August 26, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Putrid Paranormal Sites

The Paranormal subcategory was one of the first subcategories on Dark Side of the Net. From about 1994 to 1998 it was one of the most visited of all my pages, then either I sucked at updating it, better paranormal links directories popped up, or people on the web lost interest in looking at other people's Geocities pages about their ghost sightings. I didn't do a good job of updating these links from about 2002 on, I sort of gave up. Sorry about that!

One of the challenges with maintaining the paranormal links page was how many people wanted to submit alien sites. I don't consider aliens all that dark, horror or goth related, and I didn't want to have yet another subcategory to cover them. So I weeded out (or rudely ignored) emails from people seeking their alien sites to be submitted. (Sorry! They were just off topic!)

What follows are the 13 most interesting or useful (at least to me) paranormal sites from what's left in my database.

1. Ghost Theory

This well-designed site covers ghost girls, mysterious airplane crashes, Roswell, UFOs, and hell.

2. Haunted Network Worldwide

A Ning community/social network with thousands of members. There are groups for ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, haunted castles, and parascience. The community also offers forums.

3. The Anomalist

This site is crammed full of info every day on Bigfoot, the paranormal, UFOs, and similar topics. I can't believe how much content is here!

4. Friar's Lantern

An archive of creepy pics, most of the "golden orbs" variety. Still, it's very interesting to browse through here. The categories include ghosts, UFOs and apparitions.

5. Ghost Village

I normally am scared away by sites that immediately tell you they're the most popular, best, largest, coolest or whatever site on their topic, within the first paragraph on their site. But Ghost Village does have a lot of well written ghost articles and carefully researched news to provide. Definitely worth investigating if you are interested in ghosts.

6. Paranormal Australia

Ghost hunters down under. There are studies of haunted locations in Australia, plus 25 pages of people's paranormal experience stories.

7. Archive X

Over 3500 stories on the topic of paranormal phenomena. People share their experiences with angels, ghosts, out-of-body experiences, past lives, and channeling. The site also offers a paranormal forum.

8. The Bell Witch

Learn everything you wanted to know (or didn't want to!) about the Bell Witch legend from Tennessee.

9. Castle of Spirits

One of the web's oldest and most famous paranormal websites. The original webmistress, Rowena, died in 2008 and the site lives on with a new webmaster, Gordon. There are ghost stories, ghost photos, urban legends, book reviews and wallpapers.

10. The Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings

Another ancient, well-respected Net ghost resource. The Shadowlands offers 16,000 ghostly experiences shared by visitors. There's also a very updated, useful "Ghosts in the News" section.

11. Hollow Hill

Fiona Broome's well-written, fascinating blog about the paranormal (mainly ghosts). She also produces some mini-podcasts.

12. Ghostlytalk

This paranormal radio show is currently on hiatus, but you can listen to years worth of archived shows. When the show starts up again, it airs on Sundays online.

13. GhostStudy

--Carrie Carolin

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