June 24, 2014

New Dark and Gothic Links for a Gloomy Tuesday



A Russian fantasy artist. Many of the digital paintings here concern fairy tale type subjects. Most of the darker stuff is available in the Photomanipulation gallery.

My favorite piece here is Lollipop Fairy.


Cornacchia on DeviantArt

Martin Ansin

This commercial illustrator from Uruguay sometimes draws dark subjects. My favorite piece by him is his "Dracula," but also check out his illustrations for Alien and Prometheus.


Martin Ansin on Behance

Fans of Martin Ansin Group on Facebook

Martin Ansin on Twitter

Mia Araujo

A fine art illustrator who occasionally creates dark gothic fantasy paintings. She lives in Los Angeles. I wish I'd seen her work when it was shown here at the Roq la Rue gallery in Seattle.

You can buy some of her artwork in her Etsy shop (Check out her incredible Bride of Frankenstein sketch).

My favorite piece here is "Bluebeard."

Art by Mia Araujo

Mia Araujo's Blog

Mia Araujo on Etsy

Mia Araujo on Facebook

Mia Araujo on Flickr

Mia Araujo on Twitter

Stanislav Isratov

This Kiev-based fashion photographer shares a generous amount of his photos here. Check out his favorites list to see stunning work by his friend Irina Isratova (I assume she's his wife?) My favorite from her is "Black Queen".

From Stanislav my favorite is "Nigredo." I think you'll really enjoy looking at the high quality photographs here.

Stanislav Istratov: FlexDreams


FlexDreams on Facebook


Dark Follies

Dark Follies is a dark vaudeville-style variety show based in Portland, Maine. Their most recent event was at PortConMaine last weekend. They also were at the recent Salem Arts Festival.


Dark Follies on Facebook


All Your Sisters

This San Francisco post-punk band is comprised of Jordan Morrison and Mario Ruiz. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the few songs of theirs I listened to on Soundcloud. They sounded industrial and upbeat. Their website is a bit confusing to navigate - scroll down, if you choose to visit it. Check out their song Come Feel on Youtube. I really like the vocals!


All Your Sisters on Facebook

All Your Sisters on Soundcloud

The Black Bats

This band (with members from San Francisco and Los Angeles) is interested in making vampiric music. They alternately describe their sound as "dark trip hop," ethereal, electronic, and darkwave. This Halloween, they have the distinct honor of playing at the Vampire Lestat Coronation Ball in New Orleans.


The Black Bats on Facebook


This dark electronic band is from Toronto. My favorite song by them so far is Raven.

Vierance on Facebook

Vierance on SoundCloud

Vierance on Tumblr


Clockwork Butterfly

Clothing designer Alexandra Chambers lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her ready-to-wear steampunk and burlesque designs are gorgeous. She'll also take custom work designing for dashing gents, performers, mad scientists, and women in need of day dresses or evening wear.


Clockwork Butterfly on Facebook

Immoral Fashion

This alternative clothing shop is based in Australia. Brands they carry include Alchemy Gothic, Hades Footwear, Dusk Moth, Funtasma, Cryoflesh, and Demonia. Besides clothing, they sell bags and backpacks, jewellery, goggles and gas masks, hair accessories, cosmetics and hosiery.


Immoral Fashion on Facebook

Majestic Thorns

This artist, Kelly, sells gothic art dolls, paintings, and gothic lacy arm cuffs. My favorite doll here is "Lady in White."


Majestic Thorns on Facebook

Oblivion Clothing

Nataliya Meyer is a clothing designer from Kansas City, MO. She creates incredible evening gowns and wedding dresses that would be suitable for gothic weddings. Her offerings include a "Military death coat gown" and a red and black flowing vampire cape. It looks like she's working on a line for children right now, ooh!

My favorite piece here is her French Noir gown.


Oblivion Clothing Design on Facebook

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