July 31, 2014

Clan of Xymox Week - Creatures 1999

Creatures was released on Pandaimonium Records in 1999.

Track List:

1. Jasmine And Rose

Jasmine and Rose

Jasmine and Rose, Live

Another live performance of Jasmine and Rose

2. Crucified


3. Taste Of Medicine

Taste of Medicine

4. Undermined


5. Consolation


6. Waterfront


7. Creature


8. All I Have

All I Have

All I Have - Live at the Castle Party

9. Falling Down

10. Without A Name

Without a Name

11. Doubts


Doubts, Live in 2002

Creatures Tour Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1999, entire live show

Amazon Prime members can stream Creatures for free.

Find lyrics for Creatures here.

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

July 29, 2014

Clan of Xymox Week: Hidden Faces - 1997

Hidden Faces came out in 1997.

Track List:

1. Out of the Rain

Out of the Rain

2. This World

This World

3. Going Round '97

Going Round '97

4. The Child in Me

The Child in Me

5. Wailing Wall

6. It's All a Lie

It's All a Lie

7. Sing a Song

Sing a Song

8. Troubled Soul

Troubled Soul

9. Special Friends

Special Friends

10. Piano Piece

Piano Piece

11. Your Vice

Your Vice

12. November


13. The Story Ends

The Story Ends

Lyrics can be found at the official site. You can read Legends Magazine's review of the album here.

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

Clan of Xymox Week - Headclouds 1993

Headclouds was released in 1993.

Track List:

1. Spiritual High

Spiritual High

2. It's Your Life

It's Your Life

3. Prophecy


4. Wild Is The Wind

Wild is the Wind

5. A Single Day

A Single Day

6. Love Thrills

Love Thrills

7. The Beginning

8. Reaching Out

Reaching Out

9. Headclouds


10. January


11. Soul Free

Soul Free

Find lyrics for Headclouds here.

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net - Clan of Xymox Week

Clan of Xymox Week - Metamorphosis 1992

Metamorphosis was released in 1992.

Track List:

1. Sedated


2. Dream On

Dream On

3. Tightrope Walker

Tightrope Walker

4. B Who U Wanna B

B Who U Wanna B

5. XDD


6. Revolve

Revolve, on Last.Fm

7. Love Me

Love Me

8. Awakening


9. Real


10. High & Low

High & Low

11. Dream On (Dance Mix)

12. Soul Free

Soul Free

13. Dream On (Instrumental)

Dream On (Instrumental)

Find lyrics for Metamorphosis here.

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net: Xymox Week

July 28, 2014

New Links for a Morose Monday


Cappry Leiva Arts

The Deviantart gallery of a 23 year old artist from Chile. She works with photomanipulations, and dark photography. Check out her Occulti folder.

Cappry Leiva on Deviantart

Cappry Leiva Arts, on Facebook


Fangs on Fur

This deathrock, post-punk band hails from Los Angeles. The vocals are by "F Girl" and "F Boy." Check out their song "Snake" on YouTube.

Fangs on Fur on Bandcamp

Fangs on Fur on Facebook

Fangs on Fur on Last.fm

Irony of Fate

A post-punk band from Rome, Italy that mostly seems to do Siouxsie covers. Check out their sound while they perform Arabian Knights and Spellbound live, on YouTube.


Irony of Fate on Facebook


Auxiliary Magazine

An alternative music, fashion and lifestyle magazine. Very slick, beautifully produced and well written. I'm impressed! You can read the current issue (May/June 2014) at this link. Current articles are on the Johnny Hollow band, witch house band Fostercare, and pin-up girl clothing. The magazine is currently embarking upon a Kickstarter to get funding for producing print issues.


Auxiliary Magazine on Facebook

Auxiliary Magazine on Twitter

Nightmare Magazine

An online horror and dark fantasy magazine. The current issue includes Black Window, by Lane Robins, which you can read or listen to; Death and Death Again by Mari Ness; and The Misfit Child Grows Fat on Despair by Tom Piccirilli. Also: Nonfiction artist profiles, editorials and interviews. Very well done magazine!


