June 15, 2013

10 Delectable Hannibal TV Show Links

1. Hannibal Official Site

The official NBC show page offers an episode guide, "Dine with Dr. Lecter" Facebook app, a sneak peek gallery and cast gallery, photos, clips and full videos, and behind-the-scenes interviews.


NBC's Official Hannibal Facebook Page

NBC's Official Hannibal Google+

NBC's Official Hannibal Pinterest Boards

NBC's Official Hannibal Twitter

"Setting the Table" Tumblr Blog

2. Feeding Hannibal

An incredibly fascinating blog by the official food stylist for the show. Currently she's blogging about the black chicken soup she made for Hannibal to serve Will Graham in the "Releves" episode. (You'll never believe what she used to make the soup steamy for the shot!) She also shares some recipes based on concepts from the show. (I don't think I'll be making Tandoori Liver any time soon, if ever). Anyway, it's really fascinating to hear such detailed info about how she researches for, preps and prepares the intriguing foods served on the show.


3. Hannibal Fan

Extensive fan site with cast/character bios, an image gallery, screen captures, episode guide, and videos (including interviews). Sort of expected to see a forum here and disappointed that I can't find one. Anyway, this is a really nicely designed site and a great place to get your Hannibal image fix taken care of.


4. Hannibal Cafe

A blog that's updated a couple times a day, with news on the show, a few spoilers, and of course an episode guide. This is a very new blog, off to a good start.


5. Eat the Rude

This Hannibal fansite offers a FAQ on the show; interviews and reviews; an episode guide; and a really cool section of annotations on the episodes. There are, of course, useful links to interviews and news from other sites as well. A great place to stop in to catch up with what's new with the show.


6. Fuck Yeah Hannibal

Exactly what you'd expect from a "Fuck yeah" Tumblr site: Hannibal fan art, altered images, animated gifs, and some amusing graphics. I'm waiting for the Hannibal demotivational posters, myself.


7. Hannibal HQ

A fan effort to help the show get nominated for an Emmy. Lots of energy is being expended by "Fannibals" to Tweet about the show.


Hannibal HQ on Facebook

8. Hannibal on Hulu

If for some reason you prefer to watch the last 5 episodes of Hannibal on Hulu instead of NBC.com, here's your opportunity.


9. Abigail Hobbs

A Livejournal fan community for the character Abigail Hobbs. Not a lot of comments or participation here, but this has potential. I'm just glad to see someone still utilizing Livejournal!


10. Lecter Slash

Another Livejournal community, this one dedicated to Hannibal Lecter slash fandom and fanfiction. A little bit active, but needs more participants.


Also see:

NBC Hannibal Fans, on Facebook

We Are Fannibal, on Tumblr

Hannibal French Fansite

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