January 19, 2012

2 Perfect Movies for a Snow Day

The trees in my backyard, weighed down by heavy snowfall

Snowed in for five days now, we're spending lots of time reading, huddling by the fireplace with hot cocoa, taking long wintry walks through the snow, and watching movies. Today I'm in the mood for these two:


Stephen King's delightful tale of a writer kidnapped, injured and snowbound by a crazed fan, forced to write her preferred version of his story.

Easy to watch, not too complicated, and nothing that will give one nightmares. Just a good fun light horror/suspense film, perfect with popcorn.


Misery DVD, on Amazon

Misery (novel) at Stephen King.com

Misery Trailer, on YouTube

Misery, on IMDB

Misery Fan Fiction

Misery (film) on Wikipedia

Misery (novel) on Wikipedia

Misery Transcript, on Script-O-Rama

The Shining

Who can forget the snowy maze scene? The desolation, isolation and creepy long hallways? Perfect for a snowy evening where you're terrified by the film, yet cozily wrapped up in your blankie in front of your cheery fireplace. Good luck getting to sleep after viewing though, no matter how many times you've re-watched this film.


The Shining Blu-Ray, on Amazon

The Shining, at IMDB

The Making of "The Shining," on YouTube

The Shining Trailer, on Google Video

The Shining (film) at Wikipedia

The Shining (novel) at Wikipedia

The Shining, at The Kubrick FAQ

Redrum/Murder in the Shining (The Fine Art Diner)

The Shining Post-Production Script, at Daily Script

Room 237 Documentary (Talk Stephen King)

The Shining: Analysis of the Kubrick Horror Classic

Shining Fan Fiction

The Stanley Hotel, at Wikipedia

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