June 8, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Fun Fanlistings

Once upon a time...

... when people were bored of webrings, they turned to The Fanlistings to enable fans to join and webmasters to have something cool to organize and caretake. Drama occasionally erupted when non-approved, unofficial "fanlistings" claimed to be official ones, but eventually people dealt with it and the official fanlistings raised in the search engine ranks.

I remember enjoying using fanlistings to find people's webpages I'd never seen before. Great way to research new interesting goth links.

1. The Angel Fanlisting

"Not Fade Away" has over 2600 fans listed. Great to see it still running and actively updated.


2. Beautiful One

The Louis de Pointe du Lac fanlisting. Sometimes you just want to declare your undying love for a character.


3. Beetlejuice

The Beetlejuice movie fanlisting has changed owners and domains more times than I can count. Fortunately someone organized has taken it on lately.


4. Being Human

This fanlisting sprang up remarkably fast after the miniseries aired. Declare your fan geek love for the show by adding yourself here.


5. Dark Desires

The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series fanlisting.


6. Visionary

The Tim Burton fanlisting. Surely you didn't think I'd create this list and fail to mention this one :)


7. Dracula: The Book Fanlisting

Over 150 people have felt the need to ratify their appreciation for this classic novel.


8. Hold Me

The Edward Scissorhands fanlisting, another one that's moved around a bit but is finally in a stable home. Join other Edward Scissorhands fans in proclaiming your love for the film. There's also a fanlisting for the character himself.


9. Smoke and Mirrors

The fanlisting for the author Neil Gaiman.


10. Nightmare Before Christmas

The fanlisting for my favorite movie.


11. The Vincent Price Fanlisting

I miss him.


12. The Anne Rice Fanlisting

She may have gone Christian again, and stopped writing about vampires, but she still has legions of goth/horror fans, and almost 3,000 fans on this fanlisting.


13. Need to Feed

The True Blood fanlisting. I haven't seen such obsessive fans since the Vampire Chronicles!


-Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

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