May 20, 2011

New Goth Links for May 20, 2011


Mab Graves

This Pop Surrealist painter produces exact type of big-eyed, pouty little dark girls we all love to look at.

She also has a delightful Etsy shop. I've so enjoyed browsing through her gallery this morning. Her works are not uberdark, but I bet you'll like looking through here very much.

Joshua Hoffine

Oh my gosh, I love this horror photography so much. The lighting sets the mood perfectly. I am so excited to be sharing this link with you today! My favorite photo from his portfolio is #14 (the undead spider-covered woman holding a living baby).

Joshua Hoffine on Facebook


Blood Lines

"All Things Vampire." Currently blogging about The Vampire Diaries, some vampire books they've read recently, and some funny vampire-related Youtube videos.

H. P. Lovecraft and His Legacy

A horror writer has chosen to focus on author Howard Phillips Lovecraft. He blogs about Lovecraft's ancestry, his life, his friends, his legacy, and his interpretations. This is a more intellectual blog than I'm used to seeing about this particular author, so I'm glad to have found it.

Jason Henderson

It's refreshing to see a writer's blog that offers more than just spamming of affiliate links to their own book or thinly veiled affiliate book reviews. Here, the author of Alex van Helsing: Vampire Rising shares interesting thoughts, cool finds, and info on the craft of writing. I especially enjoyed the Time Period Settings post.

Vampire Craftin

A fun blog about "fangtastic crafts." They're working on a True Blood Cross Stitch Project, a Twilight shadow box, and sharing a recipe for Vampire popsicles. What a fun blog!


Blog of Dark Shadows

An excellent, authoritative blog on both the upcoming Dark Shadows movie and the old TV series. They post news and articles frequently, plus the site is well designed and beautiful to look at. Good job!


Life Toward Twilight

A dark ambient band who also describe their sound as "post-industrial." Their albums include "Blood" and "I Swear By All the Flowers."

Life Toward Twilight, on Facebook


Babysitter's Nightmare

This Denver-based kids' store specializes in dark stores for the kids of goths, rockers and punks. You can order online or visit the store in person. They sell adorable kids' Doc Martens, baby high heeled shoes from Heelarious, and very cool Frankenstein and pirate shoes from Sourpuss. Their clothing selection includes their own designs, plus Sourpuss, Iron Fist Clothing, Illicit Clothing, and other cool brands. This makes me wish I had a little babybat of my own to dress up!


Dark Highlands is a "semi-annual collection of artwork, poetry, and short fiction that focuses on darker works in the fairytale fantasy, fable or folk tale genres." They publish PG-13-or-under material. I don't normally link to paper publications that don't offer content on the web, but I mention this today because they're currently seeking submissions, due before September 30, 2011.

Dark Highlands

--Carrie Carolin

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