January 31, 2014

New Dark Links for the End of January


Natasha Lawes

Natasha Lawes is a costume, mask, prop and prosthetics maker; plus a makeup artist, body painter, wig and headdress maker. Check out her stunning portfolio here.

My favorite piece here is her work for the La Caixia campaign.


The Specimens of Alex CF

Alex creates "original cryptozoological scientific specimens." On the Specimens page, you can view an "adult taxidermied Lycanthrope," some nymphs, dryads and elves, bizarre infants, and a host of other interesting things to look at.


The Merrylin Cryptid Collection, on Facebook


Notes of the Wicked

"Neo victorian inspired horror artist and odd jewelry creators. Morose and Macabre's House of Oddities is the collaboration of 2 creeps who found each other through the love of all things dark and dead." These bloggers haven't been able to update since October, but when they do, you'll be glad you checked back. I've always been highly interested in their blog posts and I'm eager to see what they share with us next.


Petit Lutin

This blog is by a French girl who is studying textile design. Most of her posts of course are in French, but she intersperses English sentences here and there so you can still figure out what's going on. And I love looking at the pictures and fashions she posts.


The Poison Apple Witch

Kriss Poison's blog. She's an Australian goth/deathrocker who likes classic horror movies and vampires, antiques and belly dancing. She works as a hairdresser by day.
Today I'm enjoying checking out the pics she shared of bats in her home and her shopping haul from a day in the city.



Death Wish Coffee

"The world's strongest coffee." I'm just adding this here because I love the skull on the logo and the way the black packaging looks.


Eerie Pubs

Who among us doesn't find the prospect of wandering into an eerie pub after a long wintry workday enormously appealing? This pub franchise operates four establishments: Jekyll & Hyde in Edinburgh, London Stone in London, Pit & Pendulum in Nottingham, and Stains Castle in Aberdeen. You can peer at the photo galleries and check out the menus - the drink menus are highly themed, but the food menus don't seem to adhere to the themes. I would so love to visit one of these pubs someday if I'm lucky enough to travel to the UK!



Bad Pollyanna

From the UK and Finland. They recently played at Whitby Gothic Weekend.


Bad Pollyanna on Facebook

Bad Pollyanna on Twitter


Corsets AU

"Corset story." They sell corsets, corset dresses, burlesque costumes, rockabilly, and steampunk clothing. They also sell a few lovely hair fascinators. The beautiful photography here really helps tempt you to purchase!


Corsets AU on Facebook

Louise Black

This Austin, Texas based designer sells beautiful corsets, dresses, scarves, capes, and jewelry.

My favorite thing here is this skeleton striped circus corset.


Macabre Gadgets

This made quite a stir a while back, so I'm fairly certain you've already seen it. Just in case, though, here are polymer plastic jewelry pieces "inspired by the infernal aesthetics of the dark side." This isn't actually a store, just a showcase for things you can find at the stockists. There are skull shaped rings here mostly, made to look like raven skulls, human skulls, ox skulls, and various bird skulls. Extremely unique jewelry styling I haven't seen elsewhere.


Macabre Gadgets on Facebook

Skull Sugar Cosmetics

Not a goth store, but I like the cute skull packaging, and I'm tempted by the intensely colorful eye pigments. They also sell lip color pots, eyeliners and other goodies.


Sugared Bones

A goth girl's shop in the UK. She sells "creepy cute" hair accessories, plus jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings).

My favorite piece here is her Lady Scarlet Rococo lace necklace.

Sugared Bones on Etsy


Sugared Bones on Facebook



This deathrock/batcave club night is held every third Saturday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Batastrophe on Facebook


Austin, Texas's alternative nightlife venue. In May, Combichrist and William Control will be appearing.


Elysium on Facebook

Elysium on Twitter

Rituals NYC

This New York City club plays darkwave, goth, and post punk. There are live bands as well as dark DJs.


Rituals NYC on Facebook


CZ Sanctuary

Incredibly large and useful resource for Czech and Slovak goths and dark alternative people. Kept very up to date, with lots of upcoming event listings.


Sanctuary.Cz on Facebook

Elders of Goth

A Facebook group with over 1000 crusty old goths in it. (Including me!) Not spammy and kept well moderated, there are quite a few interesting posts every few days you won't want to miss out on.

Elders of Goth Group on Facebook

Goth After 30

Another Facebook group catering to older goths who want to network with others that have a few cobwebs under their boots ;)

Eldergoths Group on Facebook

Goth Crafts

This Facebook group welcomes both goth crafters and the people who like to buy and collect handmade gothy little items.

Goth Crafts Group on Facebook

Haute Gothique

"High Class Goth" group on Facebook, with nearly a thousand members. I just found out about Myth Masque due to a post on this group, so I want to check back more often to see the lovely things people are finding.

Haute Gothique Group on Facebook

Seattle Gothic

I am a super antisocial goth (naw, not really, but very busy with my kids) so I don't utilize this group and its resources nearly as much as I should!

Seattle Gothic Group on Facebook

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Dark Side of the Net

January 30, 2014

10 Intriguing Dark Etsy Shops

Black Baccara

Artisan perfume oils by Kalliope Amorphous. You can buy individual gothic themed perfumes, or themed samplers. They have cool names like "Poisoned Pudding" and "Bathory" and "Raven." The labels are gorgeous. I haven't smelled any of these personally, but the sampler sets are tempting me.

