August 5, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Useful Goth Lifestyle Links

1. Alt.Gothic FAQ

Though this version stopped being updated in 1995, it's quite useful for the historical perspective it provides.

If you're new to goth, or under the age of 25, give this a quick read-over. (If you don't know what Usenet or alt.gothic are, be sure to Google those terms to find out.)

The year 2000 version of the alt.gothic FAQ is listed below, also in case it's of historical interest to you.

I've also included the Alt.Gothic Livejournal, mostly used for various Convergence related announcements a few times a year.

2. Alt.Gothic.Fashion Livejournal

An offshoot of the very popular Usenet newsgroup, this Livejournal mostly contains for-sale type posts. Still fun to browse through to get an idea of what people are enjoying wearing nowadays.

3. Goth Fashion.Info

A great site by Victoria Gwaed, unfottunately no longer being maintained. This gothic fashion site offers well-thought-out gothic fashion tips, ideas on gothic style, and discusses various types of gothic looks. There are also some home decor projects, and a links collection which is surely outdated by now, sadly.

Antimony and Lace

4. Black Cat Campaign

A Romanian effort to fight intolerance and discrimination against individuals who look or dress differently. They were inspired by the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Black Cat Campaign, on Facebook

5. Goth Stereotypes

A fun site to look at real quickly. Each goth stereotype is illustrated with an adorably cute avatar. Types covered include the steampunk goth, Victorian goth, mopey goth, geek goth, baby bat goth, corp goth, and Medieval goth. Updated in 2010 with the Tribal Goth.

She also runs the very excellent "The Goth Blog."

There's also a brief Goth Types page at, and "175 Types of Goths."'s Goth Types

6. Corporate Goth (Corpgoth)

A famous, useful site by DarkWyccan. I never joined the Corpgoths because I worked for myself rather than a corporation, so I would have felt funny joining. I wish I had though - what a great group of people.

This page helps corporate goths survive. Corporate goths strive to retain both their jobs, and their identities/fashion sensibilities. Fashion tips, networking, and a discussion area complement the survival hints. There's a private events list for members to peruse. The "professions" page adds tips on surviving as a corpgoth in various industries.

Even in 2010, this is a busy, active community, well worth checking out.

7. CraftyGoths

Goths who make cool stuff. Surprisingly, this community isn't only full of ads for eBay and etsy stuff. People actually post pics just to show the cool stuff they've been working on, not begging people to buy the stuff. One of the few LJ communities I follow daily. Always interesting things to see here. Also a good place to ask advice on your craft project.

8. Goth Name Generators

Sometimes you just feel the need to generate a silly goth name. Suggested to me tonight for mine: "Cataclysmic Redemption."'s Goth Name Generator

Goth Band Name Generator

9. Gothic Charm School

The Lady of the Manners (Jillian Venters) presents etiquette lessons and an advice column. A great place to learn about the goth subculture through her advice. She now has a published book on the topic, too. Plus some educational Youtube videos.

10. Gothic Martha Stewart

Trystan's legendary site about goth homekeeping, decor, and goth shopping tips. Motifs, projects, and resources, all well thought out. No longer updated, but kept fastidiously maintained for reference.

11. Gothic Poets and Writers Literary Club

Forums for discussion of dark writing. A valuable resource for goth writers.

12. Gothic Text Files Database

The famous collection maintained by Vamp Lestat. Read various helpful FAQs; see back issues of zines like Take A Bite and Prayers to a Broken Stone; check out interviews with Christian Death and Sisters of Mercy; read Dracula online, and browse some music discographies.

It's great that Vamp has archived these things here, since early netgoth files are disappearing rapidly off the Net.

Also, here's a link to Vlad's archive of historical goth text files: Make Cloves Fast, FAQs, History of Goth, the Absinthe FAQ, the Gothic Joke List, the Perkygoff FAQ, and the A to Z of Goth.

13. Goth Girl of the Week

"Goth X of the Y" pages were insanely popular for a couple years there. Parody sites sprang up too - hilarious. This one is still maintained and updated. Fun to see the pretty girls, and I'm glad they link to their websites and/or blogs too.

-Carrie Carolin

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