August 8, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Fascinating Goths and Their Blogs

This post was developed from the old "Goth Pages by Goth People" category, which really should have evolved and morphed into "Goth Blogs" several years before it did.. Sigh. Anyway, following are some goth blogs I admire.

1. The Art of Darkness

Cobweb's blog. She encourages us to celebrate Halloween every day, and posts about ways to add a little darkness to your life every day. She finds consistently interesting links and posts frequently - yay! Her other interesting website is Halloweddings

2. Betty Bones' Tattle & Chatter

Oh how I wish she'd blog more often! She finds such interesting things around the Net. Her most recent posts are about zombie cookies, a Lego tarantula, and cartoon skeletons. The writing style is a bit.. chicken scratch.. but all in character.

3. The Courtesan Macabre

"Exquisite fashion, food and living for the Gothic connoisseur." Posts on gothic art, steampunk fashion, gothic lolita, and goth fashion. This is a joint blog by Mariana and Ms. Fabulous.

4. Siouxsie Law

"Good lawyers wear black." This blogger posts some of the most interesting goth fashion commentary that I've come across. Recent posts are on the impending bankruptcy of American Apparel due to going preppy; Elie Saab's black dresses for Fall/Winter 2010; and bondage tights from Wolford's.

5. Boy of Bow

An art and photography blogger who finds fantastic art and images to showcase. A very art-centric blog, with not much personal info about the blogger himself. This is the sort of blog you look forward to going to every morning.

6. Gothique

Lady Grey's blog on goth style, goth cosmetics, and vegan cosmetics. Lovely, stylish finds and great mineral makeup tips.

7. Haute Macabre

Alternative dark fashion for "the grown up goth." Fabulous goth fashion blog with frequent updates. Currently featuring the oil-slick photo spread from Italian Vogue; Lady Gaga's spread in Vanity Fair; and Flylashes. A contributing writer to this blog is Zoetica, who co-founded Coilhouse,

Haute Macabre on Facebook

Haute Macabre on Twitter

8. DJ Mark Splatter

A "Creepy rock'n'roll" blog with archives going back to 2006. I don't keep up with current music very well, so I love popping by this blog to hear cool new things. He travels a lot, and also blogs about movies, food, and art.

9. Rustic Goth

This artist (a mother and grandmother) lets us peek into her daily life, as well as showing us her wonderful creations. It surprises me how often I stop by this blog (busy as I am) to enjoy a new post.

RusticGoth on Facebook

10. Auntie Wicked's Sanctuary

I can't remember how or when Auntie Wicked befriended me online, but she is one of my favorite goth-people-I've-never-met. Always posting something that makes me think or grabs my interest. While this blog isn't all-goth all-the-time, there are lots of things here you may find yourself enjoying. Culture posts and art, cosmetics and fashion.

Auntie Wicked on Facebook

11. Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire

I've been reading Tenebrous Kate's blogs and websites for over 10 years I think. A fascinating lady who shares her creepy thoughts on art, films, horror, zombies, and other dark topics.

Tenebrous Kate on Twitter

12. Xiane.Org

Another blog I've been enjoying reading for years. The author was in goth bands, was a goth DJ, is interested in small press publishing, and ran and promoted goth clubs. She now lives in North Carolina and makes things to sell online. All her background and experience gives her plenty of fascinating things to talk about on her blog, and I think you might enjoy it too.

13. Chintz of Darkness

Seraph & Splendor's beautiful blog on dark home decorating. Chock full of high res photos of decor, design, furniture or art finds. Gorgeous!

--Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net


  1. Thanks so much for the mention. This is a great resource.

    Darkest wishes,

    Siouxsie Law

  2. Thank you SO much Carrie! Myself (Auntie Wicked) and the other lurking Auntie are THRILLED at your mention (or she will be when she's back from vacation!). We've been a HUGE fan of Darklinks since the days before web 2.0, back in the darkages of the internets, and I know I feel MOST fortunate to be internet buddies with you!

  3. Thanks for this list!! There are some I didn't know of (and I've now joined your site - it's great!!) I'm goth but my blogname doesn't really showcase that, heh.

  4. Chiming in with a thanks for the mention! I'm all blushy.

  5. Thank you very much for the review.

    Alistair {Boyofbow}

  6. How did I not see this until now? Carrie, Thank you SO much for the mention, and how cool is it that you read my blog still [or were a year ago at least, heh]
    I'm glad to see that even though I'm not posting as much music-related things, I might still have a teeny tiny bit of cred. ;)