May 16, 2011

Dark Side of the News for May 16, 2011

Dark Side of the News


Cheesy foreign vampire chick film.

We Are the Night Trailer, at Apple

Director Neil Jordan is working on a vampire mother/daughter flick named "Byzantium."

Arterton, Ronan Bite on "Byzantium" (Variety)

COMPANY OF WOLVES' Neil Jordan Brings Us (Hopefully Hot) Mother/Daughter Vampires In BYZANTIUM!! (AICN)

Byzantium Adds Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Atherton (Movieweb)

Universal Studios is balking a bit now on "The Dark Tower."

Universal/NBC’s Sprawling DARK TOWER Project May Not Move Forward After All?? (AICN)

Ron Howard's "The Dark Tower" Trilogy Put on Hiatus (MTV Movies Blog)

Script Rewrites and Lower Budget May Save "The Dark Tower" Yet (Blastr)

Thor's Chris Hemsworth signed on to " Snow White and the Huntsman" today.

Chris Hemsworth Snow White and the Huntsman (MTV Movies Blog)

Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" just got a May 11, 2012 release date.

Dark Shadows Release date (Screenrant)


Hermes Press is reprinting the classic Dark Shadows comic book.

Barnabas Collins Strikes at Hermes Press (Action Figure Hub)


Dead Can Dance news - this is huge! Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard will be working together again.

Dead Can Dance Announce New Album, Tour for 2012 (Brendan Perry MySpace)

Dead Can Dance Returns (Side-Line Music Magazine)

Peter Murphy is visiting several US cities in May and June to celebrate the release of "Ninth."

Peter Murphy "Ninth" Release Parties, on Facebook


Living Dead Dolls 13th Anniversary Contest

You can win an exclusive Celebrating Sadie 10" doll. View the video on YouTube, then guess how many Living Dead Doll heads are in the jar.

Mezco Announces Fifth Living Dead Dolls 13th Anniversary Contest (Action Figure Insider)

Living Dead Dolls, on Facebook


NBC will be airing "Grimm" on Friday nights. It's written by former "Buffy" writers. The premise is that a homicide detective learns he’s descended from an elite group of hunters, known as “Grimms”. They “fight to keep the balance of humanity safe from the supernatural creatures of the world.”

A new trailer for True Blood Season 4 was released.

True Blood Season 4 Trailer (NME)

Neil Gaiman discusses his "Doctor Who" episode.

Neil Gaiman "The Doctor's Wife." (The Guardian)


American McGee is back at work.

Tim Burton of Video Games Plans to Bring More Twisted Fairy Tales To a Browser Near You (


Laura McCutchan from Morbid Outlook was interviewed here around the 16 minute mark of this blog podcast by Sorceress Cagliastro, The Necromancer.

What was your favorite piece of news today?

--Carrie Carolin

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  1. Thanks for all the news!

    I recently rediscovered Morbid Outlook and read some of the articles I never got around to reading on earlier visits. It looks like the site has been on hiatus since January 2010 but there's mention of an August relaunch during the podcast interview. The interview is also well worth hearing for Laura McCutchan's recollections of the difficulties during the early pre-internet days of the magazine.


  2. Goodness, I hope DCD make it to the western US (specifically Salt Lake or Boise). The Dark Shadows reprints will also be worth picking up. And Byzantium! With Saorise Ronan! I cannot wait.