March 2, 2012

13 Newish Zombie Links

1. Zombie Lane

A silly zombie-themed Facebook game with almost 2 million players. A good way to waste time while you're bored and waiting for your friends to log on and comment on shit you just posted.

2. Zombie Ammo

Zombie targets you can buy to practice shooting at. That sounds so much fun! I wouldn't mind taking a few pot shots at their creepy clown targets, too.

3. Zombie Zone News

A well-designed website with lists of zombie books, movies and comics; frequently updated news on all things zombie; info on zombie events; and several very active forums.

4. Zombie Ranch Comic

An online webcomic about a bunch of cowboys and cowgirls - and their zombie herd. The comic is updated every Wednesday.

5. Zombie Roomie Comic

"John was looking for someone to split the cost of rent but got more than he bargained for when George, a zombie, became his roommate." Updates are posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

6. Zombie Science 1Z

"Zombie Science 1Z is a spoof lecture on the real science behind the undead." This is a touring entertainment show you can book for your next party or event. UK-based.

7. Long Beach Zombie Walk

The next Long Beach Zombie Walk downtown street fest will take place Saturday, October 27, 2012. It will feature a live concert and a Thriller dance mob.

Long Beach Zombie Walk on Facebook

8. Seattle Zombies

Sadly, this website hasn't been updated since fall 2011. But I bet once we get closer to ZomBcon there will be a lot going on here on this blog.

9. Monroeville Zombies

This museum, gallery and attraction is at a mall near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There's a Maul of Fame, a boiler room zombie walkthrough, a zombie boutique shop, and they're soon adding a zombie shooting gallery.

10. Zombies of Montana

Info on upcoming zombie events in Montana, including a zombie prom and a zombie walk in May 2012.

Zombies of Montana, on Facebook

Zombies of Montana Blog

11. The Zombie Years

A post-apocalyptic zombie horror comic set in Florida. You can also view a short film, Thanks, Grandpa" that was used as a prequel for the webcomic.

12. The Zombiephiles

There's a lot going on here. "The Zombiephiles is an intermittently-updated, occasionally hilarious zombie blog discussing zombie survival tips, reviews of zombie movies, zombie comics and books, and general zombie culture." The site is packed full of things you'll want to check out if you're into zombies.

13. The Zombie Rights Campaign

"The world's premier advocacy organization for the differently animated." A humorous website, accompanied by a blog with pretty interesting posts on the topic.

--Copyright 2012 Carrie Carolin

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