Nightmare Magazine on Facebook

Nightmare Magazine on Twitter

ReGen Magazine

An online magazine that covers goth, electro and industrial music. Current postings are focusing on Everything Goes Cold, Peter Murphy's Lion album, and a couple postings on Cocksure. There are articles with concert news, album reviews, and musician interviews. Worth a long look!


ReGen Magazine on Facebook

ReGen Magazine on Twitter

ReGen Magazine's channel on YouTube


Tenebra - The Art of Darkness

This Facebook page seeks to promote dark and gothic artists, models, music, and movies. The page admin encourages you to contact them with your suggestions. They're currently featuring art by CrimsonnOnyxx and Metatonia Art Gallery.

Tenebra - The Art of Darkness on Facebook


Goth Fly a Kite

What a cool idea! Goths in Providence, Rhode Island are meeting in a park on August 2nd to fly kites. Someone is offering to make coffin-shaped cookies, and a thunderstorm is likely.

Goth Fly a Kite

Shrouds and Shadows Tour

I was so bummed that I was out of town when the Shrouds and Shadows tour came to town. The show consists of three awesome cover bands: Dead Souls (the Joy Division tribute band), Spellbound (the Siouxsie tribute band) and The Reptile House, who cover Sisters of Mercy songs. The next few shows will all take place in various cities in California. Go if you can and are so inclined!

Shrouds and Shadows Tour, on Facebook


The Big Scary Show Podcast

This is a haunt industry/haunt hobbyist, horror and what sounds like metal music related podcast. I couldn't make it through more than a few minutes because of the heavy metal background music, multiple repeats of the name of the show, and overly dramatic fake cackling in the background. But it does sound fairly professional and I bet a lot of you would enjoy the interviews with the home haunters. Currently on episode 59. I think it's awesome that they did a show on Scares That Care Weekend.

The Big Scary Show

The Big Scary Show on Facebook


Brian Keene

Brian Keene is known for his 2003 zombie novel, "The Rising." He's currently attending Monsterama in Atlanta, editing the Operation: Ice Bat anthology, and just gave a talk at the Richmond Edgar Allan Poe museum.


Brian Keene on Facebook

Brian Keene on Tumblr

Brian Keene on Twitter


Death Ensemble

A horror genre blog with commentary, news, interviews, and convention reports.


Death Ensemble on Facebook

Horror Conventions News

News and announcements on upcoming horror conventions, fan events and happenings. Updated a few times a day.

Horror Conventions News on Facebook

Lovecraft Eternal

A Facebook group for fans of author H.P. Lovecraft. Over 2000 members have joined up. Thomas Broadbent does a fantastic job of moderating this group and keeping members on topic (avoiding spam).

Lovecraft Eternal, on Facebook

Horror Host Magazine

I would tend to describe this more as a blog than a magazine. Anyway, it's really cool. Learn about horror hosts on radio and TV, check out a gallery of anthology hosts, shop for horror related gifts, and stop by their Pinterest boards.


Horror Host Magazine on Facebook


This horror blog covers games, books and movies, plus shares interesting content they found in the horror blogosphere. Recent posts include a comic review of Under the Flesh, a movie review of Afflicted, and a review of the movie Daniel, which I hadn't heard of yet.


--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

Dark Side University

July 25, 2014

Dark New Links for a Frightful Friday



The art of Aly Fell. She's a dark fantasy artist from Manchester in the UK.

My favorite piece in her gallery is Death, from the Endless.


Aly Fell's Blog: Port Out, Starboard Home

Aly Fell on Facebook


Der Noir

Cold wave, pop noir music. The band is from Rome, Italy. My favorite song of theirs on YouTube is She's the Arcane.


Der Noir on Bandcamp

Der Noir on Facebook

Dum Dum Girls

"Chasing pop into the dark." Post-punk pop with nods to Siouxsie and The Cure. The band is from New York City, and they are currently signed to Sub Pop. This stuff is really, really poppy and not very dark, but you might like the looks of their Lost Boys and Girls Club video.


Dum Dum Girls on Facebook


I'm bummed that this post-punk group from the 1980s is no longer together, but that's to be expected. They sang, of course, in Spanish. I love their sound, and their female vocalist has a fantastic voice.

