September 9, 2012

Cool Dark and Goth Things to Look Forward To This Year

Claudia's Story, the graphic novel, comes out on November 20. Not a fan of graphic novels, I still plan to pick this up to learn more about the little vampire child character.

Claudia's Story, at Yen Press

The Haunted Mansion seasonal holiday ride at Disneyland opens September 14.

The Dark Shadows DVD and Blu-Ray come out October 2.

Dark Shadows News

On September 21, House at the End of the Street premieres. I wasn't all that excited about it until I got intrigued by the lullaby children's voices on the trailer. Jennifer Lawrence will do an ok job, so I might check this out on a Sunday afternoon.

House at the End of the Street on Facebook

House at the End of the Street on IMDB

House at the End of the Street Trailer, at Apple

On September 28, Hotel Transylvania premieres. I am taking my two oldest boys to see this. I don't think it will be all that scary, but my youngest just can't hold still that long. It just looks like a cute comedy, not even really that dark, but nice to see to get us in the mood for autumn and Halloween.

Hotel Transylvania (Official Site)

Hotel Transylvania on Facebook

Hotel Transylvania at IMDB

Hotel Transylvania Trailer, at Apple

Silent Hill Revelation: 3D, starring Radha Mitchell, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Sean Bean comes out October 26. I'm not a fan of sequels and postquels and post-sequels. But I've always loved Silent Hill movies. They're dark, they're gross, they have incredibly beautiful visuals and ambience, and I end up thinking about them for a couple days after viewing. I'm definitely up for this one.

Silent Hill: Revelation on IMDB

Silent Hill: Revelation Trailer, on YouTube

Silent Hill Revelation on Facebook

Vamps, a horror comedy starring Alicia Silverstone, comes out November 2. This looks sooo dumb, yet I always have room in my schedule for something cheesy to see after a couple beers with guy friends. However, this goes straight to DVD a few days later, on November 13. Not a good sign!

For more news, check out this Dread Central article.

Vamps on IMDB

Frankenweenie premieres October 5. Tim Burton, we're giving you one more chance.

Frankenweenie Trailer, at Apple

Frankenweenie (Official)

Frankenweenie on IMDB

666 Park Avenue debuts on September 30. "Park Avenue's Most Devilish Address."

666 Park Avenue (Official)

666 Park Avenue on Facebook

666 Park Avenue on IMDB

666 Park Avenue group on the Darklinks social network

Season 3 of The Walking Dead begins October 14. Can't wait to see what happens after they discover the prison!

The Walking Dead, Official AMC Site

The Walking Dead, on Facebook

The Walking Dead group at the Darklinks social network

The Twelve, (sequel to The Passage) comes out October 16.

The Passage, on Facebook

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