June 30, 2014

20 Dark and Sinister Etsy Shops to Peruse Instead of Working on a Monday Morning

1. Angelyques Trinkets

Josie's store in Montreal, Canada sells "whimsical and geeky jewelry and accessories." She's open to custom cosplay orders, too. There are lovely things here - skull cameo brooches, tiny tophats, rhinestone skull earrings, crowns and scepters, some steampunk jewelry pieces, keychains, and a couple of really cool stained glass masks.

It's hard to pick my favorite item from all the crowns here, but I suppose if my arm is twisted I'll select this Sanguine red crown.


Angelyques Trinkets on Facebook

2. Bats and Bones

"Gothic inspired creations" from South Carolina. There are a few lovely pieces of jewelry here, plus candles, fuzzy gloves, and a bat trinket box.


3. Criduchat Jewelry

(Take a second and look up what Criduchat means!) This shop is based in Lodi, California. The jewelry here is very unusual - for example, here's a cruelty-free real mouse fetus cameo pendant. The rest of the jewelry here includes scarab beetles, teeth, jawbones, mandibles and the like.


4. Dark Elegance Designs

Though this Scotland-based shop sells other jewelry, it's known mostly for gorgeous gothic chokers. Their chokers are categorized by styles including "Sinistra," "Immortal," "Nightfall," and "Lucretia."

My favorite is the Black Onyx choker.



Dark Elegance Designs on Facebook

5. Decayed Angel

Jennifer's shop from Greensboro, North Carolina. She sells art dolls, jewelry, and some hair accessories. Check out the bloody skeleton hands bra!


6. Dolls 4 Emma

This shop specializes in handmade doll fashions, most of them goth-themed. Elizabeth dresses Monster High dolls, Blythe dolls, Living Dead dolls, Lalaloopsy dolls, and Bleeding Edge dolls from her home in Victoria, Canada.

My favorite is this Black Widow outfit sized for a Living Dead doll.


Dolls4Emma on Facebook

7. Fuzz On Me

This shop is full of adorable handcrafted felt Halloween ornaments. There are bats, ghosts, and pumpkins.


8. Graveyard Shift Costumes

Whoah, the gowns here are incredibly unique and sort of, well, gory! (For example, this Blood Stained and Spattered Bride gown). There's a zombie prom queen gown, a Victorian ghost bride, a Bride of Frankenstein satin wedding gown, and even a "Road Kill" gown.

If I had to pick just one favorite, I suppose it is the Victorian ghost bride!


Graveyard Shift Costumes on Facebook

9. Liv Free Creations

Bespoke accessories from Lincoln, England. The headdresses here are stunning - many would be perfect for a gothic wedding.

My favorite is this black glitter rose headband.


Creations by Liv Free, on Facebook

10. Metamorphoses Masks

As you can imagine, I've seen quite a lot of gothic, fantasy and Halloween masks in my time upon this planet. Here's a shop that actually has distinctive, unusual masks that impress me. These leather masks are handcrafted in Chicago, Illinois. Many feature spikes.

While I would be too creeped out to wear this, my favorite mask here is this spider mask.


11. The Moonlight Muse

Here are some really intriguing, intricate paper cuttings. They depict horror topics such as Dracula and Frankenstein's monster, as well as the Hellraiser Lament configuration puzzle box.

The most stunning things here though are the Dracula's Castle, hand cut out of paper, and the paper Addams Family House, hand cut out of paper. There's also the Bates Motel Psycho house, set in a shadow box. Incredible!


12. MYantz

Myckel Yantz sells sugar skull art and pop culture art from this shop based in Oklahoma.

Is your favorite thing here this Maleficent sugar skull art print?


Myckel Yantz on Facebook

13. Th1rte3nsCloset

How fitting that this shop happened to end up #13 on my alphabetical list! Glendale, California is the home of the "Deadly Bears." There are also some Edward Gorey goodies, a cute bat coin purse, jewelry and key chains, and hair bows.

Don't miss the amazing Batpacks that this shop is known for.


Th1rte3nsCloset on Facebook

14. More Than Porcelain

This Athens, Greece shop specializes in altering old porcelain, or creating new porcelain with dark themes. There are dinner plates, soup bowls, mugs and teacups with gorgeous Alice in Wonderland, sugar skull, skeleton, and Edgar Allan Poe themes.

The most delightful thing to me here is this set of four stacking Alice in Wonderland espresso cups.


15. Poisoned Porcelain

Here's another shop with handmade dark dinnerware. This one is based in Stamford, Connecticut. The plates feature skulls and nautical themes that might make them suitable for steampunk uses. There are just a very few plates here.


16. Sisters of the Moon

This Rhode Island shop sells handmade tutus, many of them suitable for goth needs. There are also goodies such as skeleton hands hair clips, hair falls, and boot covers.

There are also several bridal tutus that are gorgeous, including this purple one.


Sisters of the Moon on Facebook

17. Spooky But Cute

Empress Eccentric (Rachel) sells her cute dark art dolls from Cornwall, England. Besides goth dolls, she sells a couple of fairy art dolls too.


SpookyButCute on Facebook

18. TataniaRosa

Beautiful tatted lace jewelry and home decor from Heather's shop in England. I can't imagine how much work goes into making these! Most stuff here is not the right color scheme to be considered goth, but there are several lovely dark items here as well.

For example, here's the Lizzie tatted lace cuff.


TataniaRosa on Facebook

19. The Thanatos Archive

The Thanatos Archive is a longstanding website of postmortem, funeral and memorial photography. They're located not far from me in Woodinville, Washington. Here's their Etsy store where you can buy morbid original photographs and antique photograph albums.

One of my favorite photos here is Queen Victoria in Mourning. I bet you'll spend quite a bit of time browsing this shop!


The Thanatos Archive on Facebook

20. The Wishmaster's Capes

What a fun and fabulous Halloween and cosplay costume store this is! Based in Orlando, Florida, they specialize in higher end capes, but also well a few jackets. Check out their Lily Munster casket cape, which they will customize for you in regards to fit and fabric selection.

I am most tempted by the Wicked Queen cape here.


The Wishmaster's Capes and Costumes, on Facebook

--Copyright 2014 Carrie Carolin

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