January 14, 2012

6 Excellent Goth Music Resources

1. CureFans.com

This is a very active set of forums and a great place to keep up with news on The Cure. Sometimes I think posters here know when The Cure is playing a show before even members of the actual band do! There are subforums for media coverage; Cure trivia; trades; solo projects; and buying/selling.


2. Gods and Alcoves

I've really been enjoying this blog on goth, post-punk and alternative music. The blog covers the formative years, 1979 to 1989. Besides the blog, there's a list of influential bands, a timeline, and recommended listening. The photographs reproduced here are fabulous, too. This is shaping up to be a very very important goth historical resource. Well done.


3. Joy Division Central

Here's an old fashioned site design that's clean, easy to navigate and works with any browser. Great way to showcase the tons of info here. This Day in Joy Division History; plus extensive info on bootlegs, concerts, sessions, places of interest, media coverage, band history, tribute bands, and so much more. Someone has put a ton of work into this site.


4. Cure Connections

Another active and useful Cure fan forum, this one quite slickly designed. Any time I've been looking around here, there have been over a hundred people online busily catching up on news and info on The Cure. It's part of The Cure Community site.



5. Dark Grave

If you're into goth music, I'll bet you've already been to this site. If not.. here are news, reviews, downloads and info on new goth bands.


6. Some Dizzy Whore

A Morrissey/Smiths fan blog that someone works hard on - I see something new here frequently. Currently blogging about Morrissey joining the No Cruel Cosmetics campaign and sharing info on his first show in 2012.


-Copyright 2012 Carrie Carolin

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