August 9, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Great Vampire Blogs

A long time ago, in a city not so far away, I started categories to list "Goth Pages by Goth People" and "Vampire Pages by Vampire People." They were nice hold-all categories for pages by goths or vampires that didn't fit into the Goth Lifestyle or Vampire Resources categories.

Back then, people weren't so much blogging (a term that didn't exist when I was making these categories) as just decorating their pages and linking to other vampire fans. Nobody was really sharing any personal info about themselves beyond "I love vampires" or "I am a vampire."

For whatever reason, the Vampire Pages links were the most likely to go dead, move, change, or be abandoned. This made checking links for this subcategory really hard, and I eventually mostly gave up on visiting every page personally to check for quality. So tonight as I was looking for good blogs to mention, I deleted several hundred links (most to dead geocities, tripod, angelfire and fortunecity pages). Which left me with barely a handful more links than what you see below.


1. Diary of an Amateur Vampirologist

This blog has been going since 2008. Currently featuring the Vampires Suck trailer, a few posts about antique vampire killing kits, a dissertation on the difference in spellings between vampire and vampyre, and news on vampires in pop culture. The author, Anthony, is thoughtful and careful when writing, and he really knows what he's talking about. Never a dull read here.

2. Patricia's Vampire Notes

I'm not all that interested in vampires, I'd rather be spending my goth/horror hobby time looking at other things, but I find myself often stopping by Patricia's blog to see what she's writing about. She's a researcher and former librarian, so she knows how to find interesting things to share with her readers. Her interests are in the paranormal as well as in vampire literature.

3. Reading With a Bite

Lindsay's blog on vampire fiction. She also blogs about Twilight and True Blood. (I like her version of the Twilight drinking game.

4. Suburban Vampire

A frequently updated blog featuring vampire music, books, movies and events. Catherine is really good at looking for breaking updates on vampire DVDs and upcoming vampire films. Good to check in here every couple days if you are interested in the topic.

5. Vampire News

This blogger does a good job of finding daily news about vampire pop culture (True Blood, Twilight, and movies). Unless you like tracking everything down yourself every morning, this site will save you a lot of time keeping up on what's going on.

6. Mondo Vampire

Derek Tatum's excellent blog about vampires, dark fantasy, and goth pop culture. Heavy on the book reviews - which is a good thing!

7. VampChix

Author Michele's blog on vampire books and paranormal romances.

8. BloodLines

More reviews of vampire TV and movies. This seems to be what vampire blogging is turning into lately. It's sure come a long way since the days of Geocities and Tripod!

9. Fangtastic Books

Another excellent book-reviews site, written by a vampire book author.

10. Draculand

An entire blog devoted to Dracula! How cool is that? It's updated fairly often, too, so there seems to be no shortage of Dracula things to talk about.


12. Taliesin Meets the Vampires

News and reviews of vampire fiction/literature, TV, and movies. I really like the picture-heavy posts here.

13. Bitten by Books

A well-designed site full of paranormal romance book reviews. There are also some interesting posts on TV shows such as "The Gates." Multiple authors contribute to this site, so there's usually always something new to enjoy when you visit.

--Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net


  1. Thanks for the mention! I'll give this roundup a plug on tonights blog.

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  4. Just came across this list. Thanks so much for mentioning Suburban Vampire!