July 18, 2014

Fresh Dark Links for a Fiendish Friday

Cemeteries, Funerals and Death:

Dark & Dreamy Cemeteries

This is a Facebook group, comprised of about 7500 members, all who can post to the page. That keeps it nicely busy and full of lovely cemetery pics.

Dark & Dreamy Cemeteries Group on Facebook

Secret Cemeteries

This Facebook page posts photos of seldom seen graves. They haven't been posting much this year, so I normally wouldn't link to them, but thought you might enjoy scrolling through the past few years of cemetery photo posts.

Secret Cemeteries on Facebook


It's Black Friday

Vendredi Noire blogs from her home in New Zealand. Recent posts include a Friday the 13th goth giveaway, Things Goths Never Say, and an epic goth wardrobe tour video where she lets us snoop in her closet! I can already tell I like her personality, grin. She's also in a band, Whores of Whitechapel.


It's Black Friday on Facebook

It's Black Friday on Twitter

Monster Brains

This blogger is really good at tracking down lots of unusual, bizarre art featuring monsters and monstrous creatures. Recent posts include artwork from Gerald Scarfe, Charles Moll, and Lo Kyung-Me.

My favorite discovery from this blog is the creepy artwork of Virgil Finlay.


The Little White Bat

Seb Mesnard's blog. Seb posts mostly about animation (not all of it dark) and cartoon artwork. Seb keeps track of, and celebrates, anniversaries, such as Hellboy's 20th birthday and the 20th and 30th anniversaries of Edward Scissorhands and The Goonies respectively.



Fairy Goth Mother

Fairy Goth Mother is a geek-themed artsy-and-craftsy coffee shop in Johannesburg, South Africa. They throw frequent events where crafty people can show up to drink coffee and work on projects together. The events aren't super dark, but this is a pretty cool resource to have for alternative folk in this part of the world.


Fairy Goth Mother on Facebook

Fairy Goth Mother on Twitter

Frankenstein Pub

I would be so excited to visit this Frankenstein-themed pub in Edinburgh, Scotland! It seems to be more of a sports bar than a hangout for goths or alternative folk. The menu doesn't make any attempt at speaking to the theme either. But check out the pics of the decor inside! Very cool.


Frankenstein Pub on Facebook


Virginie Ropars

This French doll artist creates some of the most intricately detailed and fabulously costumed art dolls I've seen. I cannot imagine how much time goes into creating them. Run a Google Images search on her name and prepare to be amazed.

Virginie Ropars (Official)

Virginie Ropars official Facebook page

Virginie Ropars interview at Muddy Colors

The Mysterious World of Dolls: Virginie Ropars, on Huffington Post

The Art Dolls of Virginie Ropars, on Eclectix.com

Virginie Ropars Dolls on Artplanet.Ru


Angel Clothing

This massive UK goth superstore sells hundreds of selections of goth, steampunk, punk and alternative clothing. They also carry shoes, black roses, masquerade masks, and hair falls. Your favorite goth/alternative clothing brand is probably sold here.


Angel Clothing on Facebook

Blake Alexander

B.A.N. by Blake Alexander sells handmade, very unique spooky art masks. There are also a few pairs of demon horns on offer as well. My favorite piece here is Golden Inferno, but I wonder if it would be uncomfortable to actually wear. Perhaps I'd just display it.


Vasilisa's Dolls

Doll artists Lean and Jafet live and work in Barcelona, creating these one-of-a-kind BJD dolls. The store is named after the Russian fairy tale, "Vasilisa the Beautiful." Most of their dolls currently up for sale on Etsy are fantasy themed, not dark, but you might like taking a peek at them anyway.

Check out the "Le Catrina" doll in their Flickr gallery.


Vasilisa's Dolls on Etsy

Vasilisa's Dolls on Facebook


Saturday Night, Stay at Home

This monthly radio programme is hosted by Michel from Disjecta Membra. He plays alternative and post-punk music from New Zealand and around the world.


Saturday Night, Stay at Home on Facebook



Here's a very valuable resource for home haunters. Stop by the blog for articles and interviews of other home haunt enthusiasts, add their Twitter stream to your feed for near daily news and info on home haunting, view some Halloween haunt and costume videos on their Youtube channel, and check out their list of how-to videos they'll sell you access to.


HaunTopic on Facebook

HaunTopic on Twitter

HaunTopic on YouTube

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