June 3, 2012

6 Goth Blogs I'm Currently Enjoying Reading

Misadventures of an American Goth

Sarah Silence is a goth mom living in a small town. She doesn't run into other goths very often, so feels a bit isolated sometimes. Recent posts shared her thoughts on the term "babybat," pics of herself in her cute Victorian/Halloween style outfits, and her thoughts on being a goth mom.

Reading her blog reminds me of my lonely days as one of only two goths in a small Eastern Washington ton. I was the only person in town with colored hair (it was cotton candy blue when I arrived; then platinum white bleached for a couple years). The other goth was an albino and pretty antisocial, so didn't ever even once hang out with him, but we chatted online from time to time. I wasn't lonely for company - I had a couple friends, and a lot of family in the town. But I hungered for like minded people to talk to and hang out with, to share our musical and literature tastes with, and enjoy dressing beautifully.

I'd encourage Sarah to become part of an online goth community - so many to choose from and so many nice goths to meet and interact with. You never know when someone's going to be passing through your area so you can meet them, too.

Anyway, Sarah's blog is fairly new. I know I'll keep checking back to see what she's been posting about lately.


Sophie's blog. She's a design student living in England. She blogs about makeup (such as Sleek MakeUp which I'd never heard of), gushes over books she's bought lately, shares videos she enjoys (currently Emilie Autumn, Combichrist and Cruxshadows), shares tips on how to make spooky stamps, and participates in The Goth Challenge. A fun read to look forward to, every time I stop by.


Juliet's Lace

Amy blogs from Yorkshire on goth style, beauty and fashion. She's participating in goth challenges; sharing interesting links she found in May, offering tips on staying cool in summer; helpful tips on how to host a meetup; and her thoughts on the future of Goth.

She also offers a handy reference list of her articles on goth, including how to avoid being a newbie, what is Goth? what is the history of goth? goth cliches, silly questions about goths, is Emo related to goth, etc.


Beribboned Cupcakes and Tattooed Bats

Lady Lovescraft is interested in goth, tattoo, illustration. You'll enjoy her adorable outfits, checking out her vintage finds of the week, her thoughts on the alternative going mainstream, and read about her current obsessions. I so enjoy getting a brief glimpse into the lives of other goths so far away across the world.


The Gothic Embrace

Nightwind is a writer of short gothic fiction. He lives in Arkansas. Recent interesting posts include some of his music recommendations; The Legend of Mercy Brown; The Night Goth Came to Me; and his interest in creepy little dolls.


A Goth in College

Miss Gracie attends a state college in Vermont. She's interested in theater, dance, costume design, illustration, and history. It's fun to check out her spunky outfit posts, check out her movie reviews, and see what she's been up to in her life lately (without being stalkerish!) See her When are you too old to be goth? post and read along as she takes trips to Texas and New York.


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  1. Thanks, there were two on this list I hadn't found yet. :)

  2. Thanks for featuring me :) can't help but giggle at how random my blog sounds :P

  3. Aww no Sophie, I was trying to show how many cool interests you have :) Not at all random! :)

  4. AAwww, thanks for featuring my blog! I'm so excited that people are reading it and enjoying what I have to say. I'm working on a rather serious post now that deals with religion and being a Christian Goth, I hope you'll read it when it goes up and tell me what you think!

  5. I got tickled at the first line of Miss Gracie's bio: "I am not normal and I am very happy about that." Wonderful!!

  6. Thanks for including me, much appreciated! xo

  7. Hi there! I had no idea I was featured on your blog so thank you! In case you're interested, I've moved my blog to a different link :)