April 27, 2013

New Dark and Gothic Links for April 27, 2013


Jessica Joslin

Not quite taxidermy art, not quite steampunk, this artwork is made from bone, bronze, glass eyes, antique castoffs, springs, metals, velvet, and whatever materials the artist happens upon. Currently, her work is being exhibited at “The Blood is the Life: Vampires in Art and Nature” at the Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science and Art, in Pennsylvania. Check out her New Work gallery (My favorite is "Hermes.")

There's also a shop here, where you can buy a couple of her photographic prints, or her book "Strange Nature." I'm interested to hear what you think of her work, in the comment section below.



The Beauty of Gemina

This dark electro band is from Switzerland. I think you'll enjoy listening to their acoustic version of "Dark Rain" on YouTube. The singer's vocals are deliciously low and deep, and his accent delightful to listen to.


The Beauty of Gemina, on Facebook

The Beauty of Gemina, on MySpace

The Beauty of Gemina, on YouTube

ShadowDancers: The Beauty of Gemina Fans, on Facebook

Girls Names

NME calls this Northern Ireland band's sound "doom-laden goth pop." The band simply refers to their style as "dark." Sadly, their official YouTube channel only offers two songs for you to check out: Seance on a Wet Afternoon (which sounds nostalgically post-punk to me) and "Bury Me."

Girls Names on Facebook

Girls Names on MySpace

Girls Names on YouTube


Ghostlove Jewelry

This shop sells lovely handcrafted gothic lolita, steampunk and "couture noir" jewelry and accessories. (They're currently updating their website, so don't let it bother you that their "Whats New" items say they are from May 2012.)

My favorite of their collections is their Victorian line. Shown above is "Reckoning."

I suspect many of you will enjoy their "The Armory" collection, too.


Ghostlove Jewelry on Facebook

Ghostlove Jewelry on Pinterest

Ghostlove Jewelry on Twitter

Harlots & Angels

Check out the amazing steampunk corsetry here. My favorite so far is the Sherlock Holmes Explorer corset. They also sell historic sewing patterns which could come in really handy to some goth crafters who might be reading this.

Don't miss the Steampunk Cthulhu corset!


Lady Creepshow Couture

This shop sells vintage-inspired one-of-a-kind hair accessories. Check out the Blood Lust Feather Clip! And I'm giggling at the Shear Horror fascinator.


Portland Black Lipstick Company

This Etsy shop sells cool stuff besides their black lipstick: vegan Corpse Paint theater style white makeup; "Phantom face powder;" a carmine red lipstick called "Bug's Blood"; and "Snow Queen" white lipstick. Their lipsticks are made from natural ingredients.


Twisted Beanstalk Nursery

I'm growing a teensy bit weary of all the "dark demented" doll shops - they are really cool, but there are so many of them now. This one, however, intrigues me because it doesn't rely on dripping blood, grey rotting skin, or other over-the-top methods of making their dolls creepy. Their subtler touch, making the dolls look realistic like reborn dolls try to be, makes these actually more disturbing to me. Once you look a bit more closely at the babies here, you suddenly notice they have small unobtrusive fangs. Or you open their eyes to reveal unearthly white pupils, or you notice an odd dark stain around their mouths. I like that the doll artist has chosen to dress these in normal looking baby clothes, not black lacy Victorian or ripped torn bloody outfits. It makes them more menacingly real, with their twisted little smirks.


Twisted Beanstalk Nursery on Facebook


Deadly Breakfast

Not a lot of original finds here - mostly reblogs, with not much info on the original artist. Still, this person has an eye for hauntingly beautiful images to repost. (I can't quite say "curate" as they don't provide information like a proper curator would). Photos reblogged here include Victorian and Rococo inspired clothing and furnishings; ethereal ladies with knives; skulls and candles; ghostly maidens; and some burlesque/corsetry pics.


My Wicked Fairy Tale

Visit this Tumblr if you like pictures of dark fairies; creepy little cottages tucked into the dark woods; autumn trees; dark snowy woods; flickering candles; clocktowers; iron gates and the like. I love that everything here is annotated with a link to the original source - I really appreciate that!



Airships and Petticoats

This steampunk blog also covers Edwardian and Victorian beauty, fashion and historical clothing topics. Currently they're posting about an amazing antique bed; a Georgian watercolor box that I am swooning over, even though I don't paint; and sharing a photo of a gorgeous lady drinking tea. I love looking at the interesting things they find, but would like to know more about the author.


Quest for the Golden Prim

A steampunk/fantasy webcomic that's recently relaunched. They plan to offer a new episode every week.



"A blend of Victorian and Imagination." This affiliate blog features lots of cool finds: steampunk clothes, jewelry, accessories, and even steampunk Halloween costumes. There are also occasional features on steampunk in art, books, movies and television. Currently they're blogging about the Steampunk Worlds Fair 2013.



Run For Your Lives

Run for Your Lives is a really big deal, with over 650,000 fans on Facebook and thousands of participants. It is a zombie-infested 5k obstacle course and run. You can sign up to either be a runner, or be part of the zombie horde that lurches towards the runners menacingly. Everyone joins up at the end for an Apocalypse Party, a celebration of all things zombie.

Today happens to be their first event of 2013: a sold out race in South Florida. I see they are coming to my hometown in August but not sure I'll be tempted to join in - I'm used to running 5ks for charity and exercise, not amusement. Hrm.

I have to admit their Pinterest presence is very amusing and entertaining.

Run for your Lives on Facebook

Run For Your Lives Zombie Horde, on Facebook

Run For Your Lives on Pinterest

Run For Your Lives on Twitter

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