August 26, 2012

10 Most Beautiful Cemeteries in the US

1. Lafayette Cemetery #1

New Orleans, Louisiana. Established in 1833.

Lafayette Cemetery Research Project

Lafayette Cemetery #1 at

Lafayette Cemetery

Lafayette Cemetery #1, at

Lafayette Cemetery #1, at The Greenery

2. St. Louis Cemetery #1

New Orleans, Louisiana.

St. Louis Cemetery #1, at Haunted New Orleans Tours

St. Louis Cemetery #1

St. Louis Cemetery #1 at

New Orleans Lady's St. Louis Cemetery #1 Pics, on Flickr

3. Lake View Cemetery

Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 1869.

Lake View Cemetery at

Lake View Cemetery at

Lake View Cemetery at Forgotten

4. Lake View Cemetery

Seattle, Washington. It began as Seattle Masonic Cemetery in 1872. I love touring this cemetery, always making sure to take out-of-town visitors here, plus visiting in spring and in fall.

Lake View Cemetery at

Lake View Cemetery, by Deadmantalking, on Flickr

5. Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah, Georgia. Incorporated in 1847.

Bonaventure Historical

Bonaventure Cemetery Tours on Facebook

Bonaventure Cemetery Tours

Tour Bonaventure

Bonaventure Cemetery Pics by Peachy92, on Flickr

Bonaventure Cemetery Pictures

Hauntingly Beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery (The Graveyard Shift

Bonaventure Cemetery, at

6. Bellefontaine Cemetery

St. Louis, Missouri.

Bellefontaine Cemetery, on Facebook

Bellefontaine Cemetery at

7. The Green-Wood Cemetery

Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 1838.

The Green-Wood Cemetery, on Facebook

Green-Wood Cemetery Photos, on Facebook

Tombs and Catacombs of Green-Wood Cemetery (Video)

8. Albany Rural Cemetery

Albany, New York. Opened in 1844.

Albany Rural Cemetery at

Albany Rural Cemetery Blog

9. Forest Hills Cemetery

Boston, Massachusetts. This garden cemetery began in 1848.

Forest Hills Educational Trust

Forest Hills Cemetery (Yankee Magazine)

Forest Hills Cemetery, at

Forest Hills Cemetery Pics: The Fine Art of Eternal Resting (

Forest Hills Cemetery Lantern Festival (Out of the Lens)

Forest Hills Cemetery Receiving Tomb (Flickr)

10. Mt. Auburn Cemetery

Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 1831.

Mount Auburn Cemetery on Facebook

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, by Chris Devers, on Flickr

Mt. Auburn Cemetery Group, on Flickr

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, at

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland. That's near where I live. It is indeed very beautiful. President Garfield & his wife have a large monument there as well.