June 20, 2013

13 Dark Etsy Shops I'm Enthralled With Today

1. Ms. Formaldehyde

This San Diego-based shop sells couture bridal hair accessories, wedding jewelry and a few vintage accessories. There are gorgeous hair flowers, some skull jewelry, Day of the Dead sugar skull earrings, goth cameo jewelry, feather hair fascinators, and off-topic stuff like Tiki and totem items.


2. Wirewrapped

Ula Kapala's shop is based in Ireland. She creates lovely handmade wire wrapped jewelry. The styles include Cthulhu/Lovecraft, steampunk, and gothic. There's a bit of mystical fantasy feel to some of these pieces too, in my opinion.

My favorite thing here is this steampunk fused glass pendant.


3. Doll Arms, Big Veins

This shop sells handmade "creepy cute" dolls and plush toys. (They're intended for collectors, not for children). There are Beetlejuice and Lydia dolls here; El Dia de Los Muertos dolls; creepy Siamese twins dolls; a Zombie Girl doll; and even a doll based on Melora from Rasputina.

My favorite thing here is the Sleepy Hollow doll inspired by Christina Ricci's character.


Doll Arms, Big Veins on Facebook

4. Geeky and Cheeky

Jessica's Connecticut-based store sells handmade dolls and puppets. The dolls are inspired by geek pop culture, including Dr. Who, zombies, The Avengers, video games, and fairy tales. Not a lot of super-dark themed things here, but the dolls were so cute I wanted to show you anyway.

From this store, my favorite items is this Fairy Gothmother puppet.


5. Mab Graves

This shop is full of all sorts of interesting curiosities, including art prints, paintings, cameos, notecards, stickers and pins, and spooky paper dolls.

My favorite item here is the Addams Twins notecards.


6. HysteriaMode

"Fashion for the inmates." Cassie's shop sells steampunk and Victorian themed jewelry. Right now there are only a few pieces left, including this Alice in Wonderland inspired chandelier necklace.


7. Metamorph

This Denmark-based shop sells corsets, collars, belts, chokers, fingerless gloves, spats and headpieces.

Check out this lacy shoulder shrug!


8. Polkadotty Dolls

Lynda Black's shop in Calgary, Alberta sells only black-and-white soft dolls. They're unusual and adorable, it's hard to pick a favorite.

I love the crazy hair on this striped doll.


9. Southern Gothica

Another shop full of Amber's adorable spooky handmade felt and plush dolls. There's a Wednesday Addams; a darling Severus Snape; Eddie Munster; a goth Christmas elf; and a cute Little Red Riding Hood.

My favorite doll here is this Eric Draven "The Crow" doll.


10. Moody Voodies

Handmade voodoo dolls, made by C.W. in Augustine, Florida. Some of the voodoo dolls are made from plush and cotton; others are from paper clay. There are also a few gothic dolls, such as Annabelle. I'm not sure how, but the voodoo dolls manage to be cute and also a wee bit frightening at the same time! There are also a couple paintings based on the dolls.


11. WhiteFox Hats

Ash's Seattle-based shop sells miniature top hats, plush toys, hair clips and eye patches. The dolls sport button eyes and lots of stripes.

The Devil's Garden III is my favorite mini top hat here.


12. BonnieMade Designs

Bonnie's mini top hats, made in Texas. There are black-and-white and steampunk themed tophats. (Ignore the Texas and sports related ones!)

The contender for my favorite here is this black satin with purple mini top hat.


13. Somnia Romantica

Marjolein Turin's romantic clothing store, based in the Netherlands. She creates beautiful Victorian gothic and mourning skirts, bustles, dresses and blouses.

What do you think of this Victorian mourning blouse?


--Copyright 2013 Carrie Carolin

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  1. The Victorian Mourning Blouse is exquisite!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my etsy shop Hysteria Mode!