Euroshima on Facebook

Euroshima Playlist on YouTube

Gothic Worldwide Channel

This resource is a huge YouTube collection of hundreds of gothic and dark music videos. They strive to help relatively unknown musicians get more exposure. Browsing through their archives can easily eat up an evening - you'll enjoy it!

Gothic Worldwide on Facebook

Gothic Worldwide on Twitter

Gothic Worldwide on YouTube


Don't confuse them with the Austin alternative band. The goth band Heretics are from London.

I love the goth vocals in Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.


Heretics on Facebook

Heretics on Last.fm

Heretics on Soundcloud

Heretics on Twitter

Obscure Pleasures

This is an electro darkwave band from the UK. I'm enjoying their cover of Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want and video for The Provocateur.

Obscure Pleasures on Facebook

Obscure Pleasures on Tumblr

Obscure Pleasures on Twitter


Dracula's Cabaret

These two restaurant venues are located in two cities in Australia. "Dracula's is a total night of entertainment combining burlesque, contemporary music, comedy and quality dining." What a great concept! It sounds so fun, albeit cheesy.


Dracula's Cabaret on Facebook


Guts of Darkness

A French webzine covering dark, experimental and somber music. They cover a wide range though, including reggae and blues. Poke around and explore a bit, especially in the dark ambient section.


Guts of Darkness on Facebook


Dark Embrace Handmade Accessories

This artist and Etsy shop owner lives in Greece. She sells jewelry, hairpieces, steampunk items, notebooks, and gloves.

My favorite item here is the Elizabethan ruff.


Dark Embrace on Facebook

Ghosts of Vestige

"An Independent T-shirt brand that specialises in hand-screen printed designs of a dark and decadent nature."

My favorite shirt here is "Welcome Home."


Ghosts of Vestige Blog

Ghosts of Vestige on Tumblr

Ghosts of Vestige on Twitter

Kasket Kustoms

"Accessories to die for." They sell horror-inspired jewelry, belt buckles, cufflinks, hair accessories, and wallets. I prefer browsing their Etsy shop to their website which seemed a bit slow to load tonight. They have a huge section of Day of the Dead items, an entire section dedicated solely to eyeballs, a section for ouija-themed jewelry, and a collection of freak show inspired jewelry.

My favorite item here is their green fairy absinthe ring.



Kasket Kustoms on Facebook


A consortium of dark artists and designers. The website offers jewelry, art, books, and music.

My favorite piece here is this "Black and Blue Magic" bracelet.


Occulter on Facebook

Retro Rebels

This shop sells rockabilly, goth, punk, and horror clothing and accessories. They sell men's and women's shoes, and clothes for kids, too. You'll recognize a lot of the labels carried here.

Check out their Hades UK Crow high heels!


Retro Rebels on Facebook

Retro Rebels on Twitter

Vectoria Designs

Steampunk, vintage and witchy printables. The artist and shopowner lives in Belgium. There are so many cool things here - Alice in Wonderland book plates, wine bottle labels, potion bottle labels, a huge Halloween section, printable banners, and other goodies.

It's very difficult to pick just one favorite item here. I suppose it's these Halloween apothecary jar labels.


Vectoria Designs on Facebook


Gothic Liberation Front US Kommand

This is a Facebook group. "A respectful community for the preservation & celebration of all things related to the Gothic scene, it's music & all what makes it what it is." There are only 52 members so far, so there aren't a lot of posts. A few times a week people seem to be reposting band and concert/event news.

Gothic Liberation Front Group on Facebook

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

Dark Side University

July 24, 2014

Clan of Xymox Week - Phoenix 1991

The band released Phoenix on Polydor Records in 1991.

Track List:

1. Phoenix of my Heart


2. At the End of the Day


3. The Shore Down Under

The Shore Down Under

4. Mark the Days

Mark the Days

5. Believe Me Sometimes

Believe Me Sometimes

6. Wonderland


7. Written in the Stars

Written in the Stars

8. Dancing Barefoot

Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith cover)

9. Crossing the Water

Crossing the Water

10. Smile Like Heaven

Smile Like Heaven

Read the lyrics for Phoenix at the Clan of Xymox official site.

