August 5, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Awesome Goth Web Radio Stations

1. Channel 66.6 HM

A Halloween themed podcast you can download and then listen to (meaning it's not streaming live). This week's show features news on 2010 Halloween events, zombie walks, info on Saw 3D and Piranha 3D, and a sample of a Halloween party on the Jack Benny show long ago.

Channel 66.6 on Facebook

Channel 66.6 on MySpace

2. Communion After Dark

A dark music podcast featuring EBM, goth, dark electro, synthpop and noise.

Communion After Dark on Facebook

Communion After Dark on MySpace

Communion After Dark on Twitter

3. Darkerradio

Consistently great. A German radio station playing gothic, ebm, synthpop, darkwave, industrial, and punk. Listen via several different supported players. I love that you can see their playlist so easily - check out what they've played today already. Much of the website is of course in German, but it's easy to figure out where to click to find what you're looking for.

Darkerradio on MySpace

Darkerradio on Facebook

Darkerradio on Twitter

4. Deadpit Radio

An extremely well organized site for this excellent horror talk radio show. If you're a fan of the horror genre, you'll find a lot here to interest you.

Deadpit.Com Fans, on Facebook

Deadpit Radio on MySpace

Deadpit Radio on Twitter

5. Digital Gunfire

Industrial, EBM and synthpop. You'll be able to listen to something immediately, with an easy to find Listen link. I like that there's an updated playlist and an up-to-date news section.

Digital Gunfire Facebook Group

Digital Gunfire, on Twitter

6. Eerie Radio

A paranormal podcast. Recently broadcasting about Famous Monsters Con. Sometimes you just want to listen to something freaky before bedtime.

Eerie Radio

Eerie Radio on Twitter

7. Radio

A cool station, I've often listened to it while working on Dark Side of the Net. Music starts streaming right away, and you can see the upcoming playlist. However, the playlist doesn't seem to have been updated since April, unless I'm reading it wrong.

8. Goth Radio

A very awesome station. I'm so glad it's still on the air 24/7 after all these years.

GothRadio on Facebook

GothRadio on Twitter

9. Gothville Radio

A nice station playing goth, industrial, and darkwave. "Dark music for people dressed in black."

10. Rue Morgue Radio

Super insanely cool horror radio station. Interviews with horror industry folks, reviews, music, and news. This is THE horror radio station to listen to if you're interested and have the time.

Rue Morgue Radio on Facebook

Rue Morgue Radio on MySpace

11. Sanctuary Radio

Live 24/7, playing darkwave, alternative, EBM, goth and industrial. There is a Retro channel you can listen to besides the main one.

Sanctuary Radio on Facebook

12. Ultra Dark Radio

What is it about Germany that makes it produce so many high quality radio stations? This one, as you can imagine, plays industrial, as well as goth and electronic music. The site also has rich resources, covering music festivals, news, and offering some articles and blog posts. However, the Listen/player link is "below the fold" so it's a bit annoying how far you have to scroll down to find it on the German-language website.

Ultra Dark Radio on Facebook

Ultra Dark Radio on MySpace

13. Vox Noctem

A German industrial radio station. The website is in German, but it's easy to navigate and find the all-important Listen and Playlist areas.

Vox Noctem, on Facebook

Net radio stations seem to be among people's favorite resources, so I dread getting a lot of "waah, you forgot to mention X radio station!" comments. This is a list of MY favorite 13 radio stations, so I've surely missed some that are YOUR favorites :)

--Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net


  1. Hey, the blog has had a makeover! New colours, Google search box, tag cloud and Currently Reading/Watching lists.

    Hah! Yes, I have a couple more favourite Goth internet radio stations, shows and podcasts but with the '13 Best' format, everything can't be listed. Do you welcome further suggestions for sites in blog comments?

    I really like the blog format for Darklinks because of the "on this date, this info was good" nature of blogs, and I've been enjoying your frequent updates at Facebook.


  2. Hi Orlando! Always great to hear from you.

    For right now, the thought of people (not you in particular, you have always been a great help) sending websites in comments sounds overwhelming. I still have such a backlog to go through! Generally most blogs have problems with commenters just wanting to spam their own websites and not actually comment, so I am hoping that doesn't happen here. (Again, not aimed at you personally!)

  3. Hehe, don't worry - no offence taken! And thanks for the clarification on that - the blog format is a much more personal thing with its own customs of netiquette.
    And we do of course have other places to mention our own favourites - Dark Side of the Net Social Network