August 27, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: The Goth Music Genre

The following links are from my now-defunct "About the Genre" links page where I put websites that weren't about bands. Link collections, industrial music communities, dark musicals, and record labels. Sadly, most of the record labels are now out of business.

1. Apocalyptic Folk

A Livejournal community for fans of bands like Coil, Current 93, Death in June, Sol Invictus, and even Soft Cell. There are also common themes and a shared love of artists such as HR Giger and writers like Kurt Vonnegut and Aldous Huxley. Right now the posts seem to consist mostly of the very important Aural Apocalypse podcast preview, but it's still worth taking a look here.

2. Dark Ambient

Another Livejournal community, also with a lot of Aural Apocalypse podcast advertisement posts. This one also has other people dropping by to share news and info on dark ambient and experimental music.

3. Darkwave

Just a few posts every month, but a good way to find out about upcoming events and new darkwave CDs.

4. The Dead Netwerk

An LJ community for musicians and artists involved in the deathrock, gothic, industrial, darkwave, shoegaze, dreampop, experimental, noise, and dark ambient genre.

5. The Dark Inside Us

It's incredible that this site is still alive and updated. I'm impressed! It's someone's personal database of darkwave, synthpop, ebm, and industrial and goth music projects. Just glancing through here today, I've learned a lot and discovered a few bands I want to check out more thoroughly. Great reference.

6. Industrial Nation

An LJ community for industrial music.

7. Rivethead Community

A great way to find out about upcoming industrial music events.

8. Industrial Music

A Facebook Page with lots of industrial music related posts every day.

9. The Electrogarden Network

A portal for industrial, darkwave, gothic, synthpop, new wave, electronic, and even metal music. Videos, galleries, blogs, and more. The site claims that as I'm browsing right now, 185 other people are on the site, so if that's true, this is a really busy place.

10. Evil Dead The Musical

This just makes me laugh! The site provides the history of the show, info on the creative team behind it, reviews, and artwork. Want to see the show? It's currently being performed in San Jose, CA and Venice, Florida. And this fall it's being put on in many other US cities.

11. Nine Inch Noels

I'm not sure why I had this linked under the "Genre" page, but give it a listen. I'll be surprised if you don't snicker a little bit.

12. Metropolis Records

One of the few goth/dark record labels from my links database that's still in business. Peter Murphy's put out records under this label, as have Bella Morte, Front 242, London After Midnight, Mission UK, and other very cool bands.

13. Projekt

I couldn't write a blog post about the goth music genre without mentioning Projekt (though they specialize in darkwave, not "goth.") Very important music resource, fostering countless bands, creating festivals, fabulous events and supporting many tours. An amazing company, and I hope it continues to be successful and active for many years to come.

Projekt on MySpace

Projekt Records on Wikipedia

--Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

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