January 30, 2014

10 Intriguing Dark Etsy Shops

Black Baccara

Artisan perfume oils by Kalliope Amorphous. You can buy individual gothic themed perfumes, or themed samplers. They have cool names like "Poisoned Pudding" and "Bathory" and "Raven." The labels are gorgeous. I haven't smelled any of these personally, but the sampler sets are tempting me.

Check out the "Bloody Valentine" gothic perfume - "a story of aged papers and Victorian flowers enhanced by a tinge of the metallic and earthy."



This California-based shop sells Victorian, gothic, and mythical themed clothing and accessories. There are also many items with a burlesque feel to them.

There are a lot of handmade lace crocheted neckpieces and lace chokers here.


GothDollie on Facebook

Jillian Originals

Jillian Garrett creates fantastic vintage inspired hats. While not everything here is poke-your-eye-out gothic, there's enough dark and clever whimsy here to pique your curiosity.

For example, check out her custom order red felt Mad Hatter teacup hat. Jillian creates her unique hats in Grants Pass, Oregon.


Jillian Garrett Originals on Facebook

La Muerte Dulce

"Accessories for killer style" from Peoria, Arizona. The shop sells goth (skull and bat themed) hair accessories, sugar skull jewelry, lacy snowflake skull ornaments, hair flowers, and some spooky hats.


Nocturne Handcrafts

Nocturne Handcrafts sells Victorian, gothic and steampunk jewelry. Besides necklaces, chokers, rings, and earrings, they sell some lovely hair accessories, and a nice looking cameo iPhone case.

My favorite thing here is the Black Stone Circlet, but I don't think my personal style would lend to pulling this off!

The shop is based in Athens, Greece.


Nocturne Handcrafts on Facebook

The Occasional Bat

You're either going to like these quirky handmade stuffed bats, or you aren't - this will be a matter of personal taste. They might be nice for ornaments or home decor; keeping you company in a bleak office cubicle; or arranging amongst your bed pillows. The shop is based in Tampa, Florida.

My favorite is the black-and-white Santa Bat.


The Occasional Bat on Facebook

Sick Soaps by Cheynne

This shop sells unique molded soaps, including this Haunted Mansion ghost soap. The zombie soap looks really disgusting - that's a compliment! I find the Freddy Krueger soap especially witty.

The soaps ship out of San Jose, California.



This German shop sells Gothic and Victorian style jewelry. There are also some art pieces here, such as this art doll bust. The jewelry here is refreshingly original.

My favorite piece here is this death head moth necklace.


Sillycut on Facebook


This shop sells Halloween-themed artwork. Besides paintings, they sell Halloween Pets and art dolls.


SugarCoffin.com - The art of Tommy and Jordana Hawen


This shop sells patterns for making spooky little crocheted amigurumi. Note that most everything for sale here is the pattern, not the finished product. The shop is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

My favorite pattern here is for this adorable Addams Family.


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