June 3, 2012

New Goth Links for June 3, 2012


Angst-Im-Wald Photography

This professional photographer specializes in promotional photography for bands, taking both concert photos and staged pieces. The work here is absolutely stunning. I bet you'll lose yourself in this site for about an hour checking out all the pictures.

Check out the Queen of Darkness Calendar 2012 spread; L'Ame Immortelle; the amazing fashions and hairstyles of Dracul; pics from a 2004 Diary of Dreams concert; the enchanting Graveyard Angels series, and so much more. I am so impressed.


Angst-im-Wald on Facebook

Angst-im-Wald on Twitter

Angst-im-Wald Channel on YouTube

Helen Breznik's Photostream

More gorgeous, stylistically blurry dark photography.


Rebecca Cairns Photography

A dark photographer's stylistically blurry, odd and intriguing black-and-white photographs.


Rebecca Cairns on Facebook

Locked Illusions Photo

This photographer, Brit Bentine, is based in Houston, Texas. I know you'll really enjoy browsing through the galleries of goth waifs, wicked children, burlesque ladies, goth mermaids, and other fashionably dressed stylish dark people.


Locked Illusions on Facebook


The Ghosts Project

Atlanta-based band made up of former members of Faith and the Muse and The Changelings. They describe themselves as "electroacoustic experimental" on MySpace but "Neo-Classic World Rock" on Facebook. Female vocalist with an intriguing, impressive voice and presence - wish any of their web presences took the time to mention her name, sigh.



Soil & Eclipse

Just making sure I've revisited this excellent electro/industrial/ethereal/EBM band's page. Unfortunately they've lost their official domain name. From San Francisco, they list influences including Attrition, Autechre, and Lycia.


Soil & Eclipse, on Facebook

Zola Jesus

This female vocalist peforms electro/industrial/goth music. I'm rapidly getting hooked!


Zola Jesus on Facebook

Zola Jesus on Twitter

Zola Jesus, on Wikipedia


Darklinks TV

A little "tv station" I'm playing with, thanks to ibroadcast.tv. I don't spend a lot of time futzing with the playlist, but I do change it up every couple days. Mostly it's music videos I like, interspersed with a few horror movie trailers. I might throw in a couple interesting Youtube goths videos I stumble across, too.

On special occasions, like on Morrissey's birthday or Siouxsie's birthday I'll dedicate the playlist solely to that person's music for a couple days.


Deathrock Radio

A really cool online radio station where you can easily listen right away, whether you're on a Mac or a PC. Extra cool - you can listen to past shows too. Check out the 2012 playlists to see what sort of music ends up here. I think I'm going to be spending a lot of time listening to this station while I work on Dark Side of the Net!



Aberrant Affixments

This Etsy shop offers really cool poison and toxin stickers (use them on your wine bottles or on your own craft projects); interesting antique-looking empty bottles for strichnine, wolfsbane, cyanide or mandrake root; dark and creepy stickers to use as bookplates; plus some intriguing postcards and photos. Great for crafters or goth home decor enthusiasts.


Classic Hardware

A retro jewelry store selling goth, gypsy, rockabilly, rocker and steampunk items. I also spy some Day of the Dead items here.

My favorites here are the framed art bracelets.


Classic Hardware on Facebook

Classic Hardware on Pinterest

Classic Hardware on Twitter


Me a Gothy

A gothic links directory, with bands, shops, clubs, media, and people. Nicely organized into subcategories for easy browsing. They take care to have a convenient section where you can see the very newest links, and they even take the time to upload a preview pic of the website - I know how hard that is to keep up with, so I'm impressed.


Meagothy.com on Facebook

Meagothy.com on Twitter


First Fright

This site specializes in horror and sci-fi press releases. They cover movies, games and books, but not comics. They're part of the Horror.net and Buried.com network.


Quiet, Please

Quiet, Please was a suspense/thriller radio show that aired from 1947 to 1949. I wouldn't quite call their shows "horror" but they often had a touch of the supernatural about them.

106 episodes are listed here (a couple are repeats). Each episode has a brief summary, and you can choose to read the script, download the MP3 file for that episode, or listen to the show online. Check out Shadow of the Wings, Dark Gray Magic and Good Ghost.

This is a truly remarkable archive, I'm so glad someone has taken so much time and effort to preserve this and share it.



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