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

Clan of Xymox Week - Twist of Shadows 1989

Twist of Shadows was released on Wing Records, under the name Xymox instead of Clan of Xymox.

Track List:

1. Evelyn


2. Obsession


3. Craving


4. Blind Hearts

Blind Hearts

5. The River

The River

6. A Million Things

A Million Things

7. Tonight


8. Imagination


9. In the City

In the City

10. Clementina


Find the lyrics for "Twist of Shadows" at the official Clan of Xymox page.

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net - Clan of Xymox Week

July 23, 2014

Clan of Xymox Week: Medusa - 1986

Medusa was released in 1986, their second release on the 4AD label.

Track List:

1. Theme I

Theme 1

2. Medusa


3. Michelle


4. Theme II

Theme II

5. Louise


6. Lorrentine

Lorrentine on Grooveshark

7. Agonised by Love

Agonised by Love

8. Masquerade


9. After the Call

10. Back Door

Back Door

Lyrics for Medusa can be found at the Xymox official site. Read a bit of background on Medusa and the Clan of Xymox album here.

The reissued Medusa CD is also available on Amazon.

Clan of Xymox is currently touring Europe, with upcoming shows in Germany, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, and Mexico.

Clan of Xymox week continues with more album posts, and upcoming posts with articles, links and biographies!

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

July 22, 2014

New Gothic and Dark Links for a Terrifying Tuesday


Crescentia Moon Photography

A German gothic fashion photographer. You'll enjoy browsing through the beautiful dark images posted here!

Crescentia Moon Photography on Facebook


Comic Monsters

Horror comic book news. Currently posting about X-Files Season 10 comics, sharing a preview of Revival #22, and previewing Deadboy Detectives #7. They also provide some coverage of horror games, horror toys and horror movies. A well designed site, very professional looking and updated often!


Comic Monsters on Facebook



"Witchy electronic music" by Jaymie Valentine, who lives in Los Angeles. Check out her "Lunar Phases" video.

Cindergarden on Facebook

Cindergarden on Tumblr

Cindergarden on Twitter

Cindergarden on Tumblr

Era Nocturna

A dark electro alternative band from Northhampton in Massachusetts. They formed back in 1999! I like their song "Come Find Me."

Era Nocturna on Facebook

Johnny Hollow

This Toronto, Canada-based band describes their music as "ambient atmospheric electronic gothic chamber rock." We've been enjoying their Sisters of Mercy "Temple of Love" cover during our listening parties at the Darklinks goth social network.

Their brand new album is "A Collection of Creatures." So far my favorite song from the album is "I Am Stretched On Your Grave.


Johnny Hollow on Facebook

Johnny Hollow on Twitter

Johnny Hollow on YouTube


Arcana XIII

Gothic occult jewelry from France. They sell pendants, bracelets, earrings, and what they call "neck romancers."

My favorite piece of theirs is this Sigil of Lilith pendant.


Arcana XIII on Etsy

Cloudberry Lady

This Finnish clothing company specializes in Japanese street fashion, especially Gothic Lolita. Check out her made-to-order bat high heels! I also really like her Regency-style Ursula bonnet.


Cloudberry Lady on Facebook

Myriam Powell Designs

Adorable, quirky goth art dolls. The artist grew up in South America, but now lives in Austin, Texas. Her Halloween section of her shop is my favorite, and I bet it will be yours too.

Myriam Powell Designs, on Etsy

Myriam Powell Designs, on Facebook


Halloween Queens

This is a Facebook community for 1000 women "who live Halloween as a lifestyle and not just a holiday." Mostly the community is quiet, with a Halloween related post every couple days or so.

Halloween Queens on Facebook

The Pumpkin Season - When Witches Fly

This Halloween Facebook community is a lot bigger than most. It has over 50,000 fans, and multiple Halloween related posts daily.

The Pumpkin Season, on Facebook


Alone With the Horrors

A Facebook group (2000 members strong) dedicated to horror fiction. Currently discussing "The Haunting of Hill House" (the book, not the movie, of course) and National Sea Monster Month.

Alone with the Horrors Group on Facebook

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

Dark Side of the Net

Goth Shopaholic

Halloween Shopaholic

Dark Side University