June 26, 2014

New Gothic and Dark Links for a Tragic Thursday


Brian Kesinger

"Octo-victorian art that celebrates beauty, cephalopods and a dash of geekiness." The artist is currently employed as a story artist at Walt Disney animation studios.
I have a feeling you'll really enjoy browsing his gallery of steampunk art.

My favorite of his Tea Girls is "Chaise."


Brian Kesinger's Tea Girls on Facebook

The Knoll

Ray Keim is known for his "Haunted Dimensions" paper models. They're amazing. Tonight I'm playing around with his "The Knoll: Trespasser at Reeves Hall" which I probably should have listed under Games (?). It's like a hidden picture game - you use your mouse to click on the picture and navigate Reeves Hall. The mystery deepens as you wind your way inside. You'll enjoy the art and music here, I am betting! Highly recommended sites. Don't miss the Phantom Manor Sugar Cookie House project and how-to guide. Also stop by the Disney Mansions history part of his site.



Haunted Dimensions by Ray Keim

Ray Keim Haunted Dimensions on Facebook


Bat Nouveau

This gothic rock/deathrock band is from Brisbane, Australia. I've been enjoying listening to several of their videos on YouTube tonight, such as "Dust" and "Portent of a Monster." They have a 7" single coming out soon.

Bat Nouveau on Bandcamp

Bat Nouveau on Facebook


This post-punk coldwave band hails from Austin, TX. I really like their song The Fool.


Captive on Soundcloud

Music for Steampunks

This Facebook group has over 3000 members. Recent posts include intriguing articles on what happens when you play music through a squid and announcements of related upcoming concerts.

Music for Steampunks Group on Facebook

Peeling Grey

This Los Angeles-based gothic rock/post-punk group recently performed at this year's Wave Gotik Treffen festival. I have to admit I had to turn off their Rumors video halfway through, but I enjoyed their James Quarterly video.


Peeling Grey Page on Facebook

Peeling Grey Group on Facebook

Peeling Grey on YouTube


Miss G Designs

This designer of amazing headpieces lives in Southern California. There are a lot of feathers in her work, and big flowing Mohawk type designs. Gorgeous things here! I am stunned and impressed. The artist includes a section of vegan non-feather headpieces, too.


Miss G Designs on Facebook

Narcissique Couture

This shop sells gothy jewelry, crowns and headdresses, and a few intriguing pieces of clothing.


Narcissique Couture on Facebook


"Art dolls and other oddities." This doll artist lives in Baltimore, Maryland. My favorite doll in the shop is Victoria. There are also a couple of cute original paintings in the shop.



Batcave Fashion

This community has almost 4000 fans, and several daily posts. The posts include concert announcements and music videos, not just goth fashion related topics. There's not a lot of chatting or commentary on the posts and photos though.


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