November 21, 2012

New Dark and Gothic Links for November 21, 2012


A Gothic Cabinet of Curiosities

"A collection of urban legends, ghosts, haunted houses, gothic horror stories and other curiosities." Recent posts include a Halloween ghost hunt; urban legends about Sleepy Hollow Road in Kentucky; and an article on America's Haunted Inns. Webmaster Todd Atteberry does a really good job of writing and organizing his blog.


Dark Cat Mansion

This New Mexico-based shop sells an intriguing array of odd horror jewelry (such as this Stitches bracelet), men's and women's clothing and jewelry, hats and socks, totes and wallets with skulls or stripes on them. There are also a few novelties such as an eyeball keychain. The product offering isn't broad, but I thought you might enjoy taking a quick peek at what they offer.

Good Mourning Shop

This Etsy shop purveys lovely antique Victorian mourning jewelry, including hair jewelry, lockets, pins and brooches, and rings. There are also some related odds and ends (books, photographs, and casket art). My favorite thing here is this Victorian mourning brooch, so gorgeous! Refreshing to see such well-cared for and carefully curated antique pieces.

Good Mourning Shop on Etsy

Good Mourning Shop on Facebook

Skeletons and More

This shop specializes in custom made skull and skeleton chandeliers, sconces, and other Halloween props based on a bone theme. They also craft some Halloween masks and decorations. While I wish I had blogged about this site pre-Halloween, I know there are a lot of us here who decorate our homes in a morbid fashion year-round anyway.

Skeletons and More on Facebook

Wormwood Hollow

Wormwood Hollow, on Etsy

This artist ( William Bezek) creates incredible Halloween-themed art dolls. Currently on offer, "Lottie," "Lenora" and "Bertram." I love the dolls' Victorian-style black hats and their cheerfully creepy smiles.


The Phantom Cat's Otherworld

Rebecca blogs from Ireland about her goth and alternative interests. Recent posts include a cute "Goth Problems" video; a post on retiring her beloved Doc Martens; and pics of her Halloween finds. I also really enjoyed her post sharing pics of herself over the past several years. Love her hair in every single pic!


Saphire Rainforest's blog about her alternative modeling, as well as her gothy interests (bellydancing, goth music, her efforts on Etsy, and things that inspire her to create jewelry.

My Victorian Parlour

Cordelia's blog on Victorian lifestyle, family, and history. Recent post topics include Halloween, notable Victorians, mourning and spiritualism, and an amazing Victorian home.

Silks, Stays and Shadow-Truths

This is the new blog project by Jamie from Geeky Goth Girl. She's going to focus on darker fashion looks (rather than daily outfit posts), share her efforts and struggles as she works through NaNoWriMo this month, and plans to share her thoughts on feminism and civil rights.


Absolution NYC

Event hosts DJ Jason and DJ have been putting on fabulous goth events since 1996. I'm sure I had this link in my archives somewhere but here it is again. Upcoming: the "Through the Mirror" event on Saturday, November 24 - a samurai warrior themed night. I'd love to see pics from that!


This Sacramento, California goth night takes place on the fourth Saturday of every month. They play gothic, industrial, post Punk, EBM and Dark 80's.


Joe McKinney

Joe is the author of the Dead World series and had a novel nominated for the Horror Writers Association’s Bram Stoker Award in 2009. Here he shares what he's working on, thoughts on books he's reading, and interesting posts like In Praise of Spooky Old Buildings and Why I Write the Dark Stuff." There's also the occasional film review.



This horror blog is run by two horror chicks, "Myth Alice" and "Splatter Flick Chick." They're not afraid to take on the most disturbing of horror topics. They blog about movies, interview professionals in the horror industry, review web series and short films, and participate in a FearCast radio show.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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