Check out the "Bloody Valentine" gothic perfume - "a story of aged papers and Victorian flowers enhanced by a tinge of the metallic and earthy."



This California-based shop sells Victorian, gothic, and mythical themed clothing and accessories. There are also many items with a burlesque feel to them.

There are a lot of handmade lace crocheted neckpieces and lace chokers here.


GothDollie on Facebook

Jillian Originals

Jillian Garrett creates fantastic vintage inspired hats. While not everything here is poke-your-eye-out gothic, there's enough dark and clever whimsy here to pique your curiosity.

For example, check out her custom order red felt Mad Hatter teacup hat. Jillian creates her unique hats in Grants Pass, Oregon.


Jillian Garrett Originals on Facebook

La Muerte Dulce

"Accessories for killer style" from Peoria, Arizona. The shop sells goth (skull and bat themed) hair accessories, sugar skull jewelry, lacy snowflake skull ornaments, hair flowers, and some spooky hats.


Nocturne Handcrafts

Nocturne Handcrafts sells Victorian, gothic and steampunk jewelry. Besides necklaces, chokers, rings, and earrings, they sell some lovely hair accessories, and a nice looking cameo iPhone case.

My favorite thing here is the Black Stone Circlet, but I don't think my personal style would lend to pulling this off!

The shop is based in Athens, Greece.


Nocturne Handcrafts on Facebook

The Occasional Bat

You're either going to like these quirky handmade stuffed bats, or you aren't - this will be a matter of personal taste. They might be nice for ornaments or home decor; keeping you company in a bleak office cubicle; or arranging amongst your bed pillows. The shop is based in Tampa, Florida.

My favorite is the black-and-white Santa Bat.


The Occasional Bat on Facebook

Sick Soaps by Cheynne

This shop sells unique molded soaps, including this Haunted Mansion ghost soap. The zombie soap looks really disgusting - that's a compliment! I find the Freddy Krueger soap especially witty.

The soaps ship out of San Jose, California.



This German shop sells Gothic and Victorian style jewelry. There are also some art pieces here, such as this art doll bust. The jewelry here is refreshingly original.

My favorite piece here is this death head moth necklace.


Sillycut on Facebook


This shop sells Halloween-themed artwork. Besides paintings, they sell Halloween Pets and art dolls.


SugarCoffin.com - The art of Tommy and Jordana Hawen


This shop sells patterns for making spooky little crocheted amigurumi. Note that most everything for sale here is the pattern, not the finished product. The shop is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

My favorite pattern here is for this adorable Addams Family.


--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net goth links

January 27, 2014

My 7 Favorite Fan Art Depictions of Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley by Abigail Larson.

Mary Shelley by Meghan Murphy.

Mary Shelley by Rjrazar1

Mary Shelley by Veltti.

Newbeing's portrait of Mary Shelley.

Mary Shelley and Her Creation, by Abigail Larson.

Mary Shelley paper doll.

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

January 11, 2014

Dark and Gothic Links for January 11, 2014



Laura Dark's amazing goth and dark photography gallery. She lives in Ohio. I am having such a hard time choosing a favorite here. The costuming, lighting, and makeup are stunning, and I love how many dark fairy tale themed photos there are. Perhaps my favorite is Princess Perfect.



Smeared and Smudged

This Ning network is geared towards rubber stampers from the alternative, vintage and goth subcultures. They present art journal challenges, blog hops, tutorials, challenges and other cool ways to stimulate creativity. I haven't joined this network yet as I'm a Michael's shopping addict but not very good at actually crafting, sigh.



Goth Town

A gothic/darkwave band that plays some ambient, post-punk and folk music. They hail from Naples in Italy.

Goth Town on Facebook

Goth Town on MySpace

Goth Town on YouTube


Brema Ebbing

This Florida-based designer offers stunning costumes and unique corsets, such as this Snow White Bad Apple steel corset and this whimsical Day of the Dead costume.


Lastwear Clothing Company

Lastwear is a Seattle-based clothing company that designs steampunk, dieselpunk and goth outfits. They offer a lot of vests and underbust vests, plus cargo pants and spatz.


Lastwear on Facebook

Pearls and Swine

Most of the hair fascinators and hair accessories here aren't goth, or dark, but I wanted to show them to you anyway. The shop sells burlesque, steampunk, and gothic fascinators, plus masks and crowns.

There are so many creative and unusual pieces here. The one above is my favorite!


Pearls and Swine on Etsy

Pearls and Swine on Facebook

Pearls and Swine on Twitter

Red Makeup

This Etsy shop sells couture witch hats, plus intriguingly dyed vintage gowns like this one.



The B-Side

This blog features reviews and news on spooky things, conventions, Halloween, zombies, pop culture and horror in the LA area. Currently they're announcing a Siouxsie tribute night in Hollywood; advertising a Joy Division/New Order set at an event; and sharing info on upcoming gallery exhibitions and unusual movie screenings.


The B-Side on Facebook


Friday the 13th Film Franchise

This site covers the 12 films in the "Friday the 13th" movie franchise. For each film, they present news, trailers, movie stills, discussions, articles, advertisements, and original reviews from the times the films came out. There's a fairly active forum attached to the site. They also produce an occasional podcast on the films.


Friday the 13th Film Franchise on Facebook

Friday the 13th Film Franchise on Twitter

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