January 20, 2010

Goth News for January 20


The Internet is abuzz with speculation as to why the Poe Toaster didn't show up at Edgar Allan Poe's birthday celebration this year.

Is Poe to be Toasted Nevermore? (NY Times)

Mystery as Edgar Allan Poe's Famously Dedicated Fan Misses Anniversary (The Guardian)

Poe Toaster Tribute is "Nevermore" (Baltimore Sun)

Ode to the Toaster (Baltimore Sun)

There's also excitement about the possibility of Tim Burton's next film possibly being "Sleeping Beauty," viewed from the perspective of Maleficent.

Aint It Cool News broke the story here

Tim Burton to Take On Sleeping Beauty's "Maleficent"? (ScreenCrave)

Speaking of Tim Burton, here is The Sun's exclusive images and artwork from Alice in Wonderland. Except it's not all that exclusive. Several new Cheshire Cat pics.

The Swarovski Crystal company has licensed the right to make jewelry based on the movie. The one picture I've seen so far is horrifyingly far from Burtonesque.

Also in Alice news: Urban Decay and OPI have announced their movie tie-in makeup products.

OPI has four shades of nail polish based on the film. "Absolutely Alice" is a glittery blue; "Mad as a Hatter" is a glittery purple. "Off With Her Red" doesn't look any different than any of the other 50 red nail polishes I own, so I like the red gloss and shimmer of "Thanks So Muchness" better. They also come in a set of four mini nail polishes.

Urban Decay is offering a Book of Shadows eyeshadow palette. It comes with 16 colors. They don't seem to have created new shades based on the film, it appears they have just renamed their existing colors. The pop-up scene covering the mirror looks really cool, I have to admit!

Alice in Wonderland Beauty Products (PhillyBurbs)

Alice in Wonderland Mania Hits Beauty Industry (Stylelist)

OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection Swatches and Review (All Lacquered Up)

Your Nails Can Be Mad as a Hatter (LA Times Blogs)

Finally, some non-Alice news. Christian Death is touring. And Clan of Xymox is playing a show April 10 in London.

Steven Severin performed in Los Angeles last week.

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are Engaged (Star Tribune). Neil was recently profiled by The New Yorker.

I'd love to hear your comments. What do you think happened to the Poe Toaster? Would you wear the new Alice-tie-in makeup? Are you planning to go see Christian Death?