March 2, 2012

New Goth and Horror Links for March 2, 2012

1. Heart Shaped Skull

Aaron Alexovich's art and comics. Meet Serenity Rose, a sexually confused witch; singer and sorceress Vicious Whispers; and learn how to get back issues of Eldritch!

Aaron Alexovich on Facebook

Aaron Alexovich on Twitter

2. Malaysian Lolita Club

"Gothic regional resources." This group has regular meetups and events.

Malaysian Lolita Club Group, on Facebook

3. The Bloody Best Project

"The Bloody Best Project is a celebration of the horror genre and the people who have shaped it into what it is today. We do this by creating high end conceptual images of the very people who have scared us on the silver screen." The team (Ama, Roger and Autumn) have so far photographed Danielle Harris, Ashlyn Yennie, Joe Lynch, Kane Hodder, and others. The photographs here are beyond fantastic, by the way. Truly stunning.

The Bloody Best Project, on Twitter

4. House of Vampires

Jessica's blog about vampires in literature, film, movies, and videos. She also runs a vampire messageboard.

5. Sophistique Noir

"Dark fashion for the mature." VictorianKitty teaches those of us over 30 how to dress in a sophisticated goth manner whether for our careerwear or clubwear. This is a highly recommended blog. I'm enjoying it so much.

Each month has a theme (this month's is gray) and you're encouraged to submit a photo of you dressed up. The photography here is excellent, and there are a lot of gorgeous fashions to drool over. I can't imagine how she finds the time to put together so many quality, interesting, useful posts day after day! If you're an eldergoth, a corpgoth or someone interested in classy, grownup goth fashion, you'll want to bookmark this site and put it in your RSS reader for daily visits.

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  1. I just found this post through my page stats. Thank you for the kind review of my blog! :)