May 27, 2014

New Links for a Dark Post-Holiday Week


Sally Dige

A Danish-Canadian singer and songwriter. The style is dark synth pop. I love these mesmerizing vocals.

My favorite song by Sally Dige is "Forget Me."

Sally Dige on Facebook

Sally Dige on Twitter

Sally Dige on YouTube

Soror Dolorosa

A coldwave/post-punk band from Paris. They're playing AltFest in August in the UK.

Soror Dolorosa on Facebook

Soror Dolorosa on YouTube

Spirit House

This dark electronic band hails from Portland, Oregon. It features female vocals from Ameena Lacey. One of the members is my friend Lisa Feuer (previously in Human Drama and black tape for a blue girl). I'm looking forward to seeing their new video for "Capture Me." For now, you can see them perform Capture Me from a live show they played in 2013.

Spirit House on Facebook


Evil Spirits Distillery

Ouija-themed vodka. I love the packaging, but haven't yet gotten to taste the vodka itself!

Evil Spirits Distillery on Facebook

Evil Spirits Distillery on Twitter

Madame Yes

This alternative clothing store is based in Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. Besides men's and women's apparel and footwear, they sell alternative clothing for kids; home decor; goth handbags; hair dye; jewelry; parasols; wallets and belts.

Check out their adorable Squeegie Kids bat jumpsuit!

Madame Yes on Facebook

The Secret Boutique

This Colorado shop sells custom dark bridal gowns, corsets, and steampunk ball gowns. She's currently closed her Etsy shop to catch up on six weeks worth of orders.

The Secret Boutique on Facebook

Spin Doctor Clothing

This isn't a clothing shop; rather, it's a brand of clothing that's sold at places like Violent Delights, Hot Topic, Kinky Angel, etc. They specialize in Steampunk but also sell Victorian styles and corsets. This stuff is gorgeous! Check out the review of Spin Doctor clothing by Jillian at Gothic Charm School.

Their Spring/Summer 2014 line includes this Pentagram Print dress.

Spin Doctor Clothing Blog

Spin Doctor Clothing on Facebook

Spin Doctor Clothing on Twitter


Bat Beat

"Portal siniestro." News and resources for the alternative community in Colombia. The portal includes news on horror, goth, industrial, zombie, rock and cabaret. Their events calendar is an especially helpful resource.

Bat Beat on Facebook


Abandoned Asylums

Over one hundred thousand people became fans of this page to see gorgeous daily photos of abandoned asylums, castles, ruins, spooky old mansions, and other structures left behind to history. I love that the moderator of this page is really careful to link to source material whenever possible.

Abandoned Asylums on Facebook

The Dracula Society

The Dracula Society was founded in 1973, initially to assist members in traveling to Transylvania. The Facebook page is really well moderated - they constantly find interesting news to intrigue fans of the novel and the character. They also welcome fans of Poe and of supernatural literature.

The Dracula Society on Facebook

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

This website offers info and Lovecraft-related items to buy. The Facebook group is a community of Lovecraft and Cthulhu fans.

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society on Facebook

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