June 9, 2010

Best of the Dark Side: 13 Fun Dark and Gothic Websites

Once upon a time....

... goths used to enjoy silly Web distractions, such as "adopting" little avatars to put on our awful, tacky Geocities or Angelfire or Tripod pages. We took stupid quizzes to find out if we were goths, or vampires, or which Beetlejuice character we were. (This was long before stupid Facebook quizzes). We didn't have Farmville, so we wasted our time with silly goth paper dolls, or generating fake names for ourselves, or watching animated stick figures die.

1. The Angel Drinking Game

This should have been linked under "Dark TV Shows: Angel" but the "Dark Fun" category existed for years before the Angel category was created, and it never occurred to me to migrate links over. I love this: "Drink... every time Angel's hair is slicked down."


2. Angry Alien

Hilariously funny 30-second "Bunnies" movies. Such as, Hellraiser, in 30 seconds, Re-Enacted With Bunnies". Sadly, they closed down yesterday.


3. The Charmed Drinking Game

Have a drink... if Piper is cooking something. (Uh oh, prepare to get sloshed!)


4. Coaldust's Paper Dolls

Bonus points for being hosted on Goth.net. Sadly, I can't seem to actually dress the paper dolls using Firefox. Oh well!


5. Dark Memory Game

Oh my god. I can't believe this hasn't been deleted in all these years!


6. Devil Dance

I couldn't resist linking to this parody of Hamster Dance. Note the backwards masking-style music. Hahaha.


7. Evil Name Generator

You never know when you need to generate an evil name. Playing D&D? Writing a horrible M. Night Shyamalan script?


8. Gloomy Bear

I have no idea what the fuck Gloomy Bear is, but for some reason he has a Livejournal community.


9. Gloomy Ghoul Kidz

Adopt one of Karla Ruiz's orphans. You'll feel good about yourself.


10. Goth Avatars

Oh my god. This link is so old and useless, it makes me want to delete the entire "Dark Fun" links list. "Goth avatars for use in Cybertown, Icity, 3D Planets My 3D Life." Ever heard of those sites? Me either. Probably circa 1995. Time for Kellyjo to delete her outdated data.


11. Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator

Really, you can't distinguish poetry generated here from Real Goth Poetry(tm).


12. Goth Quote Generator

Don't leave your cave without it.


13. Horror Hangman

Look! It's an antique ASCII timewaster!


-Alan Smithee

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  1. I had seen some of these websites long time ago. I'm feeling the Nostalgia too. It's sad how networking sites had taken the creativity of people nowadays.

    Thanks for doing this! <3