April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013's Newest Gothic and Dark Links


Death Cafe

"At Death Cafes people come together in a relaxed and safe setting to discuss death, drink tea and eat delicious cake." The events seek to increase awareness of death and help people learn to make the most of their finite lives. Death Cafe was founded in 2011, and already close to 100 Death Cafes have been held around the world. The website includes a guide to holding your own Death Cafe event, as well as a list of upcoming Death Cafes.


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Dark Music in Your Heart

This blog specializes in informing us about new industrial, gothic rock, dark ambient, darkwave, electropop and other dark music genre album releases. There's also a lot of gothic and metal covered here. You can register with the site in order to "pre-listen" to the albums, and there may be some music links or torrents here. Currently they're blogging about Razed in Black. I'm surprised to see the new Simple Minds album mentioned here, as they're New Wave and not at all dark.


Dark Sounds Blog on Facebook

Dark Vision of Electronic

This blog covers industrial, EBM, electro-gothic, gothic rock, synth-pop, darkwave and other related genres. I love that they have a tag for female vocalists! Now, the blog posts here are mostly in Japanese. But you can still benefit greatly from exploring the links and checking out the album covers and Youtube videos. Currently blogging about Ruined Conflict, Eloquent, Purple Fog Side, and Wormz.


Post-Punk 80s Underground

I really, really enjoy exploring this music blog. Much of what is here isn't "dark" or gothic, but you're likely to discover bands you'll enjoy. You might also rediscover lots of old favorites - I was overjoyed when they featured one of my all time favorite albums, Pure Joy's "Ocean." Check out their recent posts on Ex Voto and Alien Sex Fiend. Each post has a DivShare link to a song you can listen to from that particular album.


This Is Gothic Rock

This is a project to document gothic rock bands who began between 2000 and 2011, for the This Is Gothic Rock book. Meanwhile, the blog provides a ton of news, interviews, reviews and reports on the gothic rock music scene. This is a very useful resource and worth stopping by every couple days to see what's going on.


This is Gothic Rock, on Facebook

This is Gothic Rock Group on Facebook


Madame Macabre

This blogger writes from Spain. Check out her tutorial on creating vampire blood phial jewelry. She blogs about goth fashion, art, films and literature. I barely read Spanish (and don't like to use Google Translate), but enjoy looking at the interesting pictures she finds to share. I enjoyed this post on how to celebrate your 15th birthday in a gothic way.


Toile Gothique

"Forum de la culture gothique." A French gothic forum site with subforums for poetry, philosophy, literature, several subgenres of goth music, gothic art and fashion, film and television, theater and opera, and goth resources. It seems relatively active and pretty friendly.



The Black Cauldron

This goth/industrial show streams live on Sundays at midnight. The DJs are BlackRose and Niccodemus. You can check out last week's playlist here.


The Black Cauldron on Facebook


Life in Sodom

A darkwave band from Miami. The band has been around in one form or other since way back in 1990! Their most recent release was a 3-song CD back in 2011, called "The Hollow and Haunted House."


Life in Sodom, on Facebook

Life in Sodom, on MySpace3

Portion Control

This London-based electronic/industrial band was formed back in 1980! I hadn't heard of them til today - I guess I need to do research more often! They're still pretty active, releasing the "Pure Form" CD back in 2012.


Portion Control (Unofficial), on Facebook


A dark electro/industrial band from The Netherlands. They're currently on tour in Europe.


XMH on Facebook



Get ready to freak out, and possibly swoon. I'm serious. The clothing (and photography) here is STUNNING. Gorgeous. You'll probably spend a lot more time looking at this designer's site than you'd planned to. My favorite of the collections here is "The Ice Queen," but I also very much enjoyed checking out "The Magic Wardrobe." And don't miss the "Love to Death" collection, which features some striking ombre gowns.


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Digital Macabre

This blog focuses on macabre B-horror movies from the past. Currently blogging about The Black Sleep, Panic in Year Zero, and The City of the Dead.


H. P. Lovecraft Live

An H. P. Lovecraft podcast produced in Ireland. This week, Sandra is reading Lovecraft's "The Tree." Last week, a man named Stephen Jack read "The Picture in the House." I really, really appreciate the effort these folks are putting into this.


H.P. Lovecraft Live on Facebook

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Dark Side of the Net

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