August 23, 2012

New Dark and Gothic Links for August 23, 2012


Purely Vile

I'm not sure how to describe this blog - it's just so interesting! Currently posting about a retrospective of the Quay brothers dolls and puppets; sharing gorgeous scans from the fall issue of W magazine; a post on London gay slang that references Morrissey; and stunning art dolls from Marina Bychkova. I am so eager to see what this New York-based blogger posts next!

The Spooky Vegan

Blogging about Halloween, horror, and of course, veganism. Check out her recent posts on HomeGoods' Halloween 2012 offerings; some Trader Joe's vegan food reviews; Michael's Crafts 2012 Halloween items; and OPI's Skullicious Halloween 2012 nail polish collection. I usually find fun reads and pics every time I visit this blog.

Through the Looking Glass

This graphic artist lives in Finland. She blogs about fashion, horror, vintage things, dark romanticism, and gloomy things. Check out her amazing gorgeous photographs she had taken of herself in her Sixth Seal, Ninth Gate post. She's so beautiful! Visit her older archived posts to see more pics of her fashion finds, outfits and shoes.


Crude Things

This shop isn't dark or goth, but has such unusual items I wanted to share it with you anyway. It's described as "carnival style" and features lots of colorful stripey clothing. But you can find a couple darker pieces here. Check out their spikey vampire halter top, Victorian tail coat, black web shawl, and red gothic raincoat.

Crude Things shop on Etsy

Crude Things on Facebook

Lovechild Boudoir

This UK-based shop sells steampunk bustle skirts, breeches and bloomers, corsets, dresses, jackets, and accessories. They also carry a few pieces of vintage lingerie and some wedding and bridal items.

Lovechild Boudoir on Facebook

The Plumed Serpent

This store is a little off topic as it specializes in "deco glamour and tribal chic." However, I thought some of you might enjoy checking out the fanciful feathered headdresses here. Plus the models are beautiful and the photography is fantastic.

The Plumed Serpent shop on Etsy

The Plumed Serpent on Facebook

Sinister Soles

A really cool gothic shoe shop based in Philadelphia. It's run by a husband-and-wife team. They sell Mary Jane and Lolita style shoes; gothic boots; creepers; steampunk; Victorian; cyber and other subculture styles of shoes and boots. The selection here is amazing. I'm going to poke around a bit more to see if they sell any vegan shoes, as I personally choose not to wear leather. (I'm sort of sick of shopping for cheap non-leather shoes at Payless!)

Sinister Soles on Facebook

Sinister Soles on Twitter

Violent Delights

This eBay store sells goth, steampunk, rocker and Victorian clothing. Brands they carry include Living Dead Souls, Iron Fist, Hell Bunny, Too Fast, Tripp NYC, Sullen and Spin Doctor.


Goth Mary Poppins

A 24 year old woman blogs from her home in Budapest. She loves kids and enjoys baking muffins with her 11 year old sister, thus the blog name. Currently blogging about beauty products, her "Creative Goth Summer" crafting projects, and some of her shopping finds.

The Midnight Ballroom

Duskrose Dreaming blogs about Gothic Lolita, her craft efforts, tea parties and fashion.


Into the Dark

Horror, sci-fi, indie and fantasy movie news and reviews. They also offer the Cast Into the Dark podcast. Currently reviewing ParaNorman and Beasts of the Southern Wild.



"Esoteric Steampunk Lodge of the Retro-future." There's quite an interesting mix of topics covered here: aliens, the paranormal, Lovecraft, vampires, steampunk, absinthe, ghost hunting and some other things you might enjoy peeking at.

Steamy Stitches

The steampunk buy and sell community, on Livejournal.

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