June 29, 2014

New Gothic Links for a Sepulchral Sunday


Biohazardous Beauty

Tori is a self-described "creature of the night" who blogs about cosmetics from Erie, Pennsylvania. Recent posts show the samples she's been trying out and what the cosmetics look like on her. Good way to find out about new brands or newest products from brands you already like.


Craft for Misfits

Michelle's blog on goth crafts, and her life in a geodesic dome in Australia. Recent posts include pics from a recent warp she was working on, the infinity scarves she's knitting because it's winter in Australia right now; and a pic of her in her awesome mohawk on the beach.


Dark Classics

Here's a blog that specializes in finding and sharing really old weird dark artworks, most of them pre-1930. I've discovered so many amazing artists from this blog. The images come in really handy for my research for Dark Side University too. I'll come back to this blog once a week to see what other new dark gems they've discovered.


Empress Bat

Empress Bat is a goth herbalist living in Australia. She runs a business on Etsy in addition to her work and studies. Current posts include how to find steampunk and DIY supplies on the cheap; steampunk musings after she watched "Warehouse 13"; and her list of blogs to follow.


Flora Gothica

"Flora Gothica is a page devoted to environmentally-friendly choices that meld well within alternative lifestyles." Recent posts include tips on suiting up for summer, a post on gothic drinks, and one on and a goth Etsy recommendation: La Veille Lune.


Odd Things I've Seen

J.W. Ocker travels and then writes about the oddities of culture, art, history, and nature that he experiences. Recent posts include his visit to St. Andrew Memorial, news about the Morbid Anatomy museum in Brooklyn, and a post about the "They Live" exhibition in Los Angeles. You definitely won't be bored when you stop by this blog.


Odd Things I've Seen Facebook Page


Ghoultide Gathering

This event is a "Magical Bazaar of Halloween Art." The eighth anniversary event takes place in Chelsea, Michigan on October 4, 2014. After browsing the info on exhibitors, I'm rather glad I live too far away to attend - I'd spend so much of my hard earned money on their adorable and spooky items!


Ghoultide Gathering on Facebook



An industrial band from Australia. Their debut album "Hold My Hand" came out in 2010.


Shiv-R on Facebook

Shiv-R on YouTube


Dark Dorset

This website covers all the unexplained, mysterious happenings, customs and folklore of this part of England. There's a blog, events calendar, video gallery, newsletter, and emporium listing. Useful and kept up to date nicely!



Abigail Larson Illustration

One of my favorite artists from Deviantart has a shop at Society6. You can buy her fabulous gothic designs on mugs, shower curtains, tote bags, throw pillows, iPod skins, and of course on art prints.

My favorite item here is the Nightmares of the Alchemist's Wife throw pillow.


Dark Desire

As you can probably tell, I never get bored of browsing for cool dark Etsy shops. I hope you still enjoy seeing them when I share links. Dark Desire is a particular recent favorite of mine. They're from Lisbon, Portugal, and have exquisite taste in clothing. Besides Gothic/Victorian, they sell a few pirate and steampunk styled pieces.

The loveliest item here, to me, is this Victorian velvet underbust corset.


Dark Desire on Facebook

Fallen Angel Brass

This NY state based shop sells antiqued black brass and pewter jewelry "findings" - supplies you can use to make your own cool gothic jewelry. There are cabs and cameos, charms and pendants, drops, frames, settings, bezels, filigree, plus chain and wire supplies.

My favorite item here is this pewter skeleton key.


Nightshades Clothing

This UK-baesd shop specializes in plus-sized goth and steampunk clothing for men and women. Aah, I love shops that take Paypal instead of just credit cards only. I much prefer browsing their Etsy listings than their outdated looking website.

My favorite item here is this pinstripe frilled skirt.



Nightshades Clothing on Etsy


Basement of Ghoulish Decadence

This horror review blog most recently has been excited about Dario Argento's Opera from 1987 being released on Blu-Ray; plus thoughts on Raiders of the Doomed Kingdom. This blog doesn't update often though.


Cannibal Reviews

A horror movie review blog. Recent posts include a video review of the Mezco monster scale Frankenstein toy, a review of ostensibly exploitation film Sugar Cookies, and a look at Hallmark's 2014 Halloween horror products.


Cannibal Reviews on Facebook

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