July 14, 2014

New Dark Links for a Morbid Monday



Scott Hove's colorful, surreal, morbid, taxidermy-themed art has been featured recently on Boing Boing. Sadly, his website is down at the moment, but you can get several glimpses of his incredibly creative art here on his Facebook page.

The Art of Scott Hove, on Facebook

Vasily Alexandrovich Kotarbinsky

This Polish-born Russian dark fantastic artist died in 1921. I'm surprised there aren't more main authoritative pages about him and his gorgeous artwork.

Vasily Alexandrovich Kotarbinsky on Pinterest

Tom Whalen

You'll enjoy this dark illustrator's horror-themed posters, including "The Bride of Frankenstein." Besides his fan art, he's a commercial illustrator, and has done some work in comics as well.



Magia Posthuma

"On several occasions, particularly on the periphery of the Habsburg Empire during the 17th and 18th centuries, dead people were suspected of being revenants or vampires, and consequently dug up and destroyed. Some contemporary authors named this phenomenon Magia Posthuma. This blog is dedicated to understanding what happened and why." Also posts on gothic literature and some historic vampire related news. All in all, very interesting reads here.


Magia Posthuma on Facebook

Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque

Dark gaming, dark books and TV shows, dark gaming and some posts on dark history.



Seance, The Board Game

I've really been enjoying learning about the history of this 1970s Milton Bradley board game. I'd love to play the game sometime if I run across an affordable used copy.

Seance, the Board Game at She Walks Softly

Seance, the Board Game, at BoardGameGeek.com

Voice of the Mummy

A comprehensive fan page for the 1971 Voice of the Mummy board game, plus Dark Tower and Seance the Board Game. Voice of the Mummy came with it's own record player so you could hear the mummy's voice!


Voice of the Mummy at Board Game Geek.com


Akumu Ink

"Wear it to death" is the motto of this dark clothing company. They mainly sell t-shirts and hoodies. They also sell some really cute skeleton-themed bags and backpacks. They'll be vending at San Diego Comic Con at the end of this month.

My favorite item here is their La Calavera print.


Akumu Ink on Facebook

Atelier Gothique

"Fine jewelry finally has a dark side." Check out their gallery of gothic and fetish jewelry, but also take note of their many custom jewelry services offered.


Atelier Gothique on Facebook


This Rhode Island-based site never fails to make me chuckle. I love their home decor items. They sell bloody bath mats, bedding and curtains, placemats, candles, clocks, and lots of decorative, horrific pillows. Some of their pillows depict Ghostface from Scream, Camp Crystal Lake, and Jigsaw from the Saw film franchise.

Their newest product is their "Baby Horror Buddy."


Horror Decor on Facebook

Skeletal Dropkick

Cris's really cool monster ceramics, made in San Francisco. There are sugar skull piggy banks, sugar skull sugar bowls, skull trivets, stoneware zombie dishes, and evil pumpkin coffee mugs.


Skeletal Dropkick on Etsy

Skeletal Dropkick on Facebook

Skeletal Dropkick on Twitter

Skull & Heart

This UK-based shop specializes in dark art prints (specifically pop-surrealist). They present artists such as Paul Jackson, who created "The Swamp of Despair" shown above. I'm going to check out Iain Macarthur's prints too.


Skull & Heart on Facebook



This Facebook page specializes in finding intriguing dark art and artists to showcase. They do a good job of naming the artists they're showing art from, but I wish they'd include a direct link to the artists' pages.

DarK on Facebook

Vampire & Romantic Goth

This Facebook page presents mostly reposts and shares of lovely images, but it's definitely nice to scroll through posts with one's morning tea or coffee. A feast for the eyes. Their page admin is really good about attributing where the photo came from and linking to things that happen to be for sale so you can find them if you're interested. Over 6,000 people subscribe to this page.

Vampire & Romantic Goth on Facebook


Stan Winston School

You can now actually go to school to learn the art and craft of monster making and professional effects. I guess it's not enough to mess around with junk in your basement or garage anymore - attending and completing this school would probably give you a professional leg up and some potential contacts in the industry.


Stan Winston School of Character Arts


Creepy Collection

This Halloween shop sells a wide variety of props: haunted house props, dead body props, "medical mishap" props, creepy clowns, zombie horde props, deadly dolls, plus cut off heads and body parts. Shiver! A lot of the props here look *really* bloody.


Raven's Legacy

This shop sells Halloween and fancy dress costumes, carrying kids and plus sizes as well. They also sell some goth and rockabilly clothing (Folter) and Alchemy Gothic jewelry. There's a little bit of Manic Panic on offer too.


Raven's Legacy on Facebook


George Sterling

George Sterling didn't always write morbid things, but when he did, he was a mentor to Clark Ashton Smith. He wrote poems, plays, fiction and non-fiction. He mainly wrote during the 1920s. Check out his depressing poem The Haunting.



Lady Hellbat

Andrea is a sociologist and writer on cultural studies and the horror film genre. She appears on the Rue Morgue podcast sometimes, and has written a book on the genre. You can check out her horror genre podcasts and blog posts here, though the blog hasn't been updated since April.


Lady Hellbat on Facebook

Lady Hellbat on Twitter

Radio Horror Hosts

The best place on the Internet to look for information on radio horror hosts up til 1999. They also have a list of online horror and podcast hosts from 2000 to the present day. The website hasn't been updated since 2012, but if you're interested in the topic, you'll still find plenty here to occupy you.


Vincent Leonard Price Tumblr

Whoever the contributors to this Tumblr are, they're really good at finding rare and unusual photos and posters and images of actor Vincent Price. They post a couple times per day.


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