July 17, 2014

New Dark Links for a Tormented Thursday



Yasmina Cosafina's Deviantart gallery of goth and fetish art. The illustrator lives in Spain. She draws in an Emily the Strange style, only better drawn and more sophisticated, goth pin-upy style. I really enjoyed checking out her art, and you most likely will too!

My favorite piece by her is Skulls and Bones.



Babydark on Facebook

Kristian Hammerstad

This professional illustrator lives in Oslo, Norway. I thought you'd like to take a peek at some of his skull and skeleton themed illustrations for Penguin Books and for the New York Times.


Kristian Hammerstad on Facebook

Meritxell Ribas Puigmal

This Barcelona-based artist has illustrated more than a few dark books and graphic novels, including a Frankenstein graphic novel and one on vampires for Random House. My favorite illustration here is Gramatica del Amor, shown above in place of a logo.



Upon a Midnight Dreary

Dahlia Jane's blog with tidbits about her life, as well as interesting finds in the areas of dark art, dark fashion, and Halloween.



The Devil is Due in Dreary

A new comic book by David Parkin. It's sort of a Western thriller mashed up with rockabilly. "Two strangers with a questionable past arrive in the reclusive town of Dreary where they unknowingly fulfill a prophecy that the town believes will precede the coming of the apocalypse. " Currently available as a graphic novel.


The Devil is Due in Dreary on Facebook


The Black Museum

This is a monthly horror lecture series, offered at the Royal Cinema in Toronto. What a cool concept! What a great idea, and a potentially nice way to meet other slightly.. morbid.. individuals in Toronto. "Lurid Lectures for the Morbidly Curious." The next event, School of Shock: Pain and Pleasure in the Classroom Safety Film will take place August 13.


The Black Museum on Facebook



A dark electronic band from Toronto. My favorite song by them is "Revelation" featuring female vocals.

Also check out their song "Raven" on Youtube for something ambient and relaxing.

Vierance on Facebook

Vierance on Soundcloud

Vierance on Tumblr


Anaboo Creations

This shop sells intriguing art prints from Sylvia. She also at times carries folk art dolls and handmade Halloween related items.


Anaboo Creations Blog

Austere Devotion

This British Etsy store sells lovely dark and sinister pieces of clothing. There are gothic and Victorian boleros, blouses, military style jackets, corset tops, and skirts.

My favorite item here is this satin and lace corset.



This jewelry shop is located in Madrid, Spain. The pieces here are extremely unique - you won't see the like of them elsewhere, and how refreshing that is! You'll be able to look over the Planchettes collection and the and the Machinarium collection on the website.


Decimononic on Facebook

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

This Wisconsin-based shop sells handcrafted cosmetics in incredibly cool and unique packaging. There are "Kromatick Silk" eye shadows packaged in ouija planchette shaped containers; plus makeup palettes in coffins; apocalypsticks and apocalypslicks; blacklight reactive lip glosses; plus finishing powders. Hope I have some money left in my bank account after perusing this site tonight!


Lunatick Cosmetic Labs on Facebook

Poisoned Studios

This steampunk accessories shop is based in Las Vegas. They sell unique and amazing steampunk skull purses. I can picture quite a few guys wanting to carry one of these as well! There's also a zombie skull purse, shiver.



Steampunk Tendencies

This incredibly useful steampunk website is pretty much an epicenter of all worthwhile steampunk news. Use the website as a jumping off point to their Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to keep up with steampunk news on your preferred platform. This is a really important resource.


Steampunk Tendencies on Facebook

Steampunk Tendencies on Twitter

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