vintage buttons.


Tattoo Socks

I'm really fascinated by the whole Tattoo Socks concept. I haven't tried any myself yet, but I sure like the looks of the Jellyfish pair, the bats, and this floral design. The socks come in full length, thigh high, knee high and even sizes for boots. The shop also sells some leggings but I don't like the looks of any of them, they have some weird deer on them.

Check out the Forest Symphony line for interesting dark fairytale styled stockings.

This shop is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Tattoo Socks on Facebook

The Time Cabinet

"Artifacts and accessories for steampunk ladies and gentlemen." There are hats, jewelry, masks and goggles. I've seen a lot of goggles in my time, so I'm delighted that many of these are more distinctive and unusual. Such as these steampunk monocle goggles. Check out the Tesla Top Hat: its cleverness made me smile. And what do you think of this octopus steampunk bowler hat?


TotusMel Tats


This shop sells beautiful tatted lace accessories, such as these delicate In Bloom ankle corsets, tatted lace necklacse, tatted cuff bracelets, and other jewelry. My favorite thing here is this tatted lace mask (I personally find masks too itchy to wear, though!)

Don't miss this incredible, unusual tatted sugar skull mask!


TotusMel Tats on Facebook

Venice Masks

Besides gorgeous Carnival masks, this shop offers steampunk corsets, macrame lace masks, fake eyelashes, Alchemy Gothic jewelry, steampunk and military clothing, stripy tights and some jewelry.

My favorite thing here today is this gothic Lolita skirt.


Wildfire Brand Jewelry

This shop sells a lot of cameo lockets (yawn), but at least it has some unusual ones I haven't seen cluttering up other stores. There are some nice nautical and pirate themed jewelry pieces here, plus some Victorian themed jewelry. The seller misuses the term "steampunk" and "Walking dead" to draw attention to items that have nothing to do with the theme or with the TV show, but you'll probably be able to find a couple things of interest here as you browse anyway.


Victorian Choice

This shop appears to be located in my neck of the woods. They offer Victorian and Gothic Lolita gowns. They advertise them as "prom dresses" but I imagine ladies would more likely be wearing these to gothic balls, goth faires, tea parties and formal dinner parties. My favorite dress here is this red and black Georgian ball gown. The styles here include Civil War, Victorian, Gothic Lolita, and some military styled and steampunk-era looks.


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