November 17, 2012

New Dark and Gothic Links for November 17, 2012


The Death Notes

This goth/alternative band hails from Nottingham in the UK. Their female vocalist, Elaine, has a fabulous voice! I think you'll enjoy checking out some of their songs.

The Death Notes (Official)

The Death Notes, on Facebook

The Death Notes, on

The Death Notes, on MySpace

The Death Notes, live at Dark Waters Alternative Festival 2012, on YouTube

The Smiths Project

Ok, this is officially amazing. Back in 2010, Janice Whaley decided to cover all of the Smiths songs, all of them. She recorded them in her own voice, a cappella. You can listen to the songs online (such as Hatful of Hollow), or buy the albums. (Did she purchase the rights? I have no idea, I probably should check on this before promoting it).

Anyway, this is extremely cool. She really put a lot of work into this. I do enjoy her voice, and thought you might too. But I'm not sure I could listen to more than six or seven of these a cappella songs, however lovely, at a time. They're a bit slow. Relaxing though!

I'd love to hear what you thought of this project. Please drop a note in the Comments section of this post if you have the time.



Just wanted to drop a note that Gothspace, a gothic online community that started in 2007, is currently offline while they upgrade their community to a new platform. You can keep up with their progress here on their Facebook page.

I've been through this before too, while converting Dark Side of the Net to a blog and moving the community to a Ning social network, so I wish them well!

Gothspace, on Facebook



This artist creates and sells gorgeous noir, steampunk, Neo-Victorian and ethereal necklaces, tiaras, hair combs and earrings. They describe their creations as "distressed imperial elegance." It's hard to pick a favorite item here, but I suppose I'll have to settle on this gothic clock hair comb.

EJPcreations on Facebook

EJPcreations Blog

Monster Mini Customs

This shop sells custom-made creepy furniture and accessories for Monster High dolls.
There are candelabras, coffin beds and lounges, spooky lamps, and this adorable batwing coffin bookshelf. After all the garish cheap plastic of Monster High, it's so refreshing to see these items made out of wood. Many of them are sold unfinished so you can paint them to your liking.

Monster Mini Customs on Etsy

Nightshade Vampire Boutique

Gabrielle Faust's shop of vampire-related products: vampire books, jewelry, artwork, cosmetics, and custom fangs. There are also some pages of vampire events, resources, and a Nocturnal Confessions radio show. Check it out!

Nightshade Vampire Boutique on Facebook

Nightshade Vampire Boutique on Twitter



Disclaimer: I haven't logged in and tested this free online RPG game. "The war between vampires and werewolves has been raging for centuries."

I'm just too lazy, and I don't really want to give whoever runs this my real email address. (No offense). I just sort of thought this was a nice fun distraction and a reminder of some of the types of online games we eldergoths used to play before we had time suckers on Facebook and game apps on our phones. Judging by the forums it's still an active game with lots of